An Expectant Jennifer Lopez At Movies Rock: A Celebration Of Music In Film At The Kodak Theatre

Jennifer Lopez

An expectant Jennifer Lopez was snapped at Movies Rock: A Celebration of Music in Film at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood on Sunday with her husband, Marc Anthony.


  1. says

    y’ll say her nose is grown big i think she is great cuz i have alwaysed waited for the day my favourite and best artist is going to have a baby on her own. This has brought great pleasure to JLO, iam happy,.I love her and and i pray for God to bless her as she gets into the laobour room .

  2. Natasha says

    She is just so beautiful pregnant! She looks so happy! This aby or babies are going to be born into such an awesome loving family!

  3. aquagirldori says

    K&K mom are you due soon? I must have missed some of the comments. Are you so excited?Congrats to you!

  4. aquagirldori says

    O.. He is Sonny a yellow and white tabby very sweet and lovable. He weighs almost 10 lbs now and is doing so good. Thanks for the love…. hope you’re having a great holiday season…snuggles to your kitties.

  5. momto5 says

    I just hope she eats sensibly…craving or no cravings. With her age, first time and possible twins…she needs to be careful. She looks beautiful like all of us do during this special time.

  6. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    Lucia I don’t see why it’s “so sad” that she has unusual cravings. Luckily, during all three of my pregnancies I’ve been spared the strange cravings. However, just recently I felt my first Braxton-Hicks contraction….so I can finally join the club of pregnant mothers with Braxton-Hicks! Let’s all give me a sarcastic wooo-hooo! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. oriana says

    I did read once that she loves bread and butter, well, don’t have to be preggers to have those cravings! Ha! Think I’ll have some right now!

  8. Sofimee says

    tia!! Adios amigo?? what the hell is that?? you’re pathetic!! You’ve been here longer?? wow!! i guess you have no life! is this like your club?? LOL i can’t stop!!!!

  9. lucia says

    she loves pancakes brownies honey diet coke bread with butter and carrots with white chocolate.
    It’s true. a famous magazine of puerto rico told all this.

  10. boo says

    Is this a blog for Mothers or their Kindergarten children… Cause it really feels like I am surrounded by a bunch of youngens on here!! Grow Up ladies ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. comment says

    tia—your a ignorant person. oriana —-you are so sad sometimes. as I said get some kind of e-mail for you ramblings…comment on the photo shown. ignorant and sad kinda go together don’t they ? I think alot of people here would agree

  12. Mommie2five says

    #19… WOW you really need to get some education or spell check or something going. And where do you get off telling someone who she should and should not be with… it’s none of your business who she has kids with. Get a dictionary before you post again, please…

  13. Tia :) says

    ps. This blog is for mom’s to share recipies and talk…like iv said be fore…like it or lump it!!

    Have a Wonderful evening!

  14. Sofimee says

    no tia if you can’t stick to what you’re supposed to do here, YOU leave the site! and call your little friends on the phone to talk about your personal life like normal ppl do!! thank you!

  15. Tia :) says

    Yes…i’ll make sure I tell that to my size 6 jeans JJ….oops i mean Comment,,

    Sofimimi, if you cant ignore it, leave the site…

    Oriana, i think its wonderful that they let you bring your cats to your rehab center. I TOTALLY agree that bringing animals in hospitals and retirement homes can help people so much…i agree with it fully! As much as I love my dog, i am a cat person. My cat is my other baby. My daughter loves to pull his tail…but he’s too old to care..haha! He’s good with her. Iv have never had any problem with his weight (thank god) he’s in good health! He’s a happy cat!

  16. oriana says

    Tia and dori, when I was in Rehab after I lost my leg, the place I was at allowed animals in to see their owners. I remember looking out the door and this HUGE dog went by, I think he was a Doberman, I was surprised to see it.

    My husband brought two of my cats out to see me, at different times, Mango just laid on my side, purring away at the nurses, he loved it! I really think it helped my recovery.

    Kiwi, the only female cat, she is a Russian Blue, jumped off the bed, we couldn’t find her! The nurses, my hubby, son, was looking in every room, my son pushed me outside around the building, my leg was bandaged, so sore, but I went outside and searched for her.

    Finally about three hours later, one of the girls that came to clean found her hiding under the table by the bed! I had my husband go buy 20 boxes of See’s candy to give to all the nurses and the cleaning ladies that worked there for Thanks for helping me.

    My point is, this Rehab Center, allowed the pets in and many of the patients were old, I mean like 80’s and 90’s, and it helped soothe them and made them happy. I heard about Animal Therapy and I know it does help.

  17. oriana says

    dori, I have been worried and I am very happy he is doing better! What is his name? How much does he weigh? You know I am a Cat person, my kitchen is everything Cats. I even had a Christmas tree one year with all Cat ornaments on it! Macy’s had it about five years ago and it was so cute.

    Tia, that is funny!!!! Does your little girl play with your Cat a lot? I know a short time ago Nicki’s dog had surgery and she was worried. I would be distraught if something happened to one of mine. Mango weighs almost 15 pounds, a big Brown Striped Tabby, got him at the Humane Society. A big fat baby, loves men! Ha!

  18. Tia :) says

    once again…shut up! You sound like one sick lonely person. IGNORE IT (fat cow)


    Dori!- Im happy everything went will with your cat! I know how we can get attached to our pets! My cat is also 13 yrs old…when I got married, he came with me!! haha!

  19. dori#1 says

    and we do have friends but in this busy world sometimes we don’t have time to talk about these things try finding a friend here it’s really great… I’m glad I did ๐Ÿ˜‰

  20. dori#1 says

    Oriana he did well vet says he’s got another 8 years left in him. Yey!@!! Thanks for your kind words And those of you ewho don’t like it please scroll down. Sometimes we talk celeb sometimes mom talk sometimes pet talk I use to dislike it too but when you get involved it’s really fun and very helpful. sometimes we need to vent try it sometime…..

  21. comment says

    shut- up yourselves- oh my bad this is where you go talk about food, (fat cow) sick old cats (only friends you have except who you gab to on here) hey if the cat goes paws up you can still go to red lobster for some biscuts then we can all hear that crap when you get back …RIGHT BACK AT YA!!!!!!

  22. oriana says

    Tia and Kimora’s mommy, I like Red Lobster but my fave food (other than Southern food) Mexican food is my fave. My all time fave restaurant though is The Cracker Barrell. Hubby likes Chinese, his mom is part Chinese, part Samoan, his Dad is German.

  23. oriana says

    #61 and #62, SHUT UP!!!!! If you don’t like it, then scroll on down!!!! Who is holding you hostage?

    dori, I am worried too about your cat! 13 is kinda old in Cat years and they get weakened. Just leave it in God’s hands for now and listen to what your Vet advises you. I know it can be stressful, pets are like children in many ways. Hopefully he will be okay! How long has he been sick? I am praying for you my Dear!

  24. Sam says

    I can’t believe how mean the comments are on here!
    Jennifer looks beautiful! She looks like a pregnant woman should, everyone’s body reacts different to pregnancy, who says she ought to be of a certain size, and they never did release a due date, so how does anyone even know that she isn’t due next month? Maybe she is small for how far along she is, who knows??
    Sheeesh!!!! Be happy for her all you people, she has waited a long time for this!

  25. Thanks #61 says

    #61 I was thinking the same thing! There are forums for carrying on conversations… this is for commenting about the celebs not talking about your sickly cat!!!

  26. comment on the photo!!!!!!! says

    hey get e-mail and use it ! this site is supposed to be for commenting on the people in the photos that are shown! Gabby women with nothing better to talk cats and food ?? I think not they have websites just for that-go find them. Use this site for what it is intended for.

  27. dori#1 says

    Oriana …Today we took my kitty to the vet for surgery he has hyperthyroid and I am very distressed. He’s 13 and so sweet and I’m so worried.

  28. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    Haha yeah…I’m totally in love with their cheddar garlic biscuits!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. Tia :) says

    Oriana, i am jealous! I LOVE Red Lobster! My husband takes me every year for my birthday!! I always get the ultimate feast! haha!!

    We’re keeping warm…it just might be a white christmas for us…the snow is staying so far…it’s very cold! The past few christmas’ we had very little or no snow!

  30. oriana says

    Tia, I have three cats, one is named Koko, my husband named him that with the Samoan Koko. He is so cute. I don’t know how mine would adjust to snow, but they hate sand! Ha!

    Just got back from Red Lobster with my sister. Stuffed! It is her fave place and she wanted to go. Now back to wrapping!!!!! Have a good WARM evening!!!!!

  31. oriana says

    DMITZ, you have had a time of it!!! Two weeks!!! I know you are wore out and I feel for the little ones. I hope you had someone to help you a little bit! Take care of yourself and try not to get run down, sometimes our immune system isn’t that strong. You are young and resilient and I am praying for you honey. Try to sleep as much as you can.

  32. DMITZ says

    Hi Tia! Thank you for your well wishes and I’m glad to hear your daughter is doing better ๐Ÿ™‚ have a great week!

    Hi Onatear, thank you so much! I appreciate your kind thoughts ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. Sofimee says

    and for number 19 talking about the interracial kids and couples!! Shut your ghetto ass up!! learn to read and write english!!!! Cause Ebonics isn’t a language!!!!!!!!!!!! You can’t help who you fall in love with!! Dumb asssss

  34. Sofimee says

    people are so stupid!! everyone in pregnancy retains water, and our noses get a little wider, which to me, it means she’s very close to her due date!! but anyways, for being 7 or 8 months preggo, she looks really good!! i looked really pale and swollen!! So stop hating on her, she looks good, and after the baby she’ll lose the weight and look great again!! I wish her the best!!

  35. onatear says

    DMITZ, my heart goes out to you! What a kind person you are…to think of terminally ill kids when your own are sick. Love you for that! May they be running around by Christmas, and you with them!

  36. Tia :) says

    DMITZ, I hope everything with your children are ok now. My daughter is around the same age as yours. It’s terriable when they’re sick! My daughter just got over a really bad cold not too long ago!

  37. Tia :) says

    Oriana, i must admit…it is beautiful…but a pain in the butt!! I have 1 cat and 1 dog. My cat stays indoors. My dog ( a chocolate lab named coco) could live in the snow! She loves it!!

    Yes, iv been trying to wrap presents on my day off too. Sooo many to wrap! Pretty soon i’ll start baking! Have a good day dear!

  38. DMITZ says

    Oriana, I wish my bday was champagne and cake but my children have been sick for the last 2 weeks and I got sick too! This weather is really taking a toll on everyone in Dallas as lots of people are sick. I’m almost afraid to take them anywhere, but what can ya do, ya know? My 18 mo old daughter had bronchitis (sp)? and I had to buy her a nebulizer (sp)? Giving a toddler breathing treatments while they are sick and cranky is NOT fun.

    I just kept thinking to myself, thank God it’s only this and nothing else. Everytime I felt overwhelmed taking care of 2 sick kids and myself, I kept reminding myself that there are other fatally sick children in this world.

    But thank you for the wonderful bday wishes!! I hope all is well.

  39. oriana says

    kimora’s mommy, don’t get flustered my Dear. #19 was so stupid it was comical, just laugh at it and ignore it, prob more to come, much worse has been said about me honey.

  40. says

    Jennier must be very happy now. she is in the family way.but someone said that her husband is a member of a service site just someone joke on him.

  41. oriana says

    Tia, I do miss the snow, looking at it that is! Ha! I remember those freezing cold nights, and it is very peaceful but messy, messy when out in it! Be careful and don’t slip and fall.

    I am wrapping gifts, I hate that and I am one of the worst wrappers! Made cookies and the house does smell good.

    Do you have any pets? How do they like the snow? Always thinking about how you are doing up there! I bet it is beautiful!

  42. lilcutie says

    haha #19 is JJ…Anyways K & K Mommy’s is annoying and constantly talking about herself and being married to a black man. Its like you have to prove yourself to others…your not the first interacial couple on this planet.

    As for J-Lo..she looks…but her husband is a little scary lookin…he should call up Katie Price and get tips on getting some fake a-s-s color on his face.

  43. Tia :) says

    Excuse me #19?? Who in the hell are you to judge someone you done even know!! go back ” ta” school and get “da” grammar lessons…unbelievable!

    Oriana! How are you dear?? Long time no talk! We got a biiig snow storm here the other night! Took forever to dig my car out!!

  44. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    Wow….I don’t come on the blog for nearly the whole day, and what am I greeted with when I get back?! Thanks #19 for continuing the ridicule that I’ve dealt with for seven years since beginning to date my husband. I do get jealous looks when I’m out with my husband, but not just from black women…..I can’t even begin to capitalize on the ignorance of your post.

    The second thing that I don’t appreciate is your obvious “posing”. I speak ebonics when I’m with my parents and siblings, and what you wrote is certainly not that. Do not try to reinforce the already negative stigma against blacks.

    Miss Popularity and lingerie model? Well thanks, I take those as compliments!

  45. oriana says

    HI There DMITZ!!!! Did you have too much cake or champagne for you birthday? Ha!

    dori, I do remember Shadow Girl but Daily Jones, not sure about that one? Shadow Girl I can definitely do without!

  46. 2teens3beans says

    Oh, forgot to add… I think JLo does look pretty & glowing, even though I’m not a big fan I can see & admit that she looks good.

  47. 2teens3beans says

    #19 was not written by a black woman. It’s a joke. Very obviously a joke… but with hopes to stir up some chit. Since it was directed to “kimkar” it was probably written by JJ.

  48. DMITZ says

    Hi Oriana!! Hope you are doing well.

    I think Jennifer looks great. She is glowing and as for the way she’s standing, a LOT of celebs stand like that (pregnant or not). I think it prevents them from looking hunchback and from making their arms look fat.

  49. oriana says

    I had to laugh at #19 having some fun with us! It is obvious it was a joke. Reminds me of Libra!

  50. oriana says

    I do think she looks very pretty in this picture and her hair looks great. I have never thought she was pretty and she does have a wide nose, and she had a wide nose before she ever got pregnant.

    This is not my fave couple, don’t like him although he has an enormous talent and she isn’t a Miss Perfect. But who is? I hope they stay happy together since they wanted one another so badly. I think the baby will be well loved and cared for.

  51. dori#1 says

    Maybe the black men like the white women because they know how to read and write!(#19)
    Anyway… I think she kept it quiet a long time and now she looks like 7 months. Good for her …. now we can see a baby pretty soon. I wonder when she’s due. Jen looks great and is absoluely glowing I am very happy for her.
    Jennifer said she was expecting ,I don’t recall her saying she’s having twins. Is it a fact she’s having twins or just speculation?
    The mean jealous comments on this website are obnoxious. If you haven’t got anything good to say KEEP YOUR BIG MOUTH SHUT!!!!

  52. Nina says

    Oh my goodness, I’ve never seen a blog string go this bad! I guess it’s the down side of anonymity.

  53. Cathi says

    exactly what i was thinking ms. a few weeks ago, she was insisting that she was not pregnant. now, she is wearing clothes that make her tummy look as huge as possible. i am so tired of her and her drama.

  54. ms says

    Sort of strange to see because she went from hardly a bump to this end of 2nd trimester-like size.

    “Oh, I’m not pregnant. And stop asking me if I am.”

  55. MommaE says

    where is the web mistress??? how can posts about leaving black men for black women be allowed to put on here? It’s 2008 people——come join us in the new age!

  56. olivia says

    how do you get blonder and paler skin when youโ€™re a pregnant latina? as the pregnancy glow?? very few people look amazing pregnant and jlo is not one of them.

  57. lucia says

    she isn’t having twins, she is having 50 babies… she’s so big and they are a crazy couple…
    marc anthony looks so bad, maybe he is in his worst moment, because i think jennifer lopez is crying all day and she only wants to eat brownies with honey and diet coke and i think she doesn’t want to have sex.
    really, he looks so bad…

  58. Julie says

    She looks absolutely beautiful! She’s happy and glowing! Congratulations to them! Um, #19, you are a bitter, uneducated black woman. It’s not the lightening of your race that’s the problem. It’s people like you who don’t give a damn about your education and culture and will have children and bring them up with the same resentful attitude. If I were a black woman, proud of my heritage and color, I would be absolutely embarrassed by what you just wrote. White women aren’t “taking” your men. Your men are choosing for themselves.

  59. cherokee says

    EXCUSE ME!!!!! K&K Momma is not the only non-black on here with a black man. I too live with a black man. That does not make me a bad person and you should not be mad just because someone is with someone of a different color then I guess that we as a people have not yet evolved. What a shame. Sounds like a comment JJ would make

  60. &*()^%$#@! says

    gosh ya’ll I ‘z had to read dat massage 2’s times to undes stand’s it……. show nuff

  61. Sometin dat needs ta be said says

    i dont usually comment but i jus had ta put my two sence in. Kimora Kariah’s Mommy im sorry but u jus anger me Ive red ur posts before and saw dat u married 2 a black man n have a bunch of kids wit him. u need to leave da black men 4 da black woman. u said awhile ago dat u got blond curley hair n wear size 3 apple bottoms by nelly. im so tired of u white woman dat look like freakin lingerie models takin r men. ur lightning da race wit ur half kids. i kno ppls gonna get mad a me cuz K&K Momma be miss popularity on here but dont bother jumpin 2 her defence cuz she kno that i be right

  62. UG says

    All I’m saying is her whole face is puffy which makes her nose look wider than normal, must be the weight gain or fluid. She’s hugh now and didn’t want to come out with the pregancy when it was so clear to begin with. Beautiful is not how some people would describe her.

  63. onatear says

    Great! I wish them the best. Everyone who has to dump on the celebs ought to have a site for that. It really does get sickening after a while….give it a break. The woman has been trying for years to be pregnant, and you seventh graders have to comment on looks…gggeeeeesch.

  64. Cathi says

    K & K’s mom, you know what i mean. i assume you’ve been pregnant before. i have 4 children and i’ve done what she is doing. you stick out your belly to emphasize how big it is. some people think the bigger the better with pregnant bellies. it is stupid, because it doesn’t matter if a baby is 6 pounds or 12. it is still precious and a miracle. all i am saying is that jennifer was doing that in that pic.

    hey, i am p-m-s-ing and i can give a cynics oppinion if i want. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  65. Tia :) says

    I thought she was too Kimora and Kariah’s mommy…humm..and I agree…come on people…she isnt trying to stick her belly out! What exactly would she be proving…and even if she was GOOD FOR HER! She’s waited for soo long to become a mommy.

  66. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    Stop being so critical people! She’s not arching her back to “show off”!! Pregnant women arch their backs all the time to maintain balance and posture. Think about all the frontward weight to balance out.

    Jennifer looks beautiful as always; all the haters know that she does….some people just have to constantly be digging up criticism and trash.

    I can’t wait to see the baby! For some reason I thought she was due in January……?

  67. Janessa says

    Come on now, even if you aren’t a fan, you gotta admit she looks beautiful. Positively lovely.

    As for The Crypt Keeper, no comment.

  68. Cathi says

    she is arching her back and sticking her tummy out as far as she can get it. she is purposely doing this!! jennifer, what are you trying to prove? yes, we all know you are pregnant and your belly is big. stop trying to impress us.

  69. boo says

    “Her Nose is huge”???lmao, last I checked your nose doesn’t gain weight or get bigger during pregnancy!!!
    I think she looks Fantastic NOSE AND ALL!!!
    And Before she delivers she will look like ANY OTHER LABOURING mother looks like! She’ll be in Pain and discomfort, but feeling joy and excitement with the anticipation of this little ones arrival!!!

  70. Tia :) says

    #4- don’t be so bitter.

    I think she looks wonderful and happy! I can’t wait to see what this little one looks like!

  71. UG says

    Pregancy doesn’t agree with her looks. Her nose is hugh and wide as is her face. She is blowing up like a blimp standing beside a shrimp, imagine what she will look like before she delivers!

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