Jenna Elfman & Son

Jenna Elfman

Jenna Elfman

Jenna Elfman and her 4-month-old son, Story, were snapped at the Scientology Christmas Stories pageant in Los Angeles. Kelly Preston looked delighted to see Story!


  1. Marina says

    That baby is sooo cute, I love him, he makes me smile.
    I like the name. I prefer Story than coco or phinnaeus.
    I really like this baby

  2. Lily says

    I guess I’m awaiting moderation for my last comment, but I absolutely agree with Adele, PRGal and Andrea, you guys rock! 🙂

  3. Lily says

    Tessa, what is wrong with you? Oriana, I think and therefore believe (don’t get confused, Tessa) that what you said is absolutely correct, and bless you for saying so.

  4. oriana says

    I really think that either tessa isn’t very old or very well educated. Ignorance is Bliss as the saying goes, so I guess tessa is blissfully happy!

  5. 2teens3beans says

    To “a christian and proud of it”… it’s great that you are proud of being a christian. But just because someone doesn’t share your beliefs does not mean that they are going to “burn in hell” as you stated. Frankly, comments like those make you sound just as ignorant as Tessa.

  6. oriana says

    Sassy, Darma and Gregg, loved that show! She is very pretty, I always liked her and Gregg too!

    OMG, he does kinda looks like a Curious George, I think he is cute! He looks like his father.

  7. Sassy says

    He kind of looks like a little elf…he will grow into his looks, he’ll be fine….I loved his mother on Thelma & Greg…I think that’s what it was called…hummmm….

  8. oriana says

    tessa, YES, I do want a cookie! And a Brownie too!

    Tia my Sweetie, thank you for being a decent and intelligent person and double thanks for being a friend to me!!!

    I am glad you had a nice person like your Auntie you were close too, I know you miss her.

    And it is very true about what you said about God. I feel him in my spirit and I do have faith he exists.

    Just like the Christmas Tree, now a lot of people just call it the Holiday Tree, to me it doesn’t matter, because I think God created All the trees, so at any time I see a Tree I can think it was from Christ. So what I am saying, any religion can be in people’s hearts and minds if they choose, just like there are many trees to choose.

    That was just an example so those out there please don’t get in a huff!

    I do agree with Cathi, and I think there are many celebrities that have called on the name of the Lord for help and guidance, and most of all Forgiveness, even if in their hearts if not in public.

    Now I love Christmas, all the singing, pretty lights, love the decorations, just a good feeling for me and I wish we could enjoy it more than in December!

    I just may decorate again in July, heck, I just may not even take my decorations down!!!!!!

  9. a christian and proud of it says

    she had better search for it= because when she is burning in hell it will be to late. Just pray for her and everyone.

  10. Cathi says

    tessa…your comments are so ignorant. first of all, your only argument for Buddhism was it is a valid religion because many celebrities practice it. if that is the way you validate religion…i really, really feel sorry for you. you are the type of person who does not think for herself. i’ve got news for you, tessa, celebrities live in a bubble world most of the time. The choices they make are unfortunately made with a very warped idea of what the true meaning of life really is. Do yourself a HUGE favor and start making decisions based on what YOUR heart tells you is the truth. I am not saying this to be mean. I wish you well. God Bless you. He does exist and you’ll know the truth if you search within yourself.

  11. Tia :) says

    Tessa, how old are you? umm…Oriana ment chocolate is her religion because she is addicted to it…
    Just like we cant prove there is god, you cant say there isn’t . It works two fold my dear~

    Btw Oriana, I love your name…I had an aunt Oriana, we were very close…she passed away a few years ago…lovely lady. for Story…I think he’s a funny looking baby…but in a good way…i think he;s actually kinda cute! His little pout is adorable!

  12. 2teens3beans says

    Tessa, use a comma once in a while would you? Maybe throw in a period or question mark here & there. Your posts are very difficult to read.

  13. tessa says

    first off all oriana Chocolate is not a religion oriana can you prove that the world was created by a God next can you prove there a heaven and a hell no you cant and if you are a Baptist good for you do you want a cookie

  14. Um... says

    OH my god he is SOOOOOOO CUTE!!! Hee hee, he makes me giggle with his little pout and huge round eyes!!! I love him, I want to squeeze him 🙂

  15. oriana says

    daisy! How funny, you are right about the shoes! Ha! That made me laugh.

    tessa, ok, my first religion is Chocolate true enough, but I will get serious just for you.

    I am a Baptist and attended a Pentecost church for five years, some of the best singing and musicians I have ever heard! I don’t have anything against the Buddhist except they don’t believe this world was created by a God and I do. They believe in reincarnation and I don’t, I think we have one soul and there is a Heaven and a Hell. As for the people you named off, well maybe they believe in Nirvana and that is good for them, but not for me.

    As for my name being dumb, some may agree and some may disagree, namely the Polynesians, oriana is the name of a flower, a white flower with a nice fragrance that blooms in Samoa. It is not my real name but I wish it was because I think it is unusual and pretty. So if you ever go to the South Pacific islands, don’t say too loudly you think it is a dumb name, someone there may not be too happy!

  16. oriana says

    tessa, my religion (I assume that is what you meant by region) is Chocolate! Chocolate candy, chocolate milk, chocolate ice cream and even hot chocolate!

  17. tessa says

    orianna what is wrong with being a Buddhist many stars are Buddhist orlando bloom richard gere angelina jolie John Astin Peter Coyote Penelope Cruz Dalai Lama Patrick Duffy Boy George Paul Michael Glaser Ron Glass Naomie Harris Goldie Hawn Sessue Hayakawa Bruce Lee Jet Li Alanis Morissette to name a few orianna what “region” are you orianna D*u*m*b namy btw

  18. oriana says

    I remember once a my church in Kansas City, the Pastor was talking about Christians and the Jewish people, he said that he was a “spiritual Jew” and I feel that way too. My husband is Catholic and he laughed at me when I cried for three days when the Pope died, so we have to respect each faith and religion and as the Apostle Paul said, who was a murderer and a thief at one time, we should seek out our own salvation and respect everyone.

    This I try to do but don’t always succeed. I don’t believe in worshipping a Buddhist statue any more than I go along with a movement started by an insane man like L. Ron Hubbard. To me, Hubbard was an insane genius who was one of the biggest con artists of all time.

  19. dori#1 says

    So many unkind statemnets about this poor child. How sad. Then the discussions of religeon.
    Some “JEWS “celebrate Christmas …. I am one of those. Politically correct would be to call us jewish people.
    He’s not bad looking, he just had a funny expression on his face at the moment the picture was taken.

  20. 2teens3beans says

    Liza – you said it great and I agree with your point of view 100%.
    I have a real problem with most organized religions, but my personal faith is strong.

  21. oriana says

    He does look like a little elf, he is kinda cute.

    As far as when Jesus was born, well, he was born at sometime! I don’t get that Scientologists can be Christians? How does that work? Maybe I will try it, I think I might be a Catholic, Christian and of the Jewish faith also! Sounds good to me!

    As far as Scientology being a Religion, SORRY, it isn’t! It is a Scientific belief about Spaceships and Aliens. And I am not talking about ET! Now he was cute!!!!!

  22. kt says

    that is such a cute little boy. i love the face he is making! he reminds me of a pic of myself from when i was about 1 yr old and had just met santa for my first time….TEARS!!!!! it was scary then!!:)

  23. Liza says

    Scientology is about as made up as every other religion on earth. What is one person’s truth is not another’s. I have many problems with the tenants of Scientology, but I also have an equal amount of problems with most other religions. Faith is one thing, religion and all the pain and turmoil it causes is another.

    For those arguing about the history of Christmas and it’s celebration. The holiday is a mixture of religious symbolism and pagan ritual. The trees, lights, mistletoe, yule log, caroling, and even gift giving are all from pagan rituals. We actually celebrate Christmas on 12/25 not because that was when Jesus was born (which was most likely in the early fall), but because the winter solstice (considered a time of rebirth) was already being celebrated around the same time and European kings and governments . December 25 is symbolic of the birth of Christ, but it is not the day he was born. For hundreds of years, Christ’s birthday was celebrated in January, and in other places, in March.

    So if you truly believe that Christmas is the day of Christ’s birth and that it is meant only to celebrate his birth, you will pack away your decorations, your lights, your trees, and your gifts and celebrate only one thing: his birth.

  24. madison says

    andrea you cant prove if jesus was real or not i read somewhere that many people rewrittem the bible and is not god words come do you really belive god make everything go on youtube penn &teller the bilbe is bull and it expin everything
    do you have PROVE that jesus was born on that day no sir ree bob you dont

  25. PRGal says


    Your response made my heart smile! Let me just take it one step further …

    The Christmas Tree is symbolic of the original “tree” (or Cross that was made from a tree – an Olive Tree) that Christ was hung upon to die for our sins – yes, even those of the Scientologists, etc. of the world. It is their choice to accept the “gift” (because Jesus IS the Christmas gift) that God gave us.

    That’s why you’ll often see Nativity sets made out of olive wood. Our family’s Nativity was actually made of olive wood.

    Ray Boltz wrote/produced a song called “The Perfect Tree” which tells the beautiful story of the original Christmas Tree, the tree Jesus died upon.

    For all of you with kids who celebrate Christmas and its true meaning, here are two of my family traditions that have been celebrated since I was a little girl. Maybe you’d like to add them to yours:

    1.) Just after midnight on Christmas Eve (after we’ve returned from Candlelight Service or, for Catholics, Midnight Mass), my sister and I would light a very special birthday cake as our family sang “Happy Birthday to Jesus.” This really helped my sister and I to remember the true meaning of Christmas. At 37, this tradition is still alive! Every year, we buy a Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Roll Cake with the words “Happy Birthday, Jesus” on it.

    2.) Place our family’s secret ornament (no one but our family knows) closest to the tree trunk. It is a nail – similar in size and type to the one used to nail Jesus’ hands and feet to the cross. It’s there to always remind us of what our tree stands for.

    Merry Christmas, Ladies!

  26. Rae says

    He is cute, I don’t like his name though. I have a friend named Justin and his last name was case. Just in Case

  27. Andrea says

    I agree with Cathi, Kimora and Kariah’s mom, Grip, PR Gal (and sorry to anyone else I may have left out who supported Christmas).

    Just looking at the word “Christmas” reflects the origin of the holiday: “Christ”. The holiday was set up to celebrate the birth of Christ. Lights celebrate Jesus being the “light of the world”, as someone already eloquently said. Gifts, because Christ was the greatest gift ever given –to us by our Heavenly Father. The traditions have a purpose and a significance.

    …But it’s not about us never being “good enough”. If that were the case, a millionaire could buy himself into heaven by giving loads to charity.
    It’s about all of us having a void in us that only our Maker could fill. That’s found in Jesus, God incarnate.
    Look it up. Read John (New Testament).

  28. becks says

    i just think what a cute little one in proper baby clothes (babygrow) for once a baby dressed as a baby and not a mini celeb!! and no im not old 22 and i love my kids in babygrows!!!

  29. Winter says

    I definitely remember Tom Cruise saying in an interview that you can be Scientologists/Christian or Scientologists/Jewish etc. . but that he was just a Scientologist period. I am guessing thats why some would still celebrate Christmas.

    I know some Jewish people who still get Christmas trees etc.. so maybe its not that weird?! A Christmas tree is actually a pagan symbol anyway!!

  30. PRGal says


    Newsflash: There are no Scientologists who are Christians. Scientologists believe in the writings of a man named Ron L. Hubbard. Christians believe in Jesus Christ.

  31. PRGal says


    I don’t where you’ve been living – under a rock perhaps? But Christmas Eve is the “Eve” meaning “Evening Before” “Christmas” meaning “Christ’s Birth” so … to spell that out for you a bit more – Christmas Eve is the eve before the birth of Christ.

    And there is proof — it’s called the Bible, otherwise known as the Word of God.

    But you just keep right on believing it’s about lights … My guess is you still believe in Santa Claus and the Toothfairy.

  32. PRGal says


    Where in any part of my post did I say that “everyone believes in the same religion?” Please re-read my post.


    People who worship ants can celebrate with reindeer antlers on their heads and snowmen on their sweaters all they like, but non-Christians just seem to think that Christmas is just another day to have a party. Sadly, Christmas has become a celebration for all things. Christmas is a day that should be revered for what it is. A Christian holiday. About Jesus’ birth.Period. The end.

    Much like Veteran’s Day has become another day off work and another sale in the malls … It’s actually a day to honor those who are and have been brave enough to fight for (among many things) our very right to talk amongst ourselves on this board. And please, save yourself some breath and don’t even go THERE.

  33. Denise says

    I think he looks like a cute little “elf”…get it?? Lol. Seriously, I think he’s cute. But he does have “elf” like features. He’ll be cute when he grows up. Look at his mom. I think she’s very pretty.

    Merry Christmas to all!

  34. Grip says

    You can not be Christian and a scientologist. The tenents of Christianity do not gel w/ scientology. And you’d have to be in very liberal sect of any Christian church to be allowed to be a scientologist too. I’m all for religious freedom… but I am not a fan of scientology. Do some research on it. It’s amazing that L. Ron Hubbard, a sci-fi writer, was complaining that religion has a wracket becase they can avoid taxes…and viola, a year later, he starts a “church.” Uhm, ok…. Scientology is not recognized as a religion in most countries, it is considered a cult… they seem to worship celebrities, who really do not garner ‘worship’ status in my book. I looked into what it is about because of some controversy surrounding it. Did it with an open mind…no intentoion of converting…quite content with my faith. But I like to learn about many other faiths… so I do. But this “religion” has no real basis in faith. IN MY OPINION.

    That said… if scientologists are true to their beleifs, they should not be having CHRSITMAS events.

  35. kim--original kim says

    Oh, man, I feel sorry for that kid… Maybe he and Suri will run away together! LOL!

  36. Elisabeth says

    Wow I’m appauled that the scientoligists had a CHRISTMAS pageant. It”s really offensive that they try and start their own “cult” and feel that science has everything to do with how our world opporates. It is amazing that you say scientologists can be christian because that would require them to believe in God! God DID create the world not science to Christians. Therefore they aren’t celebrating the true meaning of Christmas, just using the holiday as an excuse to have a party, show off their new expensive outfits, drink, and waste more money.

  37. Adele says

    Story is such a cute baby, what an adorable pout he has!!

    Those of you who doesn’t agree that he’s cute, I suppose all your babies are gorgeous are they. You would say yes, but other people might not think so!!

  38. says

    I think Story is cute! He’s so tiny : ) I think it’s time people get over the different names out there – celebs aren’t the only ones naming their children these names!

  39. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    We don’t know what time of year Jesus was born, but that doesn’t mean that we just throw up our hands and say, “Oh well! I guess we can’t celebrate His birth since we don’t know his official birthday!” The technical time of celebration doesn’t matter.

    The celebration is what you make it. If the Celts had a holiday in late December and decorated with lights, that’s fine….but when I celebrate Christmas, I celebrate Christ’s birth. When I decorate our home with lights, I think about Jesus as the Light of the World. Without Jesus, there may be other winter holidays, but certainly not CHRISTmas.

  40. Cathi says

    #17…i did not realize that scietologists could be Christian.

    wow. so I guess, (in your world) someone could be a jewish, christian, scientologist who worships buddah and practices hinduism?

    religious freedom is a wonderful thing. but you can’t say that you believe 2 contradicting things. all it means, is that you really beleive in nothing.

  41. Cathi says

    it’s not religious freedom that i have an issue with. i just think it’s weird that people who worship science, had a christmas story pageant. ????? i totally do not get it. it’s like a jewish synagog having a christmas party or a catholic church having scientology storytime. as if the world isn’t confused enough!!!

  42. ANTI says

    Kai and Melanie – you both rock! Imagine having to defend issues like religious freedom and intolerance in the year 2007 – what a sad commentary on our world. Maybe one day, we’ll even recognize the rights of people to love who they want and let gay people get married – wow, imagine that?

  43. Melanie says

    If ignorant people ever bothered about the origins of christmas they would realise that it did not originate in the Bible. That said, I think Kai was spot on about freedom of religion. Intolerance is bred by a minority who are blinded by their prejudices which in turn endangers many people.

    I think those scientologists who are christian do celebrate christmas. Religions are all made up and that does not make one superior to another.

    That said, Story has one of the cutest funny faces I have ever seen on a baby. Bless him.

  44. Jamie67 says

    Jesus is not born at Christmas Eve !!!
    There is no proof whatsoever!
    Christmas is a Celtic celebration of the winterseason!!
    And because of the early darkning(night) they put alots of lights in front of their windows.
    That being said ,i don’t think that bos is cute.

  45. sara says

    Nina that was hilarious!!! I too think he was completely freaked out by seeing Kelly the Elf! She is wanting another child too…isn’t she 50 already???

  46. Nina says

    I’m sure the baby will be a cutie……but Kelly looks like an idiot!
    I think the pictures are shown out of sequence…that was his reaction to the freakish elf in his face 🙂

  47. Kai says


    Not everyone believes in the same religion. I know nothing about scientology and, therefore, am not defending it. Nor do I care for any of the celebrity scientologists. I dont know if they believe in Jesus or not, either. However, I think someone should defend freedom of religion, tolerance of other religions, and the celebration of diversity. Just because scientologists might celebrate things differently or believe in different things, much like Jews or Buddhists or Hindus might, doesn’t mean their religion is made up. A religion’s validity is not based on whether or not they believe in Jesus. Nor is a person’s.

    That being said, I’m all for free speech, so go right ahead. And, of course, celebrate however is best for you and your family.

  48. LMAO says

    “Story” looks mad (probably because he already knows that the other kids will beat him up because of his name!)
    Jenna looks good….
    Kelly looks kinda scary! Wassup with those “Tori Spelling” pig tails?

  49. 2teens3beans says

    The baby has low set ears and a cave-man brow. I hope he grows out of this look, sorry I don’t think he is cute. I tried to say it nicely 3 times, and all 3 comments are awaiting moderation. I can’t figure out why.

  50. PRGal says

    How in the world can Scientologists celebrate Christmas? Christmas is the day Jesus was born, and it is meant to celebrate His birth — NOT reindeers and elves (although they do add a nice touch).

    Scientologists belong to a made-up religion that doesn’t even recognize Jesus Christ, let alone acknowledge that He is the Son of God, the Messiah.

    Christmas is about Christ and not things or just a reason to have a party. There would be NO HOLIDAY without THE BIRTH OF CHRIST!

  51. 2teens3beans says

    3rd try:
    Oh my, I hope we see some better pictures of Story soon… this is certainly not flattering. I think his head has a strange shape. Hopefully it will round out soon

  52. Slapstick says

    “Scientology Christmas Stories pageant…” How freaking scary is that thought? OMG…. that elf alone is scary.

    And yeah, they should be celebrating aliens inhabiting their bodies or some bizzare crap – not Christmas.

  53. days says

    What a weird name: Story. What if his last name were “Book”?

    I didn’t know Scientologists celebrated Christmas…. Afterall, it is a Christian holiday.

  54. alana says

    sorry but that baby is not cute nor beautiful and what kind of name is story espically for a boy henry sam j coco ryder the moder twin are not cute in anyway whatsoever

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