Victoria Beckham Buys $50,000 Treehouse For Her Kids

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham has spent $50,000 – on a treehouse, as a Christmas gift for her 3 sons.

According to reports, Victoria, 33, was spotted buying the 9ft Treetent at Neiman Marcus. It is said to be the world’s most expensive treehouse. It is one of this years’s Neiman Marcus Fantasy Gifts. (I think most kids would rather build a treehouse by hand with their father) Though the expensive present may seem a little extravagant for Posh’s three sons, Brooklyn, 8, Romeo, 5 and Cruz, 2, bosses at Neiman Marcus are confident it’s the perfect gift for the child who has everything.

The tree house is described as a ‘limited dollop of sci-fi futurism’ and ‘a totally new way to experience nature’. Scores of celebs are said to be desperate up to get their hands on them for their kids.

The Treetent features a hardwood floor, a mattress that can sleep 2 adults or up to 4 children and even has adjustable planetary landing steps.

You can check out this rather odd extravagence here!


  1. Kay says

    That tree-house is ridiculous looking! Why didn’t they have a good old fashioned wooden one built for them?
    BTW, why does Victoria always wear sunglasses? They make her nose look BIG!

  2. Miapocca says

    I am sure a regular tree house would be great, but really can you imagine posh with a nail and hammer directing the placement of the tree house while becks is in training…or seriously do you see becks getting his hands dirty..they are not out doorsy people, they ar londoners who make money quick and spend vulgarishly all over the well..its the JHO and skeletor of london y’all and becks makes that in nanasecond, besides if her were to actually spend time with the boys in building he might break something and that contract will be gone….and mummy needs to get her freak on , so we have to keep daddy nice and healthy and not tire him out…

    No even tom cruise made as much as becks….she can spend 50k a day and still have hoards, can you imagine the interest on that amount of money…

  3. Miapocca says

    Her wardrope cost half a million to build, this is a drop in the bucket…nothing at all…I can just see david miscavige cringing ..this is all money that could have gone to scientology….oh men!!

    SPend away victoria as long as you dont add to miscaviage greedy little chest of horrors..and dont forget the homeless in LA..they might need a few drizzles now an them from your golden shower…hmmmm

  4. jade says

    I like the beckems but i was just wondering if victoria gets her model that looks like her to do a telly advert cause my mum is called victoria and i am only 12 i love victoria to email me so i would to meet her bye now !!! x love jade brant aged 12

  5. oriana says

    Not only toys for needy children, what about clothes, food and medicine? $50,000.00 could do a lot, maybe even save a starving or freezing child! She really makes me sick! And I am tired of seeing her posing all the time like she is in a department store window!

  6. RedNails says

    They forgot to mention that this treehouse comes with a little tiny butler and a maid, too! LOL

  7. dori#1 says

    #21 this isn’t hating this is watching overindulgence with no consern for the world around you and the needy especially at this time of the year. Imagine how toys 50,000 could buy for children who would be happy to get a barbie doll for christmas. It’s sickening.

  8. oriana says

    Is that all there is to it? I thought there was more that wasn’t in the picture!!!! This is beyond absurd!!! Just plain stupid! This woman clearly has no concept of money or the good uses she could put that much money towards. She is spoiled and very self centered. Nothing Posh about her to me, with her fake baseball boobs!!!!!

  9. Danica says

    OMG! What? That thing looks crappy! It looks like it is some $200 made in china walmart thing. Why didn’t she just put her 50K to better use and hire someone to build a really cool extravagant treehouse that actually looks good and is fun and sturdy? That thing will get rips on it after one use.

  10. oriana says

    I agree with dori, I like the regular tree houses too, they were fun. But then again, I am old and old fashioned! But I do know who P. Diddy is!!!!! Ha! And I think Chris Brown is very cute!

  11. 2teens3beans says

    ^^^ I wouldn’t. These people stink. They should take a lesson from the Jolie-Pitts or Ritchie-Madden. Both couples give back to the community in a big way.

  12. dori#1 says

    I like the regular tree house you climb up to and allows kids to use their imaginations….
    this thing is not very attractive and the cost is so extravagent If this couple has so much money shouldn’t
    they consider donating it to a good cause, like to kids who have no clothes or food for instance?

  13. 2teens3beans says

    Even if I had that much money to blow I wouldn’t spend it on that thing. It doesn’t look like it’s worth more than 5K.

    I agree with Grip’s comment #15.

  14. Denise says

    Whatever happened to a few boards nailed up in a tree with old cloth for window curtains? Jeeze! Those were the good old days. Oh, thats right, we’re talking about Victoria Beckham…….!

  15. Grip says

    My Comment is awaiting moderation because I said that it’s obscene to spend $50,000 on a TREE house when $500 can buy a home for people who lost their home in the tsunami…so they could have given 100 people a home but instead chose to engage in conspicuous consumption. THAT gets moderated and some of the other rubbish on this site does not. Amazing…

  16. Lauren says

    If she’s got the $, why not?! I’d do the same thing for my kids if I had her money. 😀

  17. kim--original kim says

    $50K is nothing to this woman… Definitely status symbol, but maybe the kids will dig it??
    She is so gross, though…way too thin, greasy, yeccchhh! I have a feeling she’s not going to age gracefully…

  18. Cathi says

    i’m just sorry that i didn’t think to hang fabric from a tree and sell it for exorbitant amonts of money.

  19. Cathi says

    since my first comment is awaiting moderation…

    that is the worst treehouse i have ever seen! her kids will probably go into it once or twice, get bored, and ask for another pony. i’m just sorry that i didn’t drape a piece of fabric into a ball, hang it from a tree and sell it to the rich and famous for an exorbitant amount of money. darn it.

  20. ANTI says

    Hey, if Neiman Marcus didn’t sell something so extravagant, then Posh wouldn’t be able to buy it, right? There is definitely a divide in our world between the have and the have nots. While it seems obscene to working class people, it’s definitely a status symbol amongst the elite. When that warped thinking trickles down to average people who see this and think they should compete with the Beckhams of the world – it’s just too funny.

  21. Nina says

    And just one more thing….do you all remember the wacked out old lady in Something About Mary who was always tanning and WAY too thin with the cigarette glued to her bottom lip?? Hmmm……not too far from THAT reality!

  22. Nina says

    I just don’t see it I guess. It honestly doesn’t look that fun, especially for 50 freaking thousand dollars!

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