Look-A-Like Katie & Suri!

Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes was snapped sporting a new do while in Düsseldorf, Germany, to support husband Tom Cruise at the 2007 Bambi Awards on Thursday. She looks just like Suri!

I think her hairstyle is cute and Cleopatra-esque….but a little weird too. (I can’t explain why) What do you think?



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  3. kimmy says

    Oh no…. there goes Analise again with her stupid comments……. sound familiar Analise? That is the same thing you said about me. Now I’m not the only one that thinks you’re an idiot.

  4. Shadow Girl says

    OMG, Ines! Someone apparently really brainwashed you, eh? They are ALWAYS in trouble with the law, they just have a supposed crack legal team and millions of bucks to keep it out of the public eye.

    Keep on drinkin’ that Kool Aid, you already sound completely nuts.

    And lay off Analise, all right? If you had any brains in that whacked out little skull, you’d research this $cien crap fest so you could be informed. How many times did you repeat fourth grade, anyway?

    Get bent.

  5. Ines says

    Analise your comment is stupid. But one thing i can say in the scientologist defense is they are never in trouble with the police or being vulgar, actually they are the only ones without drugs problems in hollyweird. Surprising to say the least.

  6. Alicia says

    Ew. 🙁

    I honestly think Suri looks adorable with this cut, but combining the color and the cut on Katie’s head, it just doesn’t suit her.

    Suri’s head is round, Katie’s head is not, and it makes it look like a wig. She should go towards a longer layered look, with long bangs, IMO.

  7. Analise says

    The difference being Angelina is free to make her own choices. Can the same be said of Scientology’s Katie?

  8. Say it like it is says

    #62 you forgot to say about those kissing their brother and lord knows what else, wearing blood , cutting themselves, and meeting lovers in hotel romms men and women alike.

  9. Analise says

    Linky, linky to the freaky, freakies. It looks like Suri is wearing makeup and her bottom lip is way out of proportion. Poor Suri. If only she had different parents…well different people raising her.Since her biological dad is unknown.

  10. Sodome and Gomorrah says

    A matching mother/ daughter haircut is creepy in this day and age. But every other crap ,does go around us is just beautiful. Men with men/, women with/ women, going out without panties, being vulgar etc… those are behavior to applaud nowadays. What is this world coming about? very strange indeed.Generation lost.

  11. Slapstick says

    Too bad they missed the “Scientology Christmas Story Pagent… back in good ol’ CA…. oy.

  12. says

    okay.by now you shoudl all know that like posh, these girls are fashion forward/./posh can pull off a lot of looks..but holmes has a lot to to try and flatter..but it does nto deter her..she wears whatever i snew anyway wether it works or not…thats called a nouveay riche disaster….the best dressed women choose clothes that flatter them..ask kim catrall…she is always smoking on the red carpet…

    When some tabliod puts you on thier best dressed like holmes, then you know you give them a lot to talk about..ahahhahahhaha

    She covered up the only thing worth looking at on her…her face..why pay money for a face your going to mask up …who the -f-c-u-k is her stylist and make-up artist..she needs help, always has..the clothes dont work well with her..

    I Knew how bad of an actress she was on teh very last episode of Dawson creek..she butchered it bad..it was horrendous…then I just knew that she would never move beyond the teen college movies….she is no reece witherspoon and that picture does not flatter the alien kid on pit…she is not muc hof a looker , so you might have to pick the best pictures only

  13. rose says

    She looks ridiculous to me. Sadly, it wasn’t a joke.
    I like Tom because he’s always good to his fans, but can’t stand Katie. All she does is spend his millions on clothes.

  14. chinny says

    I think this is the best she’s looked in a long time… but again, slightly off. I guess I just watched too many Dawson reruns, it caught me by surprise.
    no matter, she’s still one hot mama

  15. HOT & SPICY says

    trying hard copy cat Katie … i hate this couple i don’t know why, maybe b’coz they are too plastic!!!! and Katie looks matured , Suri is cute thought i don’t see any resemblance to her from her mother or even Tom.

  16. rene says

    If Tom really loves her, he’d get her a better
    wig – maybe one made of human hair from
    ex-scientologists or ex-wives.

  17. Denise says

    People do wear more makeup when going out to formal occasions. I know I do when I go out at night or to a party. I think she looks great.

  18. Nicki says

    Umm…..Wow. I think her make up is to heavy, and the hair does look like a wig to me. She is cute, but maybe with less make up it could look better.
    I love the inset pic of Suri- Looks like she is about to say–“what ya talking about?” Cute pic of Suri.

  19. clare says

    I think she looks great. After seeeing other pictures of her, I suggest she keeps the hairstyle. Especially in the new pictures where she is carrying Suri.

  20. ms says

    It reminds me of the Beatles and young Paul McCartney. She should stop trying so hard to be an A-lister or a socialite. She’s just an average girl from Ohio, from an average family, with average looks.

    I see nothing special about her acting or her looks. Plain.

    …Oh, btw, I read Katie’s having custom shoes made for Suri which starts at $3000. Nice way to spend your money on something she’ll outgrow in 2 months. Charity or “for the benefit of others” is not in her vocabulary, I suppose?

  21. Denise says

    I love her haircut, probably because it’s like mine. I think she’s beautiful and has really come into her own since she gave birth. She is getting older and she shouldn’t look like a teeny bopper.

  22. Dunn says

    I think she’s beautiful, but it all just looks a little too “heavy” for me. The hair, the makeup…..like most women, less is more and something more natural looking and less severe hair, would be stunning.

  23. lilcutie says

    I think their trying to all have “mushroom” haircuts at the same time. Proly some weird scientology experiament. Tom looks like a perv..and I think Katy enjoys being his naughty daughter..lol

  24. oriana says

    I think she is pretty and looks very mature. I wonder if it is a wig? She does look a lot like Suri in this picture and she definitely looks much taller than Tom.

  25. Beba says

    I think she looks pretty however the hair looks weird because it’s too high by the crown which makes it look like if she had a wig. I’m sure it will look better once it falls natural without the teasing that her hairstylist did to make it look fuller.

  26. hmmmm says

    Tom looks like her bad daddy…lol She’s trying too hard to look like Audrey Hepburn….She looks like an old lady kid..can’t explain it..she just looks..wierd.

  27. DMITZ says

    I love her haircut, it looks good on her and it’s so adorable that she and Suri look so much alike!

  28. dori#1 says

    It isd a severe look but I do think she carries it off very well. I agree the Tom Cruise thing will end in a short time.

  29. says

    I think the look is too severe for her softer features. However, it’s SO much better than when she wore it long and wavy/tangly/messy. I’m sure the next time we see her her bangs will be pushed to the side and she’ll hardly look this way. Nothing wrong with trying something new every now and then! BTW – Has anyone noticed she doesn’t smile with her mouth open anymore? She used to do this ridiculous thing where she’d bite her tongue and scrunch her nose and now she just sort of smirks. Seems she’s become more sophisticated.

  30. Lauren says

    Katie looks gorgeous with any haircut. But, she is wearing a lot of makeup. Gorgeous anyways! 😀

  31. Isla says

    Personally, I think she looks very pretty – but I know what you mean about wierd looking. I think the haircut looks a lot like Anna Wintour’s bob.

  32. Olive says

    Hope she leaves him!

    I kind of like the hair, although it looks awfully contrived. She looks like a pretty 20’s lady!

  33. kim--original kim says

    I think she’s gorgeous, but maybe this wig isn’t her best look! Maybe she’s getting bored with the whole Scientology lifestyle and is trying to shake things up a bit?? I say she’ll be leaving him before she turns 35…

  34. days says

    Sorry but she really looks horrid. I don’t know what she’s trying to prove. She must have a problem with her self-image. I really thought it was a costume when I first saw her headshot.
    On other sites where they have more pictures in this group, Katie is a good 7 inches taller than Tom….. There goes that theory from Katie-die hards of her “being considerate” and wearing flats all the time when with Tom. Totally ridiculous theory! Every picture of her I’ve seen with him, she’s hovering over him like a tower.

  35. dori#1 says

    Katie looks better than ever! I still don’t see a great resemblance between her and suri except for the haircut. But Katie looks really great!

  36. borat says

    She looks like that little girl from the movie, All Dogs Go to Heaven! Does anyone know who I am talking about? The little orphan girl. I always thought she looked like Suri, but now like Katie, with that hair cut! Her name was Anne Marie, check out the clip from youtube and tell me if you think so

  37. 19 says

    She’s trying to look “Too Good” but she jsut can’t seem to pull it off, in my opinion. I think she’s trying to be some sort of trophy wife for Tom, but I thought she looked great and more youthful when she didn’t look so “styled”…when she was more ‘jeans and t-shirt’ natural!!!

  38. Julie says

    I think she looks stunning! They both look HOT! Suri is beautiful, too, I have to comment on her.

  39. Sharrie says

    At first glance, I thought she looked like Britney Spears. Personally,I like Katies old look better.

  40. sara says

    Hey, whats wrong with being “40”?? 😉 lol
    I think it’s too much for her…I liked the old bob better.

  41. Brigit says

    God aweful, I hate it. I loved her latest haircut so much though I went and cut mine the same. As for people.com, yup, same photos and stories. I go to both just out of boredom!

  42. Good-bye! says

    I just realized that the only stories on here are taken from people.com word-for-word, so why not just go there.

  43. Just me says

    I LOVED her new haircut, but this WIG is hideous. That, along with the gold outfit, makes her look like Cleopatra. Tom is actually the good looking one in this photo.

  44. psychlori says

    I think she looks totally gorgeous! It is a different (not weird) hairstyle that most (me included!!) could not pull off.

  45. LMAO says

    E-gads! It is horrible! Is this the Scientology official Alien haircut! I guess long gone are the days that Katie used to look so sweet and innocent! And…what the heck is around her shoulders??

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