Jennifer Garner & Violet

Jennifer Garner

Jennifer was snapped with a bundled up Violet in NYC’s Central Park on November 30th. Violet celebrates her second birthday on December 1st!



  1. Suzi says

    Violet is the happiest baby I have ever seen here! I have never seen a picture of her not smiling and laughing!
    Oh too cute!
    I actually got to meet Jenifer G this summer, she came up to me and my baby, who was 2 on Nov. 16, and said seeing him made her think of Violet! she was sooooo nice and sooooo kind and down to earth!
    Its great that they are always at the park and out for walks etc…happy healthy …..great family!

  2. says

    clare and nicki i so agree with you yeah im pretty glad that jen is such a good mom and yeah i just think that violet is adorable but i think shes spoiling and as violet grows shell wine and cry and get everything she wants and

    and clare the sheen girls are not cute….

  3. Abbe says

    They’re babies. Yes, children of “beautiful” celebrities, but just babies. My daughter happens to look A LOT like little Violet Affleck, and I think they are gorgeous. Children should not be judged by their looks. Shame on you for doing it.

  4. Nicki says

    clare~I basically agree with you, although I do think Violet is is adorable when she is smiling, but other than that nothing special at all. I do think Deacon is cute, but Julias twins would not get a second glance from most, JMO-people. I do think Denise and Charlies youngest is the cuter of the two, but they always looks sad to me.
    I think Kingston is very cute, and I think Shiloh and Suri are also. Danilynn is cute and Amanda P. baby is ADORABLE.
    I also am holding back the negative for Matilda Ledger. I have yet to see a good pic of her. Yes I loved the last one of her, but I didn’t say she was cute.

  5. clare says

    Whereas I agree with all of you that she is a sweet little girl with great parents, for some reason she is hard for me to like. Like Deacon Phillipe, I just don’t like them and I feel bad because they are only kids, moreover cute.

    The Morder twin and Denise Richards’ kids are not cute at all.

  6. annie says

    Violet is so cute. Jennifer is starting to remind me of Denise Richards, always parading the kid around.

  7. dori#1 says

    Look at how big she’s getting! What a cutie. And Jen she’s the greatest mom she takes her little girl to the park a lot. A nice mormal life….. and you’re right other celebs should take note.

  8. samsmom says

    What a sweet little girl! It really seems that Jen is a great mom. More Hollywood types need to pay attention.

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