Chickenpox Strikes The Spice Babies

Geri Halliwell

Geri Halliwell is being forced to leave her 18-month-old daughter Bluebell at home while she and the other Spice Girls prepare to kick off their world tour in Vancouver on Sunday.

“Bluebell caught chickenpox from Cruz,” Geri (“Ginger” Spice), 35, revealed Friday morning on the British TV show GMTV. “She’s now completely pelted now so I left her at home. Normally they’re running around the set.”

As Geri suggests on the official Spice Girls’ blog, the outbreak was inevitable.

Daughter Bluebell, she says, “loves hanging with the Beckham boys. Cruz and Bluebell have play dates, and Romeo – well, he is just gorgeous with her. Actually, it was a beautiful moment when we were rehearsing the other day and all of our kids were playing on the stage at the same time. It made me smile.”

Between them, the girls have seven children: Victoria Beckham, 33, has three sons, Brooklyn, 8, Romeo, 5, and Cruz; Emma Bunton, 31, has one son Beau, born in August; Mel Brown, 32, has two children, Phoenix Chi, 8, and Angel, born in April, while Halliwell has little Bluebell. Melanie Chisholm, 33, so far is kid-less.

Victotia shared with Britain’s GMTV on Friday, “My husband [David Beckham]’s been away for a month. I go home, and I have three kids to look after. I was up at 5 o’clock this morning sorting everything out so then I’m ready for when I’ve got to take the kids to school.”

Kids getting chickenpox sort of seems like the good ole days now! 🙂 I reluctantly vaccinated both of my children against chickenpox, but I remember getting it as a kid and it wasn’t a big deal. I do have a couple small scars, but that’s all.

Best wishes to Bluebell and Cruz for a speedy recovery.



  1. LaurenWestlake says

    I absoloutly agree #21! And to the person who blamed recent outbreaks of CP on the unvaccinated, you are misinformed- there hasn’t been a “wild” case of chicken pox in the U.S. in several years. The children who are getting CP now are actually getting it from the vaccine, and then passing it onto others.

  2. Analise says

    The chicken pox vaccine does not provide lifelong immunity. It is not mandatory in my state and my daughter is not getting it. The US is out of control with vaccinations. At the very least they vaccinate TOO young and TOO often. And too many things are lumped into one shot. MMR for example.

  3. Justme says

    my hubby has had it 3 times since meeting me i worked in a nursery everytime we had an outbreak i would carry it without actually getting it but would pass it to him, each time has been pretty mild the last time he only had around 20spots ll poor man!

  4. rene says

    I don’t know about things in Europe, but in the US chicken pox was almost eradicated and the strain that survived was much more dangerous than the ones we had as children decades ago. In the US, a chicken pox vaccination is required before kids start school. Since we are so global, I’m assuming other countries will follow suit. I don’t know when it was listed as a mandatory vaccination but my son who was born in 2000 had to get it. While I don’t always agree with the schedule of how frequent vaccinations must be administered, I do believe in them.

  5. 2teens3beans says

    Chicken pox is one of those things where if you get it once you are forever immune. So they say… though squeeky has had it 4 times so maybe it’s different per individual.
    #8… I do understand & agree with what you are saying, partly. Kids do need to be exposed to everyday germs & dirt to build up immunities, but the varicella vaccine is a good thing and something they should have. Chicken pox can be horrible to suffer through and not many kids get a mild case. Getting the vaccine simply gives kids antibodies against the virus, kids who get chicken pox and are sick for 2 weeks also build antibodies against the virus. I know which one I chose for my kids.

  6. squeeky sue says

    In the UK the vaccine for chickenpox is not coming until Autumn 2008.

    had you thought that bluebell might not have a very bad version of chicken pox, my kids had it about 3 years ago and they didn’t have it bad, although I have had it 4 times, and each one was very very mild.

  7. Justme says

    You dont get vaccinate agaisnt chicken pox in the uk, they dont give you any treatment for it either, Its considered a normal childhood thing here.

  8. dori#1 says

    I think this chicken pox vaccine is pretty new… My girls are 21&23 and there was no such vaccine when they were kids . They both had them 2 weeks apart, the second one while we were on vacation and we had to stay extra days because the airlines won’t let kids with the pox ,fly.

  9. jannet says

    just me – my mom did that, but out of 7 kids, NONE of us got it that way!! *lol* that was all the ‘rage’ when i was a kid. i get the thought proess.

  10. Just me says

    Did anyone ever hear of people who have Chicken Pox Parties? It’s where they purposesly infect kids with Chicken Pox so they won’t get it as adults, becasue it’s more dangerous then. I think that’s disgusting!!

  11. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    Yes but it’s the natural inclination of a mother to not want her kids to be sick. I’ll be the first to admit that I go to town with Clorox wipes and sanitize everything that my toddlers might touch. I was a stickler about cleanliness pre children…but now WATCH OUT!! 🙂

  12. me says

    You can’t vaccinate against everything or you won’t let your child’s immune system develop. You have to allow them to get a little sick here and there and as long as you have an otherwise healthy child, there is no reason to vaccinate against something like the chicken pox. Why do you think there are so many allergies all of a sudden and bad cases of them? Parents are way too overprotective sometimes. A child needs to get dirty here and there and catch a few colds. Otherwise, you’re setting them up for a very troublesome future – no immune system, and they’ll be catching the worst of everything

  13. Adele says

    My daughter has Chicken Pox in Oct 06 when she was 3. She had heaches, of course was covered in spots & was laying down most of the time 4 a week but soon bounced back to good health.

    I live in the UK & have never heard of children getting vaccinated against it.

  14. 2teens3beans says

    Kids do handle it better, adults can have very severe cases of chicken pox… and even die from it. Not only can you get the rash on the outside… but you can get it in your throat and in rare cases on internal organs. When I was a child our neighbors had a chicken pox death in the family due to the virus being on an internal organ (brain). I have never heard of another case like that since, but it can happen. I had both of my kids get the varicella vaccine and they thankfully never came down with it.

  15. Tia :) says

    I remember getting chicken pox and being very sick. I had it in my ears, in my mouth..everywhere!!. I agree is a nightmare!

  16. onatear says

    Chicken pox can be a very big deal for some children. My first 2 were extremely sick for several days. It’s rather flip to say “no big deal”…when it happens to a toddler, it’s a nightmare.

  17. jannet says

    i vaccinated all 4 of my kids – when my youngest was 3 months old, the other three got the chicken pox (two weeks apart from each other, of course). so even tho you vaccinate, you can STILL get it! sucks, eh?

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