Joan Collins & Grandson

Joan Collins

Hello magazine reports:

It’s no secret she’s one of the acting world’s most sophisticated ladies. A lesser known fact, though, is that Joan Collins also relishes her role as a grandmother. The actress takes every opportunity she can to spend time with her three grandkids, and this week was no exception – as she treated her grandson Weston to lunch in a London restaurant.

The smiling four-year-old – the son of Joan’s daughter Tara and her French composer former husband Michael Adam – was clearly enjoying spending some quality time with his glamorous grandmother as he held onto her hand tightly while grinning ear-to-ear.

The Dynasty star, who spends her summers with the whole of her family in her South of France home, looked every inch the screen legend as she stepped out with her grandson in large sunglasses and a chic winter outfit. In keeping with her glamorous image, the 74-year-old refuses to be called granny. Instead, her grandchildren call her Dodo.

“It’s a family name,” says Joan. “My brother Bill couldn’t say Joanie when he was little and it came out sounding like Dodo. The name stuck. I like it.”

The veteran actress has three grandchildren in total – Weston’s big sister Miel, and his three-year-old cousin Ava Grace – and it is clear she dotes on all of them. “I have three gorgeous grandbabies,” she says, before joking: “They are all total individuals, a great pleasure to be with and a great pleasure to give back to their parents when I get bored with them.”

Wow! She looks amazing! She has been around forever it seems like! I wonder what her secret is.



  1. Soon Yi says

    Me and Woody had dinner with her a couple of years ago. She ate all the Caviar, Drank the Kristal and farted right through dinner, and then shat herself.

  2. Chantelle says

    She is awesome and she rocks! Glamorous, Gorgeous and sexy. This woman is sexy in a classy way, without looking like a tramp and a tart. I am proud to say she is British and flies the flag for us. She has been a brilliant export, think Dynasty, Uncle, Space 1999. When her career hit the skids some years ago, she wasnt frightened of having the piss taken out of her. She rose like a phoenix from the ashes, and worked for a living unlike todays grab all generation. I love her, She is fantastic!

  3. Tracy says

    I like her to be fair. She does love herself, but then again if you looked like that you would. Dont understand why she wears wigs though, as I have seen her without them and her hair is okay.

  4. Melissa says

    I love this woman. May not agree to her politics, she is seriously right wing, however I give credit where its due, she still has it! In her 70`s!!!! She puts young starlets to shame. A true star, she can work a red carpet, and despite her sometimes aloof image on screen, I can safely say I saw this beautiful woman in Peter Jones in Sloane Square some years ago, she exuded charm, and cut a a polite modest figure, who smiled at others when recognised. They dont make them like her anymore!

  5. donatella says

    Er! to the woman or thing above, who says Joan looks like a YORKIE. I bet you do too darling, only the terrier kind!

  6. melindi says

    Wow! If I looked like her I would show it off daily. Go sister! You put the WOMAN back into womanhood. After having kids, she looks like that, and for her age. She is fantastic!!!! Not a winger she has worked all her life for her kids, and she is not that stagey or precious to be seen with her grandbubs on her arm. Joan your a true inspiration. Loves ya babe!

  7. Francis says

    Sick Sick Sick of hearing, she must have had surgery. I very much doubt it. However you can put Joans looks down to a hereditary gene pool, did you ever see how great her mum looked? This lady looks after herself big time, with adequate diet, healthy eating and working out, she is still working too! I am sick of people knocking this lady! She has a great work ethic and positive attitude.

  8. oriana says

    My husband loves her! She is a class act to me, love how she dresses! And I love the name Weston for this adorable little boy!

  9. reeny says

    I use to watch Dynasty also – what a great show! Knots Landing was alot better though! Those were the days!

  10. madison says

    jessie this is not the first time little miss celebrity aka wb
    made mistake she made many differnt maistakes from children names to the child age who the child parents are when they tied the knot that why i said she should do more research

  11. Jessie says

    Madison calm down. Everyone makes mistakes! Get some holiday spirit, people!

    Very cute grandson! :]

  12. madison says

    little miss celebrity dosnet know what she is taking about
    Daughter Miel Celeste by ex-husband, French composer Michael Adam (b. 5 October 1998) “Miel” is French for honey
    Weston’s mom is Joan’s daughter Tara and her partner Richard Skeates.
    do a little research before you post

  13. 2teens3beans says

    OMG I was so hooked on Dynasty in the 80’s… and Joan looks the same now as she did then! She must be taking some good preservatives!

  14. dori #1 says

    This woman does not age…. isn’t it something? I believe she’s in her 70’s… she looks terrific.

  15. Cathi says

    i love the london scenery in the backround of this pic. it makes me want to be there, too. that is my fav thing about this pic. well, the matching outfits was a close second.

  16. daisy says

    WM – I do believe her secret is plastic surgery and botox and, and, and ……

    But I must agree – Joanie looks fabulous. She is one of those lucky ones who doesn’t end up looking bizarre with cosmetic surgery like Melanie G. and others………

    Joan Collins was always gorgeous. Never liked her though. Cute grandson.

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