Zac Hanson & Wife Expecting A Baby

Zac Hanson Zac Hanson, the youngest of the Hanson trio, and his wife Kate are expecting their first child in May.

“I am utterly thrilled at the thought of becoming a father,” says Zac, 22. “I can’t wait to meet this person.” Adds Kate, 23, “This is the most amazing time for us. It’s the most romantic thing we’ve ever done.”

The newest addition to the Hanson will join Ezra, 5, Penelope, 2, River, 1 (middle brother Taylor, 24 and his wife Natalie’s children) and Everett, 7 months (eldest brother Isaac, 27, and his wife Nikki’s son). “It will be really fun to see five little ones grow up together,” says Zac. “I know watching them is going to inspire a lot of music.”

Not to mention a new logistics plan for the band, currently touring with their families in tow to promote their album The Walk. On a single tour bus. Says Kate, “We may have to start thinking about expanding to two buses!”

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  1. Broken Angel says

    i’m very happy for them. no,they aren’t mormons. They are Evangical Christians. Ike and His wife Nikki had a child in April of this year. Just becuase you get married young doesn’t mean your marriage won’t last. My mom was 22 and my dad 23 when they got married. Been married 31 yrs. ands till going strong.

  2. Brandy says

    For those who talk about how young they all are to be married and having babies and also for those who talk about divorce rates…..

    You say that people make a great decision by waiting until past 25 or 30?! Do you not realise why most people wait? Either because they are afraid of commitment, they are very bad when it comes to relationships, they are selfish or they just can’t grow up and come to the realization that they are adults yet. I know people in their late 20’s and 30’s that still attend every single high school basketball game for crying out loud. Get over it! Grow up! Move on. Then you have those who still go out and party after work as if they are in college again. Oh yes. That is exactly the life I want to live….30 years old with the mind of an 18 year old. Read the book “Generation Me” if you want to see how selfish and childish my generation and probably your generation is. Then and only then will your point be valid.

    Everyone grows mentally at different stages of life. Some people believe it or not are ready to settle down by 18, 20, 22 or 24. Not all of us want to be in our 50’s and 60’s when our babies FINALLY go on to college. Some of us find the “one” before others do. That doesn’t mean it won’t last just because we don’t have grey hair yet. People who marry for LOVE do last. The young one’s that refuse to change their lifestyle after marriage/kids and/or marry for money/pregnancy reasons are the marriages that don’t last. Common sense!

  3. Dunn says

    Once upon a time, most people married in their early 20’s and STAYED MARRIED. Now, later marriages, and early divorces are unfortuneately the norm. This family is incredibly grounded and supportive of each other, so if THEY CHOOSE to marry and have a family while young, then more power to them! Best wishes to them all!

  4. Adele says

    Congratulations to them!!

    BTW I can’t believe how narrow minded some people are!!

    I’m 23, my fiance is 22. We have a 4 & a half year old & 4 month old daughters, i’m studying a Psychology degree & we r planning on getting married in the next 2 years.

    Just because we are both young & have children young, doesn’t mean our children are not going to do well in the futire & it doesn’t mean we are going to get divorced!!

  5. traveler says

    Dear Lord, I’m old! I only remember him as a little kid. Wow. I can’ t believe he’s having a kid. And at such a young age. I hope he can handle it. Not many kids in their early 20s can.

    Well, the stats held true for my family. I’m one of five and I’m also the only one with a college degree. I’m over 30 and only plan to have one child, so she’ll have a good shot. 🙂

  6. amy says

    I’m a huge fan of Hanson. I am so glad for them, I know they will be great parents. I was 20 when I got married and my husband was 24 and we are still together after eight years. We have a girl that will be three and one that is due in May also. So just because you get married young doesn’t mean it won’t last. I’m thrilled for them! A fan always!

  7. Zbella says

    Oops, I should have written: mothers who have their FIRST child in their 30’s… I had a child at 31 but according the stats, doesn’t matter, she will be an average Jane just like her siblings because I had my first at 27.

    You should read “Freakonomics” if you find this sort of thing interesting. I loved reading the section about parenting.

  8. Zbella says

    Aww. That’s awesome. I guess if you get married later you might have a lower chance of getting divorced because you’ll be together for a shorter period of time – know what I mean? 😉

    I was 24 when I got married and 27 when I had my first child. Stats show that mothers who have children in their 30’s raise more successful children (in terms of test scores). Stats also show that children from larger families are not as successful (fewer college grads). Of course everyone is different. My mother is from a family of 12 children (10 got college degrees – and that inclused 5 girls – back in the 50’s and 60’s that was rare!) Anyway, I’m not going to live by statistics! Thinking and making choices for yourself it a better idea.

    Obviously babies and family are respected in the Hansen family, and I love them for that!

  9. dori #1 says

    Everyone grows in a different way. I have 2 daughters 1 married early and has a baby the other has no intentions of marrying or having children any time soon. She is a school teacher and loves kids but feels there things she wants to do first. My other daughter felt all she wanted was to have children. No one is right or wrong Different people want different things at different points in their lives. No one is right or wrong.

  10. jen says


    i mean in which normal family do all three children get married and children so early??

  11. JJ says

    Mother Tia Maria – Of course you are always the exception to the rule!! Your marriage was blessed by a thousand angels…You think that there’s no way in Hell that you will become divorced just because the statistics have proven it…wake up and take offyour rose-coloured glasses!!!

    Average age for first marriage-Stats Canada:
    “The average age for first marriages is rising steadily for both brides and grooms. In 2000, first-time brides were 31.7 years old, while grooms proclaimed their first marriage vows at an average age of 34.3.”

    Tia you are sooo old fashioned. I guess you had no ambitions or aspirations in life…sad, so very sad!!

  12. Tia :) says

    I agree Kelsey..I myself was 23 when i got married!! My mother and father were 21 and 24. They’ve been together for 30 years…so you can take those Statistics and shove them JJ.

    Congrats to them! I can’t believe how grown up Zac is!!

  13. Elaine says

    “The most romantic thing we’ve ever done” aww bless -bet she won’t think that when she is in the 2nd stage of labour ha ha ha! Good luck to them.

  14. Kelsey says

    They seem like a great couple! Although getting married and starting a family at such a young age isn’t right for everyone, it certainly can work. My mom got married at 19 and is still married to my father 31 years later!

  15. JJ says

    That’s insane!! For crying out loud – he is only 22 years old!! He has his whole life ahead of him! Why on earth would he get married so young!? Is he a Mormon or something????

    Just remember this name: Macaulay Culkin…history has a tendency to repeat itself!!

    Statistics have proven that people who get married before the age of 25 years old have a higher chance of getting divorced!!

  16. Pamela says

    omgshhhh!!! Zaccy’s gonna be a fatheeeeeeeer!!! so exciting!!! good newsssssss!!! awwwwww he’s such a cutie one!!!, my best wishes for all of you guys!!! you deserve it!!!!! 😀

    Pam O.

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