Seal & Heidi Out Shopping With Their Sons

Heidi Klum

Seal and Heidi were snapped shopping at the Beverly Hills boutiques on Rodeo Drive on Saturday with Henry, 2, and Johan, 1.



  1. Katie says

    Seal and Heidi are a very cute couple and i think they are capable of judging what there kids should and shouldn’t do or have.
    They seem like great parents, and face it they’re famous, they’re going to need nanny’s.

  2. says

    Seal is 6’3″ and heidi is 5’10 so their kids are going to be tall. i’m 5’3″and my husband is 6’2″ so i have no idea how tall my childeren will be

  3. TA says

    Its months since these comment, so don’t know if they’re still relevant.
    Unlike Kimmy, I DO have kids – one aged 4 last week & the other 6 3/4. But like Kimmy, I decided not to use soothers on older kids. A friend told me to stop by the time they could crawl. Then they fall out, get covered with goodness knows what & end up back in the mouth! I thought it was brilliant advice & I had no problem whatsoever. The soother was allowed for naps or car-rides if necessary – although personally I didn’t even do that – but no way should a child who can walk have a dummy jammed in their mouth. I worked with a woman who’s 5 year old came home from school & stuck the dummy in – for all I know, she still does at 12!!
    However, I would still prefer to see an older child with a soother, than a baby with a bottle. Kimmy, I hope that if you were as concerned with your child’s health as you seem, you have breastfed. At 6 months, they can get water in a spouted cup as well as breastmilk. You need never own a bottle. Aren’d soothers called dummies because they are imitations of breasts & meant to soothe in replacement for the real thing?!?

  4. oriana says

    The more I read about Seal, the more I admire him and like him. I think the little one looks like Heidi’s mom a lot too.

  5. kimmy says

    Hi Zbella- That’s right- we don’t all have to agree-how boring would that be? 🙂 Anywho, thank you for the congrats, I’m really excited!

  6. Zbella says

    Kimmy – many of your comments stood out so I addressed you, didn’t mean to say you are the only one. The whole point is no one has to agree, just let these families do their own thing. There is no reason to believe her children are spoiled brats because they suck on a pacifier.

  7. traveler says


    Go to Celebrity Baby Blog. There is are some additional pictures from this outing, including one of Leni smiling.

  8. kimmy says

    Zbella- it’s really funny how you single me out when there are 3 or 4 people on here, namely Canada, Jenna M (UK), and Dani who have all agreed with me, but you don’t seem to think that they’re being judgemental now, huh? I bet you wouldn’t think that if I agreed with you. I plan on enjoying my baby, but that doesn’t have to be with a binky in his mouth. As far as the last part of your statement about Doctors recommending them for “infants,” that is the key word there-infants. A 2 year old “little boy” is not an infant and if you had read my statement a few blogs up I agreed that that’s fine. Also, read the last 2 sentences I put in my # 23 blog. I’ve been nothing but respectful. I have my opinion, that’s all. don’t make this judgemental thing a kimmy thing, because it’s an everyone on here thing- we want to be fair right?

  9. Granny says

    Haven’t seen a child go to 1st grade with a soother, so I imagine these boys will get rid of theirs soon enough too.

    And as for teeth. Any teeth affected would be baby teeth. And they loose them soon enough too. They will lose interest in the soothers soon enough.

  10. Zbella says

    Kimmy, I am serious!!! Try to enjoy yourself a little.

    You can’t please everyone, so do what you think is best and stop judging others. Takes a lot of energy trying to run everybody’s life, doesn’t it?

    Regarding pacis – doctors now say it can reduce SIDS and recommend them for infants. I do what I think is right – each of you should do the same and leave it at that!

  11. dori #1 says

    Binkys are better than thumb suckers a binky you can get rid of a thumb you can’t and they suck till age 7-8 with thumbs which leads to buck teeth and braces …. 2 years is not that bad… by 3 they should really give them up to save their teeth.

  12. sam says

    “I do plan to give my baby a paci in April considering that he’s coming in March- he will be one month old. I plan to let him have one at 6 months old! But 2 years old is too old and I’m backed up by Dani- (# 10)” kimmy

    Actually, you could never give a paci at all, breastfeeding well is important and pacis do interfere with that in the first month and can lead to nipple confusion. Moms that plan to breastfeed ask for no pacis & no bottles for the best chance of getting a good latch and getting nursing off to a good start.
    Now, if a baby is bottle fed they do have a need to suck that cant be met at the bottle completely & then they should get a pacifier, and if it comforts them at 2, then who cares? Part of being a mom is being nurturing, not being hardcore. You don’t have to give in to every crazy demand, they basically just want you & some comfort. The crazy ideas don’t really come until they are 3. 🙂

    Sam–mom of 4 boys who never had paci’s (but I’m not opposed to them)

  13. Canada says

    I agree with #27. Look up any article on soothers, and the recommendations will be to get rid of it as soon as possible, due to the above mentioned problems. To say “well, my child used on and didn’t have any problems” is not a valid argument. There will always be exceptions to the statistics, but that’s not a good reason to ignore the advice of experts. My children used soothers longer than I planned, and it was hard to get rid of them, but nobody said being a parent is easy.

  14. Grip says

    What I am saying is there is no one RIGHT or WRONG way to parent. Just like the Breast/Bottle debate… I’ve seen mothers who are down right derelect in taking care of their children wax poetic about how they breastfed until the child was 18 mos. Woopie for them. That, alone, will do nothing. Same with binkys… and I was a speech therapist (went into another field, but I know of what I speak). Yes, binky use can lead to toung thrust and other impediments… but a lot of kids have these impediments with or without binky usage to blame. And a lot of binky users are just fine.

    And I am not being harsh, I’m just saying what you THINK you will do and handle and so on while pregnant is way different that what you will do. Take it from one who knows… I had to pull the foot out of my mouth a few times.. 😉

  15. kimmy says

    one more thing- #19- You’re right- he’s a little boy, not a baby- and that is precisely my point.

  16. kimmy says

    Zbella- though i enjoy your sarcasm, I don’t think it takes perfection to be able to take a baby’s binky away. People have to realize that you can’t always satisfy your children, and they have to learn that they can’t always have their way. Babies that cry are part of parenthood. To think that they can be happy at all times is delusional. I would love to give my future son any toy he wants, feed him junk food all the time, and never discipline him, but I know that that is ridiculous- and I’m sure he’ll cry. Do I give into him everytime like some lazy parents? Hell no!! That is my message.

  17. Zbella says

    One of my favorite families. Kimmy, it’s OK, you don’t have to be perfect. Try to enjoy motherhood a little. 🙂

  18. 2teens3beans says

    last comment was blackballed because I used the “U” word
    I also want to add to people who say Henry is “not attractive” (Myrna), I actually happen to think that Henry is the cuter of the two boys. He’s a beautiful child.

  19. 2teens3beans says

    oops, clicked send too soon…. she probably meant 3 1/2
    My kids both had binkys until about 3 1/2 as well. Had no affect on teeth or speech and gave me many peaceful nights of sleep.

  20. NG says

    My son had a pacifier until he was 3 1/5 or something. Yup he speaks fine and has great teeth now and he is 7. I am thinking that having the pacifier for so long did absolutely nothing except make him happy. I actually think it might have been better because it prevented him from grinding his teeth, which he still does. I too think that everything changes once you actually have kids. You get a whole new sense on what “supermom” really means.

  21. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Seal and Heidi have some cute kids. I love Henry’s afro too, its amazing! I have to agree with Kimmy to some extent about the dummies. The first thing I thought when I saw this picture was “Henry is too old for that”. Kimmy’s right, it can cause teeth to grow outwards, tooth decay and speech impairment. But I can see why his parents would want to let him keep it if he gets upset without it.

  22. S**** says

    Emilie! I cant see Leni. She might be there, but then there is a third person carrying her or watching after her. They just dont seem to be able to handle all three by themselves. There is not one picture with them and the three kids without the nanny.

  23. Mrs. Einstein says

    Observation.. Only the two boys ever have pacifiers in this family..not Leni.. I read an article that their tongues are too thick for their mouths so the pacifiers are used to train them to keep their mouths shut.

  24. kimmy says

    Miranda- 5 or 6??????? That’s beyond wrong- it’s weird. If I ever saw a kid who had a pacifier at that age, I would think something is wrong there- but I guess to each his own. I hold true to my opinion that 2 years old is too old for a binky, just like I think that 2 is too old for a bottle. I’m just stating my opinion and I don’t want to attack anyone. I know that everyone parents differently.

  25. Tia :) says

    Sorry Ladies…my daughter is almost 2 and she still uses her “binky”…maninly when it’s bed time or nap time. He’s only two for god sakes! I think it looks so weird because he’s sooo long! He’s a big boy!

  26. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    Anyone who knows the least bit about babies and toddlers knows that a two-year-old having a pacifier is not uncommon at all. I even have memories of “sneaking my papple” when I wasn’t supposed to have it (like when I wasn’t sleeping). Granted, I have a good memory…however, I couldn’t have been much younger than two….and according to my foster mom at that time, I began forming sentences at 13 months old. Didn’t impair me at all.

    I haven’t run into any dilemmas yet with my girls…my 2 1/2 year old never took a pacifer, and my 15 month old still has hers…she’s beginning to lose dependency so I think that Kariah will be able to part with it shortly…and she’s even more advanced verbally than what I was.

  27. Miranda says

    Kimmy, I can’t really see how you think 2 years too old? He’s still a little boy and if he wants the pacifier. just let him! Some kids do need it longer than other kids, and I’m sorry, but in some sort of way I think it’s up to the kids to decide when they’re ready to let it go. It CAN affect speech, but doesn’t have to. I had my pacifier til I was almost 5 or 6, and I spoke very well, with sentences when I was 10 months old. I guess we’re just different.

  28. kimmy says

    Grip- I’m not talking out of my a$$. Do your research. Having a pacifier to long can affect speech, tooth development and many other things. I do plan to give my baby a paci in April considering that he’s coming in March- he will be one month old. I plan to let him have one at 6 months old! But 2 years old is too old and I’m backed up by Dani- (# 10). Just because you don’t let your daughter dress like Britney doesn’t mean that giing a “toddler” a paci is right. Just because someone is a parent doesn’t mean they know it all or they’re smart. I once had a neighbor that didn’t even know what to do when her baby had a fever. I was like,” You’re kidding me right?” If a baby is throwing screaming tantrums at 2, he needs a timeout not a paci.

  29. Grip says

    LOL – oh, Kimmy, check back with us in April or so will you? LOL I don’t mean to be mean, but trust me…what you “Say” you will do when you are expecting and the reality of parenting are two VERY different things. Take it from one who knows.

    I am more conserned with the fact that little girls today seem to have to dress like Britney (God help us all) at 6 than I am about a 2 yr old having a binky. It’s really not the end of the world… no one will die as a result of this. He is VERY big for his age, so it looks weirder, perhaps, but it’s really not the end of the world. I have always felt that if the kids are soothed by this…so be it. We as adults have worse vices for sothing ourselves…

  30. kimmy says

    #10- I’m about to be in March and even if I’m not, that is still too old. Are you a mommy? Do you give in to your child’s every scream? If he screams he wants coca cola in his bottle are you just going to give in just because you don’t want to hear him scream? Just because someone is a mom doesn’t mean that they are too bright. In fact I’ve known a lot of women without babies that handle them more intelligently. Kids are going to scream and cry in life when they don’t get their way- that doesn’t mean they get what they want.

  31. Cindy says

    There is a nanny with them there. At least one. They never go anywhere without a nanny even if its just one kid. Sometimes I’ve seen pictures of them with three nannies at once..Ridiculous!

  32. myrna says


  33. Nicki says

    7. kimmy are you a Mommy? Some kids leave the binky at 2 or 3 and Henry is only 2. Please let kids be kids. He is a cute child lets leave it at that. His “plug” helps him.
    Every lil girl (even older has a blankey), let the babies be.

    Every child is different, and they always be that way. Lets enjoy them as they are!!!! They are only young once….

  34. Émilie says

    S****, Leni was there that day, she’s just not pictured.
    All the pictures I see of them, the 3 kids are always there, so I don’t know what you are talking about.

  35. kimmy says

    I’m sorry, but that kid is way too old for a binky. Seal and Heidi probably just give into him because he screams that he wants it, which is weak parenting- sorry if I offend someone on here, but it’s true.

  36. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    Both boys are unbelievably cute!! S**** – Seal and Heidi always seem to include their kids and take them out places. They seem like great parents.

  37. S**** says

    Why cant they ever be out with all the three kids. They either leave one of them home or bring their nanny. Bad, bad…

  38. Just me says

    Is Seal like 10 feet tall? Haha … I know he’s a few steps ahead but he still looks like he’s towering over Heidi. I guess that’s why the boys are so big!
    Cute family 🙂

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