Amanda Peet & Daughter For Gap

Amanda Peet

Amanda Peet

Awww! What  adorable photos of Amanda Peet, 35, and her 7-month-old daughter, Frances! They are modeling for Gap.


  1. joyang says

    hey guys,,,,,,,,,wats all the fuss.leave the mother and baby alone will you,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, making an add with gap is not their fault,there just makin money,it doesnt matter wat ever the issue is,,,,,,,,,,,,,,so leave with it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  2. says

    pretty mother and cute baby, but somebody said that she is a member of an online service site i believe that there must be someone joke on her.

  3. Mia says

    Why dont you all get a life and stop wasting time and space on these comment sites. This is not what I look at the comments for and you are wasting my time as well as others. No respect for Amanda Peet and her daughter with you all being so immature and ridiculous here.

  4. Zbella says

    Ahhh, you guys crack me up.

    Oriana – GAP is owned by the same company as Banana Republic and Old Navy. Half the things I own are Old Navy because they are cheap and there’s one near my house.

    Frances is adorable and I love her name.

  5. daisy says

    Ooops, one more thing. This blog is very much about bashing. Weeks ago I asked why Oriana was picked on so much – I have tried to pass on those posts, but they dominate this blog. And now JJ is always picked on.

    This is why I am here. To bring peace and harmony. Now take a deep cleansing breath and lets do the tree pose.

  6. daisy says

    Oh yeah, and Tia?

    Don’t go getting all sensitive on me. You are a nurse, no? I work with quite a few of them and have the highest respect for them.

    I actually thought you were sort of nice from your posts that I read.

    Don’t go getting all snarky, k?

    You have to sorta learn when to smile and when to take things with a grain of salt. Life is sort of like that. Maybe lighten up a little? Babyrazzi is taken a wee bit too seriously by some folks.

    Disturbing at times.

    Life lesson #2 tomorrow. Stay tuned.

  7. daisy says

    Dear K and K’s Mommy ….

    I am a nice person. I am, I am, I am.

    Not to worry, I will be at Starbucks next week, same time.

    We can chat then.


  8. Tia :) says

    Dear Daisy.

    umm…who said this blog is about bashing one another? If you want that, then go to Perez Hiltons site. You sound like a 12 yr old girl…part of me also thinks either you and JJ are the same person…or you feel the need to suck up to her and for reasons i dont know.

    Have a lovely evening.

    JJ- What the hell does Kimora and Kariah’s mommy have to be jealous over?!? You and daisy?!? hahaha

  9. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    Dear Daisy 🙂 ,

    Stop sucking up to JJ and trying to be like her. There will never be another, and thank goodness. All this my new bff business is not gonna fly. And I would love to go to Starbucks…but get your act together first. 😉

  10. daisy says

    Dear Tia 🙂

    Stop being so nice. It’s making me uncomfortable.

    This blog is supposed to be about bashing one another and swapping recipes.

    Back to the regularly scheduled program


  11. Janessa says

    Amanda Peet is one of the most beautiful women out there. She has always been such a beauty. Looks like her daughter was lucky enough to get some of the same genes. This is a great picture. Amanda looks exhuberant and full of joy and that baby looks as happy as a clam.

  12. Tia :) says

    Daisy, please don’t take it as an insult. Im the last to talk…i can’t type worth crap…i go too fast and half of my words are spelt wrong. I just ment it was funny…sorry if you got offended…it just made me smile is all 🙂

  13. daisy says

    In case y’all missed it …

    I am going to Starbucks to get me a mocha latte.

    I expect all my new babyrazzi-kick-ass-friends to meet me there so we can talk about who has the ugliest bebe with the coolest uggs.

    Be there by 3

    daisy may

  14. daisy says

    uh, Tia? I am happy I made you smile. But lemme ask you this ….. did you for a micro second think this a typo? Or the way I thought you should properly spell the word?

    Now it made me a laugh


  15. Tia :) says

    well i dont know about you…but im a human being…not a bean… sorry daisy…it made me a laugh!

  16. daisy says

    Oh come on girlz quit the slinging………. we’re all human beans

    Besides, I’m thinkin’ I want JJ as my new bff

    Now go paint your toe nails or something

  17. MommaE says

    my comment is awaiting moderation-but i agree with the band as you will see from my post. that woman needs to be blocked from this site-she is so unstable

  18. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!! Entertainment!! Gotta love it. Needed that laugh ! 🙂

    P.S. “KimKar” here was salutatorian of her high school class (which is an academically rigorous school) and also has her master’s degree in education. Additionally, reliable information can indeed be found on the internet, particularly in scholarly journals and .gov websites. 😉

  19. JJ says

    Cherokee – most people that work in the mental health profession are nutbars themselves as they are surrounded by cuckoos all day long…I think that your particular mental health issue must be paranoia and schizophrenia…!!!

    Maybe you can do a Tomahawk dance and get rid of all the rain my city has been having lately and while you are at it cast a spell on Melvynn, KimKar, Tia-mo, Nacho Dorito, Polynesian Ariana, Jelly Beans for the Teens, Throw Momma from the Train and anyone else that dares to defy the Great JJ!!!


  20. JJ says

    Melvynn – Oh! – if only you could grant me that wish and not respond to my comments that would be the BEST X-mas present ever!! Honesty that is so sweet of you to try and create a pact with the other ‘sugar boogers’ on this blog. Please start a petition and canvas the entire internet so that nobody ever responds to my comments – I WOULD LOVE THAT!!!

    Insider’s Tip: I’m also on You Tube a lot so perhaps you should start there first!

    FYI – You shouldn’t believe everything you READ…you are in fact quite gullible if you truly believe that goggle-dee-gook you posted earlier from the “Indian Dept of Labour”…the Internet is hardly a reliable source for valid info…didn’t your University Prof ever tell you that ???Oh, wait! what was I thinking ? I assumed that just because I have a Masters degree, that everyone I’m dealing with is educated with a University degree as well….LOL…guess not!!!

  21. Mellynn says

    JJ, the article I referred to did NOT come from GAP’s PR department, it came from the Indian Dept. of Labor. On top of being pompous, mean-spirited, and demented, can we add illiterate to the list, as well?

    To the other fine ladies of this site: I propose a JJ ban. Regardless of what she says and who she says it about, let’s disregard and post NOTHING to her. What is it they say, don’t feed the animals at the (crazy) zoo? I say don’t feed the crazy JJ. Perhaps she will self-implode with the lack of acknowledgement. We can all hope, can’t we?

  22. Suzanne says

    That is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen! (besides my own!)….Amanda Peet is a beautiful mother and looks so joyous holding that doll faced cherub!
    Her eyes are startling! Leaves Shiloh JP in the shadows!

  23. 2teens3beans says

    Frances is working it! She is so adorable that I want to run out and buy a bunch of those striped thingies… and I don’t even have a baby I can give it to! LOL

  24. cherokee says

    I have read JJ’s comments on other celebs and their off-spring. JJ has some serious psychological problems and with the holiday season upon us we can all be sure that she will be more venomous in her comments. But to everyone else, I hope you and yours all have a wonderful holiday season.

  25. Tia :) says

    OF COURSE they use child labor…because JJ said so…So it MUST be true. (note the sarcasm). Not everyone is as wonderful,and talented as you are and has so much time on their hands to make their own clothes like you. (gimme a break!)

    Frances is a sweet little girl. I love her little chubby cheeks!!

  26. A PERSON WHO SPeaks thE TRUTH says

    “cherokee” you have no idea how big of a screw-up this JJ is. check out some of the other comments on different celeb’s and you will know just what kind of a sick person you are commenting about, oh and make for sure this sicko will leave you a “stupid” comment in return. (I believe JJ is president of the idiot club) HAHAHAHHAHAHAH JJ

  27. cherokee says

    JJ…I have yet to read one positive thing from you. Seriously I think you may have a serious psychological problem that needs to be addressed. I see this type of attitude with people that come in for treatment where I work…which is Psychiatry

  28. AJ says

    so that means i should not wear any GAP clothing(s)..?

    daaahhh!!! pataka lang mog istorya, mura raba pod mog mga sosyal?…Sa ato pa di-ay sosyal ang mga bata sa India kay ga su-ot man ug GAP while

  29. JJ says

    bunch – o – morons!!!

    Of course the GAP will pay their PR person to release such propagandist statements to assure the public that child labour isn’t occurring…Ignorance is Bliss!!!

    Blaming it on the families of the children is such a cop-out !!! Moronic GAP shopper thinks: …”oh, it’s not the GAP’s fault if these children are trying to make money for their families…blah blah blah….if I don’t see it then it can’t be true…blah blah blah…!!


  30. Kelsey says

    I visited the sweat shops of major clothing companies (such as GAP) in the Dominican Republic and had the opportunity to speak with a former worker. No children are employed by these companies unless the children lie about their age, which commonly occurs in third world countries where families need all of the money they can get.

    Amanda and Frances look so cute together in this photo!

  31. MommaE says

    as a former GAP employee-I can say that they most certainly do not endorse child labour-9 you’re right in saying that it is a risk outsourcing in other countries but any issues that were found were ended immediatly. Boycott is a bit overboard. #5 you need to get a grip and get off this site!

  32. Mellynn says,4670,GapChildLabor,00.html

    It is true that a subcontractor was found running a child labor sweatshop. That being said, anytime a company outsources to a third-world country, there is a risk for labor issues. However, most clothing companies rely on laborers in third-world countries and they, in turn, rely on those companies to bring industry to their countries. Gap has actively worked to correct the actions of subcontractors who engage in child labor. I think a boycott is a tad premature.

  33. Melissa R says


    Do you have some type of proof of this???? You hear about this stuff…but is it really happening???

  34. JJ says

    Gap clothing is made by child labour in India. Nobody should shop at the Gap…tsk tsk tsk…shame on Amanda for endorsing Gap clothes!!!

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