Angela Kinsey Of The Office Is Expecting

Angela Kinsey

Angela Kinsey, 36, of The Ofiice is expecting!

“She and her husband are very excited,” Angela’s rep confirms to

The actress is due in May.

Angela, who plays uptight Angela Martin on the NBC show, and her husband, TV writer Warren Lieberstein, don’t know the sex yet.

A source tells Us, “She’s been trying for a long time.”

Best Wishes!



  1. JJ says

    KimKar: Obviously, hiding behind another language so that you don’t get your butttt whipped, huh?


  2. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    Sabes hablar tres idiomas? Si, estoy segura en verdad…lol….y que sorpresa es que tu ignorancia aparece otra vez!! Puedes entenderme? Eso quisieras. Y no es imprescendible aprender el espanol en las escuelas en los Estados Unidos. Y idioma de taco?? lol….tan poco sabes!! Seria mejor si no hablaras ingles!

  3. JJ says

    BRAVO !!! You did it! You cracked the MELLYNCHKI Code…

    Why on earth would I want to learn taco language?

    I am fluent in three languages…Spaniolo is not one I desire to learn…the only reason you know the Conquistador language is because it is a requirement in the USA to learn it in school!

  4. Mellynn says

    Geez, JJ, how long did it take you to write that backwards? Still pi$$ed you don’t know Spanish?

    JJ es los d u m b a s s más grandes sabidos al Internet

  5. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    Well, JJ… all the character traits that you mentioned as similarities between you and this Office character are also true of me….and goodness knows we’re not alike..and thank goodness!

  6. JJ says

    I wasn’t really expecting anyone to respond to my “thinking out loud” but gee folks thanks for taking the time to respond…!

    Barefoot Tessa – that’s right I dislike Gwen and her brood and her husband as well – and that’s my prerogative!!!

    Natcho Dorito – you just gave your age away when you mentioned Clint Eastwood…you are obviously an old fart and nothing you say had an impact on me…you’re always thinking of how to break into Hollywood with new movie ideas aren’t you…with of course, ‘The Legend of JJ’ not Zorro!!! LOL

    Mellusion – I’m making an allusion (an indirect mention) that you are merely an illusion (false impression) and that being an illusion you don’t exist…so basically I might as well be thinking out loud AGAIN!

  7. dori #1 says

    JJ self absorbed once again? As Clint Eastwood put it so well, he must have been thinking of you when he said…..

    no one cares what you look like, what you like or don’t like and what you think about anything. This is a baby website where women come to discuss other peoples babies not THEMSELVES.

  8. tessa says

    hey jj nobody care about how you are or what you do you are just a rude little girl who dosent like any celebrities and bash all newborns so why all you on here all you do is bash gwen s. you are just a hater because she is a rich beautiful lady with an adorable little boy

  9. CTBmom says

    The Office is my favorite show on television right now…it is hilarious! Congratulations to Angela! I wonder if they are going to write her pregnancy into the show (once the strike is settled of course).

  10. JJ says

    She’s a vegetarian – like me, she sops up the oily residue off pizza with a napkin – like me, she’s germ-phobic – like me, and she’s a rules person…in the office – like me, anyway…she does a bunch of things that I have been known to do…but other than that I do speak my mind and I won’t apologize for it.

    I watch the show on DVD as I do not subscribe to cable or satellite.

  11. 2teens3beans says

    JJ, Angela’s character is an uptight lady who doesn’t speak her mind very often. That doesn’t sound like you at all! Our little JJ always says what’s on her mind 😉
    Her character cracks me up, especially the one a few weeks ago with the cat that needed a list of about 12 medications and Dwight decided to put it in the freezer instead – LOL

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