Julia Roberts Shares First Picture Of Her Youngest Son On Oprah

Julia Roberts 

Julia Roberts

In June 2007, five months after baring her belly in a bikini, Julia gave birth to her third child, a little boy named Henry.

Julia, 40, says her twins, Hazel and Phinnaeus (both almost 3), were born at 1:21 and 1:22. Then, two and a half years later, Henry (now 5-months-old) was born at 1:23! “I have to say, little Henry’s the sweetest child known to mankind,” she says. “I think I can say that objectively.”

She’ll get no argument from Oprah, who stopped by Julia’s hotel room to see the children. “Henry is the cutest Munchkin,” Oprah says. “He’s just the cutest baby boy.”

“I didn’t find Henry as cute,” Tom jokes. “I thought, ‘He’s small, and he smells good. He has an innocent baby-like quality to him.’ But as far as being off the scale cute, I found him to be like an 8 or a 9 on a scale of 10.”

Julia says Henry’s arrival has changed their family forever. “It just completed us,” she says. “We’re complete. We’re a good five-some.”

With three children and a loving husband at home, Julia says choosing her next movie has become more difficult. “I just made a decision to make a movie next year, and I found it was almost too big of a decision because I don’t make it a lot,” she says. “I’m out of the practice of making the decision.”

When Oprah and Julia tried to slip away to have a drink at Julia’s hotel, Oprah says Finn held onto his mom and said, “Mom, I don’t want you to go. I don’t want you to go.”

“So I’m thinking, we’re just going to go downstairs and have some bubbly water,” Oprah says. “What happens when you want to go away to do a movie?”

Thankfully, Julia didn’t have to go far to shoot some scenes in Charlie Wilson’s War, but when she did have to travel, she says she consulted her family first.

“It’s a real team effort in our house,” she says. “Everything that goes on has to sort of pass everybody’s approval. Danny and the kids, everybody has to want to go and be part of it or else it doesn’t work. Moms know what it’s like when you leave the house, and your kids are crying and saying, ‘Don’t go.’ So I usually don’t go.”

And for Oprah fans…the annual Oprah’s Favorite Things show is on today. I saw it once (quite a few years ago) and found it interesting, but ever since then I have found it rather repulsive. It seems to get more yucky every year. It is such a sad way to kick off the holiday season…it is such a crass and embarrassing display of materialism. I don’t understand why Oprah bothers with it. If you think I’m being extreme and haven’t seen it before, check it out and you’ll see! All the 40+ women in the audience squeal with delight at every new gadget or fancy fudge that is unveiled as if Oprah had just discovered the cure for cancer. The holidays have been so hijacked by consumerism.



  1. soso says

    i always loved julia and lets phase tha fact that she is not the only woman who ruined a family who knows what was going on between danny and his first wife but the thing that she wore that t-shirt was really dissapointing it was so disrespectful and no class at all she shouldnt have done that .

  2. Deeds says

    I think JR is a beautiful. I know what I see is not reality. Shes just so wholesome and to me she belongs in the top 5 female actors list.

  3. nicky says

    C’mon people don’t be so rude all babies are beautiful, they’re innocent. Well about Julias behavior regarding the t-shirt its her own way to express her feelings give her a break, About tha parking lot thats another story.

  4. ANTI says

    Wow I thought I’d be in the minority voicing my dislike of Julia but I just read through the comments and found I’m not alone – I guess not everyone is blinded by blatant PR propaganda. YEAH! Now if only George Clooney and Brad Pitt would stop hanging around this horrible excuse for a human. It kind of takes away some of their credibility if they consider her such a great friend.

  5. dori #1 says

    It just seems so out of character for her are you sure she meant the ex wife with the T shirt? She always seemed so nice I can’t imagine she would do something so public and degrading to another person. But I don’t know her personally so who knows? I am disappointed to hear that she did something like that.

  6. Sweetness says

    Just for your in for?? OPRAH might give them the gifts but they are supplied to her.. She does not buy those with her own money… Sponsor donate themmm LIke a form of advertising..
    As for Julia and being considered one of the worlds most beautiful woman?? Umm I beg to differ… Even mother Theresa was more beautiful than she is… PLUS mother Theresa had a big heart unlike Julia. Yes her children are very petite but we mustn’t pick on them for their mothers ignorance.

  7. oriana says

    dori, when Julia hooked up with Danny, he was a camera man on her movie, he was married. After he left Vera, Julia offered her a lot of money to speed up the divorce, when Vera didn’t jump fast enough for Julia, she got a t-shirt and put A Low Vera on it and wore it all over down, of course the paps loved it up and snapped away, on several occasions! Danny’s father and family were sympathetic to Vera and didn’t be chummy chummy with Julia in the beginning. His father was not too thrilled about it to say the least!

    She is not the Sweetheart she appears to be. To me it was very tacky, and low classed, I don’t have any respect for her at all and haven’t since then. She was upset for she thought Vera would take the money and run. Danny was a camera man but I doubt if he would be getting the jobs he has been if not married to her.

  8. JJ says

    You are over generalizing ‘Dori the Explorer’ – I do not comment on every single post…I haven’t said a single thing about Heidi Klum and her family nor Cindy Crawford nor Borat’s family…so stop lying cause your nose is growing – it’s crossing the US – Canada border as I type this – and coming straight for me in freezing, blistery Ottawa – be careful as your nose hairs will turn into icicles from the cold!!!

  9. dori #1 says

    It’s one thing to have opinions JJ it’s another to come onto a baby website and insult every single baby on the site You’re a trouble maker and find some kind of joy in aggravating people. Sick is what you are…….

  10. JJ says

    Dorito #1.5 – Maybe YOU are the REAL problem around here and you need to HIT the road – go find a Blog about Doris Day or Julie Andrews!! Celebrities are used to being evaluated and critiqued as they make it their job to be in the public eye !!! The moment a celebrity chose to make a career for themselves as an actor or model, etc…they should be able to stomach the publics remarks and not be so lily-livered about it…So YOU are the miserable one Zesty Nacho Dorito #1.5!!!

  11. oriana says

    dori my Dear, nothing wrong with having difference of opinions, I think that Brooke Shields daughters are very pretty and others have said they don’t think so. I guess the old saying, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” rings true! Ha!

    I used to really like Julia, and no doubt she is a wonderful actress, but the whole A Low Vera tacky thing turned me off from her. And with Danny parking in a Handicapped zone, that really turned me off!

  12. dori #1 says

    Oriana I guess we have a difference of opinion. I happen to think her kids are cute. I am the eternal optimist and see something good in everyone. Even the most obnoxious bloggers in here have something good in them and even they choose to direct comments at me even though I have not directed any comments to them only serves to remind me how blessed I am because I am not full of hate. I am a positive force in lives of many all year long not just on holidays . I find fulfillment every day of my life because my work is helping others.

  13. oriana says

    dori, I am sorry, but it is a fact of life, not EVERY child, be it celebrity or not, is cute! And Julia’s children are not, not at all to me, I have seen beautiful babies at the grocery store, and some that were homely. I think that every baby is sweet but pretty, no, and Danny Moder isn’t that much to look at to me, he always looks like he needs a bath!

  14. says

    Dori..you are not the moderator, you need to simply shut the heck up and let other leave comments..positive or negative its an opinion..

    Start all over agian and then go crying about how I am making your life uncomfortbLE..truth is that you are ra-ci=st beyoctch who cant see beyond her narrow mindewd wrinkly a-r-s-e

  15. dori #1 says

    JJ Why do you bother comming to a baby website when on EVERY THREAD you say mean things about each and every child. It’s obvious you are not a mother because any one as slef centered as you couldn’t possibly be a mother.

  16. dori #1 says

    more insults and negative comments about children …. perhaps people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones looked in the mirror lately???.
    Oriana, I’M SURPRISED you even let yourself get sucked into it this time. Whats wrong with you ladies? haven’t you got anything good to say about anyone?
    I don’t think this website is much fun anymore bewteen pscho b**ch (JJ) and you catty criticizing ladies( I’m not even sure about that anymore) no one has anything good to say about anyone or anything. You must be a bunch of miserable women .
    Julia is a very talented actress and very beautiful and her son is adorable and looks a lot like his daddy.
    Ladies imagine how you would feel if someone made a comment like you did about YOUR CHILDREN

  17. niagra says

    “That’s a silly lookin’ baby – skinny, skinny.” Sorry, those were my daughter’s words. I think he’s kinda cute.

  18. Malayka says

    I kind of agree with every one. Julia is a b!tch. Moreover Rupet Everett said she stinks and never wear deodorant. There have been pictures of her unshaved armpits. I haven’t had any respect for her for a while now. She is welcome to that Moder charcter as I don’t think he is a prize anyway. He does not look nice at all and is as Elfy as his spawns.

    This kid though looks like Julia and has her lips. Poor kid.

    Julia should sit with Angelina Jolie and exchange notes on how to get those men.

  19. ms says

    Marriages have good and bad moments, ups and downs. Who’s to say that Danny’s marriage to Vera wasn’t headed up in the near future?
    When you’re at a low in your marriage, does that give any woman the right to flirt or tempt your husband to cheat on you? Or on the other end, does that give your husband the right to cheat on you?
    If marriages are as whimsical as a woman’s choice for shoes, why the vows of commitment? It’s called commitment for a reason. When my child throws food at my face or uses foul language at me when he turns teen, I will still be there for him…. because I am committed as his mom.——–Marriage is no different!

  20. mayra sanchez says

    parece mentira,que personas adultas no entienda que la belleza de los ninos,es unica su inocencia,es su mas grande hermosura,es lo que los hace seres especiales.
    pero aqui en este chat,solo se fijan en que si son ojos azules,rubios o la,ropa con que lo visten

  21. Lauren says

    Henry is cute. Julia and Danny seem happy. If Danny’s marriage to his first wife was really strong and happy, then he wouldn’t have left her for Julia. Just think about that.

  22. Melissa says

    Danny may have walked away on his own accord but come on, Vera did not stand A CHANCE! There he is, Mr. Nobody, one of the lowly camera men on the set of The Mexican. In comes “America’s Sweetheart” who goes after him like a vulture — you think his newlywed wife stood a chance against THAT? Pfft.

    Now he’s all “Mr Danny Moder” who is suddenly now referred to as a “Cinematographer” who gets to work on all of these huge blockbusters because his wife gets him the gigs and it’s all because he’s with her.

    If he was still with Vera he’d be ‘Camera Man #7’ on the sets of flops like ‘Kickin’ it Old Skool’ and ‘Weekend at Bernie’s Part 4.’

    Mr. Danny Moder was the best thing that ever happened to Benjamin Bratt, who was the other person who was cheated on in that foursome, because he was able to get out of that relationship before he started having elfin children with her.

  23. jess says

    WM… I LOVE oprah’s favorite things!!! It is the best show ever.. so much fun. I even get excited watching it. There is nothing wong with it at all.. I guess you are just bitter you can’t get all those wonderful things.. Oprah does SO much for many people that she can have one show dedicated to giving fun things to the audience members! Stop being so bitter, that attitude is not part of the Christmas spirit. : )

  24. celeste says

    baby is not is not cute at all, i think that picture is from the 1950’s. her baby is probably uglier than the twins. that is why she showed a picture of her dad.

  25. Nicki says

    Well, ellery, I think Julia is not cute, or a beauty by any means, but I think the babies pic is kinda cute. She has a huge mouth, like a horses mouth. I like some of her movies, but not a fan of hers at all. Some say she is the female Warren Beatty (before he got married) of Hollywood.
    And she saw the sign, I mean come on, EVERYONE sees those signs……they are right up front by the door, where they should be. She is selfish and thinks I can pay the fine, if they catch me, and no big deal.

  26. Nicki says

    I think Henry looks kinda cute in this one black and white pic. It would be better if we had a few color pics, I mean his dad is into photography but this is what we got.

    I think Oprahs “Favorite Things” show is way to much. There is nothing wrong giving away things to people. But why give each person in the audience one of everything she has picked? Why not give each person one thing and donate the rest to shelters, orphanages, etc. The people that show up for her show might not be able to afford most of that stuff, but you know darn well they bought a new outfit, got the hair and nails done, and made it there to Chicago for her show. They don’t need all that stuff if they could actually get to a show.
    I haven’t seen her show in about 5 years, but I do remember thinking as I was watching………Wow, ALL my gift buying would be done, and everyone would get really great stuff. Then I thought, then what would I do the next year? I know Oprah does give to charities, but this shows seems a bit ostentatious to me.

  27. nlm says

    Liz, does that mean if I walked into a store, stole something and got away with it that it was meant to be?

    Wrong it wrong and she is low to even look at another woman’s husband. He’s a weak slime for leaving his wife for “greener” pastures if you know what I mean.

  28. Liz says

    If Danny really loved Vera, Julia or anybody else would have never torn him from her. I’ve been married 39 years and been up and down that hill. There’s always two sides. I have no feelings about Julia one way or another other than she is blessed to have her husband and her children. She won me over when she said ” Moms know what it’s like when you leave the house, and your kids are crying and saying, ‘Don’t go.’ So I usually don’t go.” Good on her for that. Bad on her for parking in a very well marked Handicap parking space.

  29. Tia :) says

    Tell me WM, what is so bad with Oprah giving gifts to people…. Sometimes gifts that some of those woman could never afford to buy? Why are you so bitter all the time WM???

    Julia’s son is cuter than her twins…

  30. Zbella says

    Oh come on – he’s fine. Every child should be beautiful to his/her parents. I find Oprah annoying and can’t stand her Fav Things show. Everything about her is so “perfect”. Did you know she hasn’t pumped her own gas in over a decade?? Talk about out of touch. My favorite things are family, food, & friends! I don’t need Oprah’s advice on any of that.

  31. Cherise says

    Copied from comment #2

    “Roberts seemed to prove her not-so-nice-ness prior to being married to husband Danny Moder. Moder was still married when he and Roberts began their relationship (tacky). Roberts took a public swipe at Moder’s then-wife, Vera, by wearing a tee shirt that read A Low Vera because Vera was reluctant to grant Moder a divorce. Ouch, Julia!”

  32. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Can somebody please tell me what this “A Low Vera” t-shirt scandal is? I’m guessing its a pun on “Aloe Vera” but further than that I’m lost…

  33. Tess says

    Love Oprah’s Favorite Things show!! What a great way to celebate both winter and holiday season. It makes so many individuals happy.

    Love Julia’s talent and her devotion to her family. It looks like she was grown up and settled into a good life.

    Bless her family!

  34. days says

    Henry does look rather thin for a 5 month old. It’s such a blurry and plain bad picture that I wondered, too, why she picked it. Maybe she didn’t want the public to recognize him.

  35. oriana says

    Maybe she needs glasses, and Danny also! Maybe they couldn’t see a big Blue and White sign or perhaps they have never seen one before and didn’t know what it meant? I also guess when they took their Driver’s License written test they didn’t get the question about parking in Handicapped Designated spots!

    Are you supposed to BACK into a parking space like he did anyway?

    Can’t stand her, she showed her true personality to me by wearing that shirt, very disrespectful and low class, Danny’s father even said he disapproved of it and didn’t warm up to her in the beginning.

    I am sorry, those kids are not cute, at all, the little girl looks better than any of them, I have seen several celeb kids I don’t think are cute, Kate Hudson’s little boy for one and these kids for sure!

    Nope, not a Pretty Woman as far as character goes! Sorry!

  36. lilcutie says

    I think Tom was trying to say…the kid was f*u*g*l*y…but couldnt outright say it on Oprah..at least someone was being honest. lol

  37. JJ says

    Hell hath frozen over !!! – string beans for the teens…stranger things have happened…I’m not a fan of Julia Roberts

  38. Puh-leeze says

    How do you “accidently” park in a handicapped space??? They are VERY clearly marked… that’s like “accidently” not stopping at a stop sign, or “accidently” not slowing down in a construction zone!

  39. sofia says

    She didn’t realize my foot When there is a sign right there as plain as day, how can you not see it? She knew what what she was doing and didn’t care Sorry, but that is one funny looking baby not cute at all This is the woman who got angry because she wanted another womans husband and wore that infamous “A low Vera” t-shirt. That proved she has no sense of propriety.

  40. Janessa says

    Can Oprah & Julia drop the ‘Moder’ when referring to Danny? Every time they bring him up it’s “Danny Moder”

    What are they, in grade 8?

  41. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Did anybody apart from myself notice the WM’s choice of phrases here with, “crass and embarrassing display of materialism” and “consumerism”?

    From the person that runs *this* site? Ever heard the phrase “pot calling the kettle black”?

  42. littlecutie says

    Since my comment is awaiting moderation…I will repeat the last line….I think Julia is secretly doing Lyle Lovette and producing these crazeee lookin kids.

  43. Ruby Jackson says

    “America’s Sweetheart” my arse!

    “America’s Homewrecker” is more like it. She’s tacky and full of herself.

  44. Jordyn says

    Who is the “Tom” referred to in the article?? Im shocked at the picture as well…it was like they were hyping up the moment, then show this picture?? Geez. Did they take it in the hotel room with a picturephone??

  45. LAURIE HARRIS says




  46. 2teens3beans says

    EEEEEEK! I actually agree with JJ. Her kids are all very elfin looking and this photo does not look like a 5 month old baby… looks actually kind of strange to me.

  47. me says

    In her defense, she parked in that spot by mistake. It can potentially happen to anyone. As for her kids, cute or not, insulting their pale coloring is a little immature. Some people have extremely fair skin, and it’s not that feature that makes their look alone, and it’s quite childish to start poking fun at it. Grow up people! Dislike her for wearing that t-shirt or a million other things, but picking on innocent 3 year-olds is a little ignorant.
    And I have to say that out of all the actresses out there, Julia has at least stayed grounded and isn’t involved in every day’s latest scandal like some…..

  48. LMAO says

    I can’t stand this woman! Of course she shows a black and white picture of her kid. EVERYONE looks good in black and white! It probably has the same nasty coloring as its older brother and sister. And if she is “the nicest person” WHY is she parking in handicap spaces and making the handicap people walk? That is not nice! O, I forgot, she is a BIG star! She is above the law!

  49. Just me says

    I agree with Janessa, except I didn’t care about Julie until the T-shirt thing and now I don’t like her at all.
    And I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I know all kids are cute in their own way, but I really don’t find the Moder kids that attractive.

  50. Janessa says

    Loved Julia up until the A Low Vera Moment. She lost me forever at that very moment and will never like her again.

  51. ANTI says

    Have to balance all that Oprah-esque sugar with some reality bites:

    Actress Julia Roberts has been thought to be one of the nicest stars in Hollywood. Some of her co-stars paint a different picture. Her co-star on 1994’s I Love Trouble, Nick Nolte, wants the world to know that Roberts isn’t as sweet as she seems. Roberts has referred to Nolte as “a disgusting human being.” Nolte retaliated with, “It’s not nice to call someone ‘disgusting.’ But she’s not a nice person. Everyone knows that.”

    Roberts seemed to prove her not-so-nice-ness prior to being married to husband Danny Moder. Moder was still married when he and Roberts began their relationship (tacky). Roberts took a public swipe at Moder’s then-wife, Vera, by wearing a tee shirt that read A Low Vera because Vera was reluctant to grant Moder a divorce. Ouch, Julia!

    What comes around goes around Julia – good luck to you, you’ll need it.

  52. JJ says

    For somebody that was so anti-marriage she sure fell deeply into it…kids and all!! Kind of sad!!
    Her newest addition looks skinny in that picture…actually he looks like a 2-year old. I don’t find him cute at all…but perhaps in comparison to her twins – who I think look like elves – the new kid might be a scant better looking.

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