Guy Ritchie Shares That His Family Canceled Christmas


Guy Ritchie was snapped with Lourdes, 11, and Rocco, 7, in London for the European premiere of Fred Claus on Monday night.

“We canceled Christmas a few years ago,” Guy, 39, shared. “Stopped all the presents. And ever since we stopped the presents, we’re are actually enjoying it.”

So this year’s celebration will be a quiet affair. “We are not sure what we are doing,” he added. “Probably staying in London.”

As for who’s doing the cooking, Guy replied, “Well, it’s not me!”

Hmmm…canceling Christmas? That seems a little extreme… I understand not wanting to go overboard with presents and all, but you can still celebrate it!



  1. cutie says

    thats so stupid-juging people it’s lola’s business if she waxes her eyebrows or not just chill out and stop talking about her she is just 11 who cares

  2. woo says

    lourdes is gorgeous, one of the prettiest celebrity children around. and to whoever said they hope she dies her hair blonde, no way. i think that girl looks quite beautiful with the tan complexion and dark hair. i mean madonna’s blonde does not look that good. and she’s young anyways, she’ll wax soon enough, she doesnt have to grow up that fast.

  3. Sweetness says

    Lourdes the the exact image of Madonna in her younger days.. Madonna also had dark hair. and eyebrows
    She is a cutie and their son??? I bet he turns out to be a fine looking young adult. Give them a break.

  4. oriana says

    I love Christmas and don’t see anything wrong with kids being kids! Too much reality in the world today that isn’t pretty, let them enjoy themselves while they are young!

  5. dori #1 says

    All these mean comments. Shame on all of you! These are normal looking children and all you do is come in here and make catty comments. Look at your own children … are they perfect and beautiful?Look at your pic’s at 11years old… what did you look like. How superficial these horrible comments about an 11 year old girl.
    After reading some of this crap I’m beginning to wonder why I bother to come to this website anymore.
    This use to be a place mothers would come and talk about cute babies and now all those nice women are gone and whats left is a bunch of a**holes.

  6. oriana says

    I think it would be fun for her to be in a Harry Potter movie, I don’t see anything wrong with it. I hope Madonna lets her do it!

  7. gweny says

    THAT IS SOOO GAY, WHO CANCELS CHRISTMAS FOR THERE 11 AND 7 YEAR OLD KIDS? RETARDS! lourde is sucha copy of her mom, stop following her! i hate that, you do that when your five not eleven!

  8. melissa says

    It should be cancelling Santa clause and the retail version of Christmas. Then you are able to focus on the true meaning of Christmas

  9. Zbella says

    David is with him mom. My daughter saw Fred Claus (she is 6). I will not be taking her 3 year old brother or 1 year old sister to the movies for several years.

  10. oriana says

    She looks just like Madonna, I do think when she gets older something will be done about those eyebrows, and it should be, they don’t look appealing at all to me. She looks older than her age, I do like her and I think she is a pretty nice, smart little girl!

  11. anonymous says

    Madonna is pretending to be”Jewish”, so there is no Christmas for them.She so annoying. As for Lourdes, she is a little girl and should be left alone. When she’s old enough to pluck her brows, she will. Madonna no doubt will have it professionally done. She had quite a hairy browline too before she began to pluck her brows when in high school.That is a good question though about the whereabouts of little David.

  12. 2teens3beans says

    So where does David fit into this family? Daddy didn’t want to take him to see Fred Claus too?

  13. lilcutie says

    ang…Before you call anyone white trash…learn how to SPELL first. Please go back to grade one with the other childrens…

  14. ang says

    white trash all the ones who make fun of that 2 childrens , lourdes is beautifull anf the littleboy is just that . a little boy ….shame 0f you biches ..

  15. Tiffany says

    I dont see anything wrong with canceling Christmas either. Christmas is a holiday celebrated for all the wrong reasons anyway. Christmas (and all holidays to be exact) have been commercialized so much that all meaning of the holidays have been lost in the Macy’s and Toys R Us’. It is really too bad that it has become of this. I am proud that the Richie family can focus on what is most important which is being with the family and not the amount of presents under the tree.

  16. theresa says

    does madonna wear undies? i doubt they cancelled much of anything that average people would even be aware of. their so-called cancelled christmas is probably still better than any christmas that i ever had as child. heck. they’re at a freakin’ movie premier for a christmas movie. when i was that age, that would have been enough right there!

  17. marla says

    If Lourdes was bothered about hair on her upper lip or between her eyebrows (where some people seem to comment on) I guarantee you she would have shaved it already. She does not seem to be influenced by this beauty ideal where the less hair is more beautiful (except on the head ofcourse) and when the time is ready she can focus on that for 40 more years to come. She is a beauty and so are her two younger brothers.
    I am also wondering whether they celebrate alternative festive (is that how you call it?) days.

  18. chloe says

    She has a moustache! I am all for kids being kids and especially girls not growing up too fast with their clothes and makeup, but come on! She has to shave that moustache off! I cannot believe that they let her walk around like that without saying, “Sweetie we need to talk about that moustache that you have.”


  19. Nicki says

    There is nothing wrong with not celebrating Christmas. (I do but not in excess). Things have gotten so out of hand with it all, I have seen younger children (parents obviously not doing thier job) pitch a fit when they didn’t get what they thought they were getting. Every child should be greatful for any gift they get, NOT pitch a hissy fit because it’s not the right one.
    Plus, Guy and Madonna can afford to get all thier children anything they want anytime they need to.
    Not like the rest of us who say, wait until your birthday, Christmas, etc, because we can’t afford it everyday.

    As usual, these are the worst pics, but I think Rocco is very cute and Lola or Lourdes will be very pretty when she grows up (much prettier than her Mom).

  20. Liz says

    anzhelika , I’d be in your camp if I didn’t have grandchildren. Jesus wasn’t born in Dec. anyway and He never said to celebrate His birth, but to remember his death. I’ve wanted to skip Christmas for years just because of all the commercialism. Last year, we all went hog wild buying for the kids (first year they understood more about it) and of all things, they started crying cause they didn’t want to open gifts anymore! That did it for us. This year, it’s a few books and one small toy a piece. I think Madonna and Guy have it right.

  21. says

    How horrible to be a CHILD and have ADULTS say such rude things about them. They are beautiful children… As for the Christmas thing, I bet the get loads of stuff all year round… It’s probably good for them to just enjoy each other’s company and have a quiet evening together, rather than unwrapping loads of junk anyway. Good for them!

  22. Zbella says

    The Just Jared shots do show that Lourdes is indeed Latina. So she has dark hair… She is gorgeous. Really the most beautiful celebrity child around. Of course she will wax when she is older, but I think it’s good Madonna let’s her be a child rather than a little woman.

  23. 2teens3beans says

    I think Madge is a Kabbalist, but she changes everything so much who knows? She thinks she is British now too… loony.
    The photo was taken at an odd angle, I have seen other photos of Rocco and he looks like a cute boy. Lourdes, she was called Lola for years and now all you ever hear is Lourdes, is a real beauty.

  24. Melissa R says

    I hate it when celebrities act like this. They are so rich they could probably have Christmas every day!! Oppressing the kids is really sad. I hope they at least give to a charity during this time. Bah Humbug!!!!!!

  25. anzhelika says

    i am Christian and I dont celebrate Christmas at all,you make your own choices what to celebrate..I dont like compulsory celebrations

  26. dori says

    The litle boy looks likehis dad and Lourdes looks like Madonna but darker and I think she will be pretty but remember 11 is an awkward stage for a girl Body is round, just beginning to develop not a little girl and not a teenager I’ve seen lots of girls this age go through an awkward stage.

  27. lilcutie says

    Madonna changes religions like she changes her undies. Wasn’t she trying to be Buddah at one point in her life?????

  28. Cathi says

    rocco looks like a total nerd, reminds me of peewee herman!! guy is no better. the only cool one is lourdes!

  29. samsmom says

    Madonna is not Jewish. She follows Kabbalah, a form of Jewish mysticism. It has it’s roots in Judaism, but is not quite the same as being or following the Jewish faith.

  30. Carolina says

    I agree, we should all cancelled Christmas ans start
    enjoying it.
    What a good idea.
    It’s so true, we are so consumed about buying gifts, running around the stores, like maniac .
    At the end, it’s not even enjoyable.
    Good for you, the RItchies.

  31. Jenna M. (UK) says

    What’s the big deal about them not celebrating Christmas? Loads of people don’t celebrate Christmas. If you’re not a Christian (and I think they’re Jewish) then it hardly matters.

    And for the WM to say its a little extreme is like saying to a Christian that they’re being extreme for not celebrating Ramadan, Bealtaine or Diwali!

  32. littlecutie says

    Madonna has some weird lookin kids…her son has a small head and kinda looks like he has special needs..and her daugher looks too damn old for 11…As for cancelling christmas..just another deranged

  33. Just me says

    I wonder if they celbrate Hanukah?
    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with canceling the presents, especially for kids who get anything they want all year long anyway. It would be nice if they donated to charity instead. Since Madonna was raised Catholic, she should know that Christmas is not about presents anyway.
    But I think Guy’s comment is sooo stupid about the fact they’re enjoying Christmas now without the presents. I doubt very highly those words came from little kids!!

  34. C says

    Isn’t Madonna Jewish?

    Lourdes looks lovely the way she is. I hope that she NEVER changes her hair color…especially to blonde.

  35. squeekysue says

    I bet you a £5 Lourdes ends up dyeing her hair blonde, in fact I hope she does, as lovely as her hair is it is so dark in comparision with her skin colouring that it drains her.

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