Dennis Quaid's Newborn Twins Hospitalized

Dennis Quaid

The newborn twins of Dennis Quaid and wife Kimberly were hospitalized Tuesday in Los Angeles, reportedly in intensive care.

The actor’s rep, Cara Tripicchio, declined to give a reason, but said in a statement: “Dennis and Kimberly appreciate everyone’s thoughts and prayers and hope they can maintain their privacy at this difficult time.”

Thomas Boone and Zoe Grace, who were born on November 8th, were accidentally given a major dose of an anti-coagulant, reports.

The babies are in stable condition in the neo-natal intensive care unit at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, TMZ reports.

The twins were born via a gestational carrier – a woman who carries another couple’s baby conceived by the parents’ own egg and sperm.

A hospital rep declined to comment.



  1. oriana says

    dori, my mom stayed in Ky with the three of us, one sister and one brother, I am the oldest, 5 years apart with each of us, she left me for awhile when my father was stationed in Sacramento but after that he was overseas most of the time. We were at Ft. Campbell, Ky for a couple of years too.

    I wished I could have traveled more, but when going to Europe as a child, you really don’t remember that much when you are two and three, after that, back to the States.

    I have traveled on my own when I got older, Paris, don’t care for the snotty French, loved Switzerland and wish I had gone to Germany, missed out on that!

    You have a nice weekend, going shopping and taking pets to the vet, shot time!!!!!!

    I hope Nicki’s dog is doing okay too.

  2. dori #1 says

    O…. Your house sounds beautiful! What a great idea!
    You have roots in the service don’t you? Did you travel around a lot as child? Where have you lived?
    Have a happy Friday!

  3. oriana says

    I feel so sad about these poor babies!!! Heparin should be locked up separate from the other meds, it is a strong and powerful drug and these children are not out of the woods yet! We all need to send our prayers to Dennis and his wife.

  4. oriana says

    HI Dori, thank you for being so nice, I enjoy you very much my Dear! Yes, it is time for our troops to come home. This year, my front yard is a patriotic theme, all RED/WHITE/BLUE. It looks so pretty, I have a huge Flag with the mini lights, hanging in the front window, have you seen them? Very nice. Then the tree and hedges all have the colored lights in those colors, I also have a nice Eagle lit up.

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    My father was a Colonel in the Army, stationed in Korea. I have a nice picture of him taken with Eleanor Roosevelt. I think I spelled that wrong!

    Have a nice day, I am off to Taco Bell! Ha!

  5. dori #1 says

    This morning I heard on the news that the twins are still in intensive care and still very sick. How sad…. Dennis and his wife must be so heartbroken . They went through a lot to have the babies. The report said they had a staph infection and thats why they were on intravenouis to begin with. They were getting iv antibiotics and got a 1000times overdose of heparin. Yikes!!!! They still aren’t sure what the long term effects will be.
    Geez how do mistakes like this happen to helpless little babies?

  6. dori #1 says

    Oh Oriana …. kisses to you…. I am sorry for your pain. My dad was a diabetic I understand how serious things can get. You’ve come out of that situation and positive and caring person that takes a lot of strength.
    I wish the war would end too… it’s enough already you can’t force democracy on everyone.

  7. oriana says

    Dori, I had my first blood clot in the groin, in 1997, spent 14 days in the hospital, that was when they had the Heparin IV in me, for over two years I was on the blood thinner, my leg was very swollen.

    Then in 2000, my doctor had taken me off it cold turkey, no aspirin, nothing, within 6 months I had another major clot in my foot they could not get dissolved, they had to amputate above the knee, it went that far up before they could find any circulation. At that time, then they put me on insulin, I am a diabetic and had only been on pills since the first blood clot.

    I know these things happens, and I guess they happen for a reason, but I have had more than one doctor tell me I should never have been taken off Coumadin like that without being eased off on lower dosages or at least being told to take an aspirin.

    My ins. company is Kaiser, don’t know if they have that in Chicago or not?

    This is why I am so against the war overseas with our men and women, too young for their lives to be changed forever crippled and maimed for life! Just terrible!

  8. dori #1 says

    Oriana… How terrible. I really feel for you sweet girl… You are a very strong lady. What brought you to the point you had the blood clots? Did you have bad accident?
    I am not gruesome. I am an aquatic fitness specialist… and work with people in the water and teach water aerobics and do therapy in the water. As I stated on the other thread my work is very fulfilling I work every day with people to bring them back from hip knee and back surgeries and they get up and walk without walkers and canes as we progress. Before that I was a dental asistant for 34 years. So medical things are very interesting to me.

  9. oriana says

    Scarlett, please move to San Jose, I may need you one day my Dear!!!!!! You sound like someone I would complete trust and confidence in!!!!!

  10. oriana says

    I know from personal experience this was a very strong and serious drug, was only given to me in an IV for 14 days. They came and took blood tests every four hours to get it stabilized. When I went home I was on Coumadin for almost three years, I had two major clots, one they could not get dissolved, that is why they had to amputate, it was deep in the vein.

    These babies could have easily died, they are miracle children and I fear lasting side affects that are not yet determined for them. I am very concerned but I believe in the power of prayer. I believe they will be okay, and I have faith, I hope Dennis and his wife are getting some peace and rest, it is just terrible this kind of thing can happen!

  11. dori #1 says

    Scarlett you give us hope it’s good to kow there are healthcare workers that are paying attention to detail. It seems like the dosage packaging needs to be changed so that these mix ups don’t happen anymore. This is not the first incident of this kind and maybe because it is a celeb baby involved something will be done. Now attention will be brought to the fact the labeling on these two doses is too similar.
    I wonder how the babies are doing???? Heard any news on them?
    I pray for them and hope they will recover with no long term effects.

  12. Lovey says

    but you are right, Tia….ego gets in the way sometimes, of the health workers…..they can be very defensive…and forget that it isn’t their kid, etc…..and try and make the parents, etc….to feel like a low life, just to cover up for their own lack of abilities to shine where they are supposed to shine……they may not be perfect, but they ARE supposed to show compasion and dedicated care….i am familiar with the “actor Dennis”…..he is definitely one of my chosen best actors…..i do wish him the best and most strength that he needs from God at this particular time… will work out….either way….with them or with God…..who has the first and last say in anyones life….the Maker and Creator of all things visible and invisible….all things wise and wonderful…the Lord God made them all…..take good care, Dennis….

  13. oriana says

    Whaaat! I meant “poor” babies, I was feeling bad and didn’t proof read first! So sorry! These precious babies hopefully won’t have any bad affects from this disaster! It is just terrible!!!!!

  14. oriana says

    This is just terrible, I feel so bad for the bad babies, and the parents must feel sick at heart! My prayers are definately with them. Goes to show, nurses everywhere are overworked and the hospital workers are too! Accidents can happen just anywhere and I feel really bad for everyone involved.

  15. Lilac says

    It goes to show you that hospitals are one of the most dangerous places to be. I avoid hospitals/IVs/drugs, if at all possible.

    Hope the babies will be okay.

  16. Malayka says

    If this can happens at Cedars Sinai where they pay that much, what chance do we have, us the normal falk who go to public hospitals?

  17. LMAO says


    You’d have to be really s*t*u*p*i*d* not to read the whole story and see that the parents did NOT “overdose” their children….the hospital did! Let’s see what story you come up with! Duh!

  18. squeeky sue says

    lilcutie, they didnt od their kids the hospital did.

    I wonder why the kids went back to the hospital in the first place, especially as they had previously been at home with Dennis and his wife.

  19. lilcutie says

    How do you accidently “overdose” your child???? You’d have to be really s*t*u*p*i*d to do a thing like that. And no comments from the parents…geee I wander why??? Lets see what kind of story they come up with.

  20. days says

    Computers do what they’re programmed to do. It’s the human behind the computer that writes the software or punches in the wrong data.
    Computers do not just come alive and come up with their own way of solving things. They may break down but only do what they’re programmed to do.

    My husband is also a software engineer.

    There was an interesting 20/20 story where they looked at pharmacies and the number of mistakes they make. It was very eye-opening. I hope they re-air it.

  21. squeeky sue says

    Jenna M he is Meg Ryan (she who was really really rude to Parky) ex husband, he is an actor in his right.

    My thought sand best wishes to all of the familys involoved.

  22. nosoupforyou says

    My youngest son was in the NICU for almost two months.

    I sure hope those babies didn’t have brain bleeds due to the medication error.

    Brain bleeds can cause cerebral palsy, mental retardation, and other handicaps.


  23. Zbella says

    The twins were very small, so the were probably being held in the NICU until they gained weight. Scarlett – you sound like the kind of person I would like caring for me & my family. My mother is an RN and she said that it’s the nurses, not the doctors, that need to be top notch if you want quality care. Doctors come in twice a day to check on patients. Nurses actually administer the medications, care for the patients hour after hour and lives really depend on them.

  24. Scarlett says

    I’m a Health Care Worker. We are trained to TRIPLE check (and that’s a minimum standard, by the way) all medications we administer in the following way: correct dose, correct route, correct patient. Those three things…..TIMES THREE. That’s an eighteen word chant per medication before you give it to the patient.
    Med errors (unless there was some kooky manufacturing problem or other mailcious tampering) are the result of laziness. Plain and simple. I actually had a co-worker once tell me, after making a med error, “They (the med) both started with a ‘T’ and were on the same shelf”. Seriously. While I was happy that she’d recognized the ‘T’ without her glasses on, I was very disappointed that she didn’t watch Sesame Street long enough to recognize all the letters that came after it.
    So- it all comes down to human error. I’ve never become offended when a patient has asked me to double check– even though I’ve already triple checked. 🙂 I actually ceremoniously do their “double check” right in front of them so that they will feel more comfortable. If your Health Care Worker gets offended by your request, ask for someone else who will put you at ease. Sadly, these mistakes happen a lot and good care givers are sensitive to that and understand their patient’s concerns.
    Out of curiousity, does anyone know what illness the babies were hospitalized for? I know it’s irrelevent, but I was just wondering what necessitated the IV’s in the first place. (the Heparin is used to flush the IV lines)

  25. Tia :) says

    Days- No, no…i didnt say that you said they were evil..that was my wording…and im sorry, thats just how i felt you felt from your post. About the computer thing…computers are man made…therefore can result in mistakes…my brother is a softeware engineer.

    I will agree with you that some nurses and doctors are NOT approachable…Those are the ones in the wrong profession. I myself am a mother…i always look at like “what if this was my child?” At the same time, you say that more nurses and doctors need to acknowlege that they make mistakes…there are some people out there that need to realize that nurses, and doctors are not super heros either.

  26. days says

    I was not saying health care workers were “evil”. Please reread what I wrote. I was trying to say that health care providers should not be on the defensive when asked to double check dosage, numbers, etc. because a parent is just trying to be a good parent.
    A very good friend of mine was a computer programmer and he has said that computers do not make mistakes. It’s the people punching in the information into the computers. I used that as an example to show that humans make errors. And the more nurses, doctors we have willing to acknowledge that, the more we can prevent these kinds of unfortunate occurrences.

  27. Kelly says

    How awful. God be with those poor poor children.
    As a nurse and a mother, this story hits home for me!
    I can not even imagine making that kind of mistake.
    I pray these babes will be alright!

  28. alexia delilah says

    update -Cedars-Sinai has apologized for the mistake, calling it a ‘preventable error’ and ‘a failure to follow our standard policies and procedures. There is no excuse for that to occur at Cedars-Sinai.’ In addition, 3 patients were affected, not up to 13 as previously reported

  29. Tia :) says

    Days- not all heath care workers are evil. I can assure you, i take my job to heart…although i canot say the same about all Nurses and doctors..i take pride in being a nurse…at the same time, We are not miracle workers….we are HUMAN…and a lot of people seem to forget that…please dont take this the wrong way…Im not in anyway making excuses for the horrible mistake this person made….these poor babies… there is nothing more sad than this. I feel so badly for these people. Zbella is right, nothing can replace a child. My prayers are with them!!

  30. Zbella says

    I read the article from the link posted. The hospital is offering financial compensation? WHAT? There is NO amount of money that can come close to replacing a child.

    Poor babies. I hope that since they are in stable condition, they will pull through. Poor little dears.

  31. daisy says

    This is so sad. I pray those poor babies are going to pull thru this. I also feel sorry for the tech and nurse who screwed up.

    Very, very sad.

  32. dori says

    This is sad news …how devastated they must be…. i hope the babies will be ok.
    Thats the crazy thing about hospitals things happen there You have to be omn top of everything when a family member in in there.

  33. Mellynn says

    I bet the hospital didn’t want to comment. The Quaids will OWN them when this is all said and done!!

    Praying for the little ones…..

  34. days says

    It’s really sad but the truth is that errors come from humans and people (nurses, doctors) administer the drugs. Even more sad and infuriating is that when you ask them to double check the dosage, prescription, etc. they take offense and fireback in a rude way. I’ve had this happen to me before.
    Health care workers should really understand and get through to their heads that humans are the ones to make the errors! (not the computers, etc.) And we are only being responsible parents or patients by asking you to double-check the numbers!

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