1. myrna says


  2. AJ says

    What is she wearing?!!!

    This woman is overfashion

    she looks untidy….old….and boring!!!

    loved Roman..he’s cute

  3. oriana says

    I say if you want to dress comfortable when you go out, why not? At least she isn’t wearing hip huggers with her butt crack showing like a lot of people do! Good for her to be secure enough and confident enough to wear what she feels like! I did laugh at the Mrs. Roper comment though, now that was funny!

  4. Jenna M. (UK) says

    OK so its not something I personally would wear, but if she’s comfortable and *she* likes what she is wearing (after all it is *her* wearing it, nobody else), then what’s the problem? Come on ladies, you’re not in second grade anymore.

  5. Nicki says

    If she were hiding or disguising herself, bright orange mumu and the headscarf wouldn’t do it.

    Cathi- Nobody would wear this to bed or anywhere, unless they wanted attention.

    The woman in the background is holding her child closer and has the best look on her face, like WTF. The woman across from her is hugging herself tight saying WTF. And this is LAX. I flew in and out of that airport for 10 years, (back in the 80’s, till 92) and I have seen some crazy things, but this takes the crazy cake.

    I don’t not like her, I have seen movies of hers, but I couldn’t stand Will and Grace because of her. She was sooooooo whiney. My best friend was “oh watch it it’s so funny”………….So I made it through 15 minutes the first time and 10 the next. Couldn’t do it, although Karen and Will and ?the neighbor-?Jack, were very funny. I couldn’t stand “Graces” voice.
    But it was a hit and I hope she gets another one so she can stop dressing like this, it seems almost like Britney crazy, and she would never wear this. (It covers too much).

  6. Zbella says

    Debra likes to think she’s a comedian and this is one funny outfit. All sing together now: Ha Re Krish Na… Hare-Hare Krishna…

  7. Janessa says

    If she is trying to ‘disguise’ herself so that nobody will give her a second look, I don’t think going with a bright orange Mrs. Roper caftan in size XXXXL is the way to go.

  8. starstruk says

    Maybe she’s in disguise and is trying to throw the papparazzi off some by not looking like herself. Maybe if she dresses really u g l y no one will give her a second look!!!

  9. Janessa says

    Always been a big fan but yes, she seems to be getting very eccentric with age. I don’t get it either..

  10. JJ says

    What happened to this woman? She is not like the Debra from “Will & Grace”…was she abducted by aliens?…is she trying to become a neo Mother Teresa? Honestly, I find this picture of her very unsettling…scary even!

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