Nicole Richie's Baby Shower

Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie was feted with a baby shower on Sunday.

About 90 people attended the Beverly Hills shower, organized by celebrity party planner Mindy Weiss, hosted by Nicole’s mother Brenda, and thrown by her sister Sophia and friends Paris Hilton and Masha Gordon.

And while Nicole has not revealed whether she’s having a boy or a girl, some of the gifts were rather revealing!

From NoMi boutique in L.A., guests picked up a pair of $50 baby sneakers for a boy, and a $50 Tummy T Jack maternity shirt with a picture of a boy on the front.

Invitations were being hand-delivered Thursday to the event, whose theme was The Wizard of Oz, Nicole’s favorite.

Nicole and boyfriend Joel Madden announced their baby joy in July and Nicole is due in January.

“They’re so excited,” says a friend. “They can’t wait to meet their little baby.”

Joel recently told People magazine that the impending arrival is “the most exciting thing that’s ever happened to me, and to us.”



  1. COLE says

    Time will tell if she’s going to be a great mommy like Angelina and Brad or be a mommy like Britney spears if i was her i would get rid of paris hilton she may try to steal nicole’s spot light when the baby comes. “There’s going be fights”

  2. Cathi says

    lol…wow…i thought they got married quietly somewhere. ok so let me rephrase that: i predict that they will break up within a year!!!

    also, i never see any pics of paris with nicole anymore. i know they are friends again, so what is up with that? the above article says that paris helped to throw the shower, but i guess they don’t hang-out much anymore.

  3. 2teens3beans says

    Cathi, they have to get married first in order to get divorced. LOL!
    I wonder if they have any plans for a wedding or if they’ll just be like Brangelina and never tie the knot?

  4. me says

    That pic is about 1-2 months old. It’s from when they were in Australia when good Charlotte was touring

  5. Cathi says

    i totally agree. i wish nicole was having a girl! she does look small for being 7 mos pregnant, but remember how little she was before the pregnancy? considering that, the size of her tummy is probably normal for her. i’m going to be the cynic of the bunch and predict that joel and nicole will divorce within a year. if they last 2 years i will be surprised.

  6. katie says

    im so happy for them! a baby is sometimes what it takes to wake people up. They seem to really love each other and will provide a loving world for their baby to be born into.

    Is it just me or are all the celebrities having babies lately having boys?? (usher, christina, jlo possibly….)

  7. Blair says

    A boy will be cute….but it would have been fun to watch nicole dress up a little girl in all the designer labels!!!

  8. Tess says

    I could not be happier that she has pulled her life together and is staying out of trouble and looking happy and healthy. Let’s hope it continues after she gives birth.

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