Keri Russell & A Very Adorable River!

Keri Russell

So sweet!

Keri was snapped with five-month-old River while she was visiting with a friend in Los Angeles on Saturday.



  1. dori #1 says

    JJ you really don’t get it at all… I have no more to say to you because you’re a bloomin idiot….I’m an aries and very much a leader do you not recall I am a teacher.. Good good riddance to bad rubbish as far as you go….

  2. JJ says

    Dori the Explorer – you were given instructions my Melvynn to not respond to me any more yet here you are responding…do you not know how to follow simple instructions??? If you do not follow instructions Melvynn will not be your friend any more and you will be outcast from the
    clique on this blog…I know how desperately you want to belong and be part of the posse…you are such a follower…never a leader!!! Poor Dorito – trying so hard to fit in by kissing peoples butt cheeks…LOL

  3. dori #1 says

    poor JJ unwanted and unloved feels the need to come to a baby website to insult EVERY BABY and pick fights
    Poor JJ has no friends… pitiful actually.

  4. dori #1 says

    JJ only only purpose on the blog is to start fights …. on every thread she makes contradictory statements just to start a fight… sick mental biatch… she is neither a mother or an adult…. try not respond to her comments

  5. JJ says

    OOOOO! Nigara doesn’t know how to spell Niagara OOOOO….children are only as smart as their parents…I rest my case!

  6. niagra says

    Ooooo – JJ knows the word chrysalis and was able to use it twice!! Congratulations. My kids learned the word in preschool.

  7. littlecutie says

    Once of Smeigal…the baby is not cute..lets be honest…maybe in time it will grow into its big head.

  8. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    ( with mock sweetness) If you know it’s a fault then why don’t you fix it? 🙂

  9. maleah says

    She’ll be able to carry him on her hip soon when he starts being able to sit up. It’s not particularly safe to hold them upright in a pouch until you’re sure their neck and trunk muscles are developed.

    jj(jealous jackass)

  10. megs says

    Keri is so sweet – am sure she is a great Mum!! Loved her in Felicity – with and without her long hair and curls!

  11. 2teens3beans says

    Of course he’s adorable! I love this little guy’s looks, especially the big eyes and the bald head – too precious!

  12. Jordyn says

    I think River is getting cuter, but adorable?? umm…notta. Keri is beautiful and seems like such a great mom!

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