Christina Aguilera Confirms That She Is Expecting A Son

Christina Aguilera

As first reported by OK! last week, sources close to mom-to-be Christina Aguilera were letting it slip that she is preparing to give birth to a boy, going on a blue-themed shopping spree at celeb baby boutique Petit Tresor. And now, to put any doubt to rest, comes a confirmation of the baby’s gender straight from Christina herself. While speaking to Access Hollywood as she hosted Tuesday night’s nationwide launch for Rock the Vote 2008, Christina referred to her yet-unborn child as “him.”

Congratulations to Christina and Jordan!


  1. NotBroken says

    You people are so ignorant and mean. How about you go on every magazine and have people talk abotu you? I bet you wouldn’t like it. Who cares if she wears make-up? Does that effect your life? And you shouldn’t just Jordan on his looks, isn’t how he treats her?

  2. Sweetness says

    Can you imagine when she starts going into labor?? It will be like.. WAIT I have to put on my makeup.. (20 minutes later still waiting.)hehe
    As for the “He” comment?? she may just well be one of those people who don’t like calling her unborn child it or he/she. My daughter named her uborn baby a nickname cuz she doesn’t like the word “IT”

  3. Deenah says

    I always thought Christina would have a girl becaused she seems more like a girl mom but, maybe in the future.

  4. Melissa R says

    She has and will always be flamboyant in dress and makeup. I’ve seen photos of her husband. Does anyone think he is even remotely good-looking?? I think that he looks like a troll !! I hope the baby looks like her!

  5. chrissy says

    she does not look great without make-up, but to much is not good either, and maybe she did not want to call the baby it!

  6. dori says

    I think Christina is a pretty girl and she always has been a mheavy make person. Maybe she has bad complexion and it’s a heavy matt make up . But in the last couple of pics of her her face seems puffy… ahhhh the joys of pregnancy…….

  7. Elaine says

    I was told when preg with my first bleach was OK, for highlights anyway, because it wasn’t put on your scalp. I was advised to avoid dye that was put onto the scalp.However with my second (3 years later) I was told hairdye was safe. I think research in between my pregnancies showed hairdye would not be a problem. Christina doesn’t go for natural looking make-up when she is not pregnant, no reason for her to do so now.

  8. Daisy Boo says

    Could just all be a publicity stunt and infact she may very well be having a girl. Celebs do this all the time these days.

  9. littlecutie says

    I hate the platinum blonde color…makes her look whorish….and she keeps painting her face?? why??? She looks scary.

  10. Zbella says

    I read that Britney splurged on items (including a D i A p E r Bag and stroller) for Christina. Remember, you cannot type the word D I A P E R on this site. Try it – your comment will be awaiting moderation.

  11. dori says

    She didn’t say she was having a son… all she said was he and that means nothing. Why do these tabloids jump to conclusions and speculate what they THINK they know when in reality they DON’T KNOW ANYTHING AT ALL

  12. cherokee says

    This site is to celebrate the joys of becoming a mother…who cares how much make up she wears.

  13. gweny says


  14. Amanda says

    She is a very naturally beautiful woman. Thats why people don’t understand all the make up. It makes her look trashy.

    I think she and Jordan are going to make wonderful parents! I am really happy for them!!

    I am sure she is getting the best prenatal care there is and she would never do anything to harm her unborn child. She is a good girl.

  15. days says

    Her bump is rather petite for a beginning of the year delivery. I guess because she’s petite too.

  16. boo says

    I agree, I could care less what her makeup looks like…Why that is such a huge issue for some of you people is a mystery to me?
    She is Beautiful Regardless and I think she is going to be an incredible mom! ~* 🙂

  17. squeekysue says

    She looks like she has pre eclampsia to me, it is not about her makeup (what a silly thing to moan about) but the fact her face looks puffy.

  18. Cathi says

    you’re right, the makeup issue is minor. it’s her trying to be sexy all the time that’s B–O–R–I–N–G

  19. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    Why does everyone keep ragging on Christina about her makeup…While it’s too much for my personal taste, there are a lot worse things about people….a lot of makeup is so minor!

  20. Cobi says

    congrats to them. A baby boy thats awesome. Hopefully he gets his mothers looks and not his fathers.

    Best of luck to her

  21. Yes I said it says

    Can someone please tell me why every pic of this chick she keeps piling on more and more make up, its like….what is she trying to hide or trying to make us believe she looks like? She is so much in this world trying to look and be Marilyn Monroe or Anna Nicole when she should just be herself! Before anyone says I’m hating, I’m not! I can’t even say if she is or isn’t a beautiful girl because she puts on to much make up to tell if its really her or not….

  22. 2teens3beans says

    With a name like Bratman I hope they don’t go too offbeat with this babys name. Bratman seems like it would go much nicer with a traditional name.

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