1. JJ says

    That’s right – Brilliance!!!
    Next time I’ll make sure that I’m not taking a dump on the throne while typing a response to you!!!

  2. chris says

    I think you mean where not were………………a silly mistake for someone so pedantic about others typo’s.

  3. JJ says

    #63 – Ummm…I don’t have a blog – are you referring to my comments? Well, that’s a first…someone that actually values honesty – even if it’s too honest…there is hope in mankind after all.
    Children are quite honest and sometimes painfully so – especially when you ask for example, 4 year old “what colour are my teeth?” and they reply “yellow and brown’…LOL…nobody would think about scolding or chastizing a child for declaring that the mom has yellow teeth…so why such condemning behaviour for speaking ones mind on this blog…if something to the eye of the beholder is unattractive…shouldn’t we be able to say so? I would like to think that we can…and so being honest is important to some people…even if others don’t want to hear it.

  4. littlecutie says

    I emjoy reading JJ’s blogs…she might seem heartless…but she’s that little voice of honesty that we all ignore.

  5. JJ says

    #58 – Nope… but i might be obsessed with “bogging” – Is that short form for tobogoning ?? Or hanging around bogs? LOL

  6. JJ says

    Sucking back wheatgrass juice is harmless and doesn’t hurt anyone – but most people on this blog are more obsessed with attacking people who don’t care for infants as opposed to being obsessed with their health…KFC anyone??

  7. 2teens3beans says

    Juicing is pretty much common knowledge JJ, not something I had to look up before posting. I juiced through both my pregnancies, that was 17 years ago. Still do from time to time. Most people are aware of the benefits of eating healthfully & organically without being obsessed with it.

  8. Mellynn says

    That’s okay, Rock-Star, I had a post awaiting moderation, and it was counting in my post count. You are a dumbass, you know it?

  9. JJ says

    Looks like Me-Llynn doesn’t know how to count!!!

    jelly beans for the teens – sounds yummy!!! Ever tried beet juice? Actually I don’t use fertilizer in my garden I use food scraps which I compost in an organic waste composter and then I use that in lieu of fertilizer…but I’m sure you probably already suspected that, eh? Did you google juicing or read up on juicing and such on Wiki?

  10. Mellynn says

    #48, JJ will have to leave the human race b/c she seems to hate people in general and mothers and babies specifically!!!


  11. 2teens3beans says

    JJ – shame on you for wasting all of your time here on this celebrity baby blog when you dislike celebrities and babies so much!! Your time would be better spent juicing something or grinding up some whole grains with a mortar & pestle. Think of all the time you could have spent with organic veggies, time you can never get back! Go sling your B S in your herbal garden, it needs fertilizing. This blog doesn’t.

  12. littlecutie says

    Keri is a beautiful woman…but the baby is kinda creepy lookin….It almost looks like it has cancer or something. I’ve seen bald babies before..but this one looks like schmeekal.

  13. MommaE says

    JJ-maybe you should re-read your post and then maybe you will realize that you only bad mouthing yourself . Many people on here simply blog for the sake of being around adults (excluding yourself) and having some fun girl talk you’re the one that seems to be obsessed with being on this site and posting the most horrid things, I can only hope that you do not have any children as lord only knows what beliefs you are passing onto them. That KKK was completely out of line and if the webmaster is reading this I believe that you should be prohibited from posting on this site.

  14. Zbella says

    Keri is gorgeous. Her son will grow into his eyes and is precious, as all babies are. I love the sling. He’s so comfy and cozy. I always enjoy seeing pictures of Keri because she is so refreshing.

  15. Mellynn says

    Oh, JJ, did we hit a nerve? Do we care?


    God rest your egocentric, pathetic, and desperate little soul, JJ….you are truly sad. Right up there with Britney, methinks…oh wait, that’s probably a compliment to you.

    Your multi-paragraphed little montage up there goes to show that we do, indeed, get under your skin, more so than you do to us. What, is that a little tear I see? Falling down your pock-marked face? Ooooh, how…needy of you!!!

  16. JJ says

    I’d like to thank the Babyrazzi Academy for making this the best comedic trip I’ve ever experienced with on-line blogging.

    I want to also thank you ladies for the highly entertaining responses I have received from all of you.

    Thanks for all your amusing verbal diatribe and your pathetic commentary reminiscent of The Stepford Wives.

    I am also very honoured to have had your undivided attention and for keeping those comments coming along regularly with great zeal and enthusiasm even though you all had other things to do with your time like feed your children McDonalds and tend to your household chores of watching daytime television and let us not forget the cooking of those highly processed and artificial meals.

    Thanks to those extra “special” women – you know who you are – that took the time to respond daily to my individual comments. Rock on!! You ladies are a blessing in disguise. I relished every bit of it. In fact, you were so intent on getting your 2 cents in that you wouldn’t even stop to use spell check…you just rambled on incessantly and with great idiocy…loved it!!! So highly entertaining.

    Many of you probably have children and the rest probably wish to have children or can’t wait to have children…but with children comes plenty of responsibility. Something which many of you proved to me you have been failing to achieve as a result of your blogging obsession.

    Just remember one thing…current moms and moms-to-be…you are seriously lacking something in your lives if you are spending oodles of your time leaving comments on celebrity blogs instead of watching over your children.

    Shame on you!! That time you could have spent with your children will never return. But I thank you for spending that time with me instead. Gosh, I feel so darn lucky to have earned so much of your time and attention from you generous folks who don’t even know me.

    I certainly challenged the status quo on this blog.
    Why? you may ask. Because I don’t fall into your Stepford Wife mold. Nor do I drool and gush and swoon at the sight of a celeb’s kid. And I certainly don’t worship these people because that is what they are : PEOPLE…not gods or deities or the king or queen….just people who make a disgusting amount of money to sell you their image. They are a product – and you all buy into it.

    You eat it all up up with a spoon. Every last drop…!!!

    Thank you Babyrazzi Academy for creating an on-line celebrity out of me!!!

    God bless 😉

  17. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    Thanks, guys, for jumping in and shutting JJ down! She’s been picking on me a lot recently.

    JJ..good news for you! The third “K kid” is due in January. And sorry, my wonderful foster sister has already been named the godmother. I found the KKK comment highly offensive, yet highly typical considering the source. We’ve gotten lots of compliments on our daughters’ names. You’re the first person that has a problem with them….I wonder what we can gather from that?

  18. Janessa says

    Yes, she does have a husband and as I mentioned in my post, I have seen one or two pictures of him and the baby looks like him. I saw the pics of the 2 of them together last year when she was first pregnant at Getty Images, in last year’s Sundance Film Festival photos when she was there promoting Waitress.

  19. Mellynn says

    Poor JJ…did you put alliterative in quotes because you don’t know what it means? Too many piercings? To much rock up your nose? They don’t teach literary terms in Crazy Town?

    Oh, if only you were as funny as you thought you were!!!

  20. Jenna M. (UK) says

    JJ – the KKK comment was completely out of line. When are you going to realise that nobody on this site likes you and crawl back under your rock? You are a fake and a liar and quite possibly have multiple personality disorder.

  21. JJ says

    Cute – but no cigar!! JJ stands for my first and last name…I didn’t pick it out because it is “alliterative”…so, is your name Mel? or Lynn? Perhaps whoever named you couldn’t decide what to call you and coined a new name…I have never heard of Mellynn before. If I looked up your name in a baby names book would “Mellynn” be there? Is there a history or symbolic story behind your name? Would a rose by any other name smell as sweet? Inquiring minds would like to know :

  22. samsmom says

    River doesn’t look unhappy or uncomfortable in his sling. Remember babies do spend 40 weeks in that same position. Try lying any infant under 6 months old down flat and see if they don’t automatically end in the fetal position anyway.
    Cute baby btw and cute hat.

  23. Mellynn says

    JJ, given that your username is the same letter repeated, I hardly think you are one to judge about alliterative names. 🙄

  24. JJ says

    KimKar don’t waste your time on this blog – go and have another K-kid…

    Who wants to be the godmother of KimKar’s 3rd kid?

    Let’s see what should we name him or her?

    Koolaid? Krackeriah? Kinney? Kellogg’s? Kookoo? Kuntola? Krispikreme?

  25. M... says

    That sling is fine for the baby. Most babies like feeling secure and snug in the slings/pouches. He can move his head and look around, its not like those front pack carriers.
    It’s those snugglies and baby bjorns carriers that are very harmful for the baby’s hips development and front facing out is way too much stimulation for an infant, not to mention he wouldn’t be able to see his mother.
    I wore my son in a sling very similar and he loved it, still does at EIGHT months old and 25 pounds, although I wear him on my hip now.

  26. onatear says

    Does the wee boy have a Dad? Why do we never see him? I have never seen a picture of the Dad with Keri, with baby or with Keri and baby. Hmmm

  27. days says

    The sling isn’t good for his neck either because he’s constantly looking in one direction. Keri should try going for several hours looking in one direction and see how comfortable that is. Honestly.

  28. Tiffany says

    I hate seeing her cram her kiddo into that sling. It just cant be comfortable to be all scrunched up like that at his age. He needs to be able to stretch and move some. Also, he is not the cutest baby out there but he is cute in his own way and he has big bright eyes which I think are alway a lovely feature.
    Does she have a husband? anyone know where he is?

  29. JJ says

    Ah shucks – don’t mention it !! #12
    Glad to be here 🙂
    If it weren’t for my entertaining thoughts and interjections this blog would be a BORE!!!

    I really don’t like that “old man” look that babies have…it look scary to me…like a ghoul from a horror flick. I can’t agree with the rest of you on that…old man baby =scary!!

  30. Janessa says

    I love Keri, always have. She seems so normal and unaffected. Her baby looks a lot like his Dad. Have you ever seen a picture of him? I’ll just leave it at that.

  31. Cathi says

    he is crammed tightly into that sling but he looks happy. he is safe and secure with his mommy. he does have a “little old man”look but alot of babies do. it’s part of their charm! my sister used to call her newborn son “grandpa” and we would laugh at his cute little wrinkled face and bald head.

  32. Just me says

    She is so beautiful and the baby is cute in a little-old-may way 🙂 But I do agree with Days that it’s time to let him stretch out a little in a different kind of sling.

  33. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    Thank you JJ, for your once again uplifting comments, divine cooking tips, and incredibly pertaining sidenotes. My day would be incomplete without you! (insert sarcasm, just in case you didn’t get it) 🙂

  34. JJ says

    Fleur de sel (“Flower of salt” in French)

    It is best used similarly to fresh herbs, sprinkling it onto food just before serving.

  35. JJ says

    jelly beans for the teens – how goes ya?? Actually I do have a craving for some popcorn with fleur de sel and nutritional yeast sprinkled on top…yum-o!!

  36. 2teens3beans says

    I said it before and I’ll say it again, this is a beautiful baby! Last pictures posted of him so many people said he looked like a little old man… which I didn’t agree with. He is such a cutie!!!

  37. 2teens3beans says

    ^^^ That’s just how JJ gets the attention she obviously craves. She does this every time… try to ignore it.

  38. MommaE says

    super cute family-she looks so at ease.
    #3 maybe you should join another chat-you’re very negitive and rude for a fun site like this

  39. days says

    The baby at this age seems cramped in the sling which is meant for newborns. She should use another type of baby carrier for older babies.

  40. Amanda says

    awwwwww love her and that is definitly one adorable baby!!!!!!! love it! Keri is lookin soo gorgeous these days i loved her in Waitress and i cant wait to see her in August Rush!!!!!!

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