Isla Fisher In Santa Monica

Isla Fisher

Isla Fisher, who welcomed daughter Olive in October, was snapped looking fabulous in Santa Monica on November 13th!

And she was snapped holding Olive recently in LA.

Isla Fisher

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  1. Khalia Sheppard says

    She looks amazing!, and Olive loks just gorgeous! Isla looks like any other new mum in this pic!

  2. littlecutie says

    Awww baby Borat…baby is gonna be tall. isla is so beautiful…can’t wait to see her next movie.

  3. Zbella says

    She looks beautiful and I like her top too. I don’t find her boyfriend (or husband?) handsome or attractive at all, but they are a cute couple.

  4. Van says

    Im so glad she’s given birth, she looked really uncomfortable in the past mont of her pregnancy. She looks gorgeous!

  5. Amanda says

    Aww!!! How adorable!! I am so happy for her!! I was feeling really bad for her! She was HUGE and looked so miserable! They all look so happy now!

  6. onatear says

    That baby looks adorable! She is going to be a very interesting little kid, with her Dad, and her mom!!

  7. Cathi says

    love the polka dot pj pants, big t-shirt (that doesn’t match) and the hoodie. i am not being sarcastic. i really love that she is wearing that. 🙂

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