An Expectant Christina Aguilera At The Rock The Vote Launch

Christina Aguilera 

An expectant Christina Aguilera was snapped at the Rock the Vote launch event Tuesday at Kitson in L.A. She looks beautiful!



  1. kelly says

    for everyone that is putting down chrsitina aguilera, you obviously have no style. Christina aguilera is beautiful and she always looks good, she just dresses how she wants because she doesnt care what people think. And thats awesome!!! she looks gorgeous pregnant and her little boy is going to be beautiful. I love her style!! shes classy yet she can still be a rebel. Rock on Christina!! One more thing who ever compared her to brittany spears is wrong too…. the last time i checked christina hasnt been to rehap.

  2. Zbella says

    Terrible photo, skin & hair. She may have the “mask of pregnancy”. My cousin had it (along with pre-eclampsia). Maybe she is trying to cover the dark spots with make up and the only way to do it is to put on 2 pounds.

  3. littlecutie says

    ewwww she looks like she wants to hump something lol…Whats with the Mickey Mouse kids looking all trashy and gross these days??? I can’t stand Brittany and her Kentucky Fried Hair..and now Christina..lookin like a Tranny. Gross and Disguisting.

  4. phnxgirl says

    It looks like she uses clown makeup. She is definately trying to do the whole I’m-still-sexy-while-pregnant thing. I’ve seen the pics of her withouth all that makeup and she is so pretty.

  5. squeekysue says

    If she stood face forward nice and straight, she would still have a puffy face, because I would put money on it that she is starting to suffer with pre eclampsia

  6. dori says

    She doesn’t look like herself in this pic Her face is weird. Maybe it’s the lighting. She’s usually very pretty.

  7. Yes I said it says

    Can someone please tell me why every pic of this chick she keeps piling on more and more make up, its like….what is she trying to hide or trying to make us believe she looks like? She is so much in this world trying to look and be Marilyn Monroe or Anna Nicole when she should just be herself! Before anyone says I’m hating, I’m not! I can’t even say if she is or isn’t a beautiful girl because she puts on to much make up to tell if its really her or not….

  8. Andrea says

    Agree with #1. WAY TOOO MUCH MAKE UP! How can she decide to get pregnant if she doesnt accept the fact that she is??? RELAX CRISTINA!!! Your make up make ur face look DIRRRRRRRTY 😛

  9. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    When I’m pregnant, people supposedly can’t tell that I’m pregnant unless they have a view of the tummy…but many women, in fact most, gain weight elsewhere, plus fluid collects in the extremities…so she certainly didn’t get SURGERY on her face…lol…it’s just a little bit puffier from being pregnant.

  10. Tiffany says

    In my opinion she is dressing worse than Britney did when she was pregnant. This gal knows nothing about dressing sophisticated. Sophisticated does not mean stuffy but can actually still be flirty, fun and sexy. Look at how Heidi Klum dressed when she was pregnant. She looked amazing all the time and was able to bare a little without looking like a hooker. Heidi was a hot and sexy pregnant woman and Christina should take lessons from her!!

  11. katie says

    pregnant women sometimes gain a lot of weight in their face as well. i know i did.

    i think she is trying to be sexy and pregnant but doesnt know how. at least she isnt wearing see-through things and hoker attire like Brit.

    if she would lay off the makeup and just be more classy she would be so beautiful, she really doesnt need the makeup

  12. amy says

    She used to look so effortlessly pretty, now total drag queen!!! She makes me feel better about my bloated self!

  13. Z says



  14. Lauren says

    Christina does look beautiful. She puts on the makeup a bit thick but she does seem really content and glowing. 😀

  15. Tiffany says

    I could not agree more with you #1. She looks manly in this picture. Sort of drag queen like actually. I just am not a real fan of hers anymore, although I never really was. I just think she could be sexy yet classy and yet all she tends to care about is coming off looking trashy. She needs a stylist almost as bad as Miss Spears needs one.
    Dont get it.

  16. me says

    Wow…..umm is is just me or is she looking skanky since that baby shower? First drag queens, now that look….sorry, I won’t even say what she looks like in this pic. And yet she’s very pretty, especially pregnant. I don’t get her look these days….. Now don’t kill me for saying this, I’m not saying a pregnant woman can’t be sexy, it’s just that the skanky look doesn’t quite fit in with the whole mother thing.

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