BREAKING: Tom Brady Reportedly Changed A Diaper

Tom Brady

People magazine reported: 

Tom Brady took advantage of some time off over the weekend to catch up with John, his 3-month-old son by ex-girlfriend Bridget Moynahan.

With the New England Patriots idle, Brady hung out on both coasts, and found time for some fatherly activities in Los Angeles, where Moynahan lives. “Ah, yep, yeah, changing diapers too,” he told Boston radio station WEEI.

Brady, 30, has been in New York during the team’s bye week, too. He was spotted at the Gramercy Park Hotel last Wednesday night and elsewhere in New York City with girlfriend Gisele Bundchen on Saturday. Brady told WEEI that he spent most of Sunday watching football.

WHAT!? When exactly did he perform fatherly duties?…that instance of changing a diaper? If he was in New York City with Gisele on Saturday and watching football all day on Sunday how did this happen? I think he has a big PR team desperately trying to make him look like a decent guy.

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  1. mags says

    i really don’t care who is changing his diaper….
    just wish i could see more pictures of him now…
    did anyone see any recent photos of john?

  2. Adele says

    Why is the headline about a dad changing his baby. We are in the 21st century!! My partner changes our daughter as much as I do.

  3. Zbella says

    AND… you cannot write the work D i A p E r on this site. I have been blocked every time I try. Weird, hunh?

  4. dori says

    Why are my comments waiting moderation / I didn’t swear insult or say anything vulgar ….Whats up here today? A lot of my comments are on hold…. why?????

  5. dori says

    I agree with the webmistress I think Tom is a jerk and even if he changed a dozen diapers it wouldn’t impress me. He’s still galavanting around with Giselle which makes him a jerk.

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