Elisabeth Hasselbeck Reveals Her Son's Name On The View

Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Elisabeth Hasselbeck announced her 3-day-old son’s name on The View Monday morning by calling in to the show: Taylor Thomas.

Big sister Grace, 2, has taken to her brother immediately. “She loves him. She has him on her lap this morning,” Elisabeth said.

Elisabeth, 30, gave birth to a 7-lb. 15-oz. boy Friday morning at an Arizona hospital.

“We’re thrilled he arrived safely,” said her husband, Arizona Cardinals quarterback Tim Hasselbeck, 29.

Congratulations again!



  1. Janessa says

    WTF is up with Bitsy pinning those ginormous BOWS on the side of Grace’s head? It looks absurd. They look so out of place and random. Just stuck there to the side of her head in every picture for no apparent reason.

    Oh and the name? Taylor Thomas? Someone’s been watching way too many Home Improvement reruns.

  2. dori says

    what a bunch of angry people. If you don’t like Elizabeth thats fine but this is a baby website and the birth of a baby is a blessing. If you can’t say anything nice why say anything at all?
    Congrats to the happy couple.

  3. sarah says

    Who the HELL cares about her?!?!? I mean really – why do we CARE when she has a baby and what she names him? Since when has she become a celebrity that anyone wants to know about? She needs to get on with her life and realize no one gives a s*#*!! and The View is better off without her attitude!

  4. says

    why cant people on this web just say congrats and thats it if you dont like the parants then just keep your comment to your self dont pick on a new born baby

  5. cherokee says

    I don’t personally agree with anything this woman has said, but am happy that she had a beautiful and healthy baby. For those of you posting on this site calling HER an idiot just remember one thing…SPELL CHECK.

  6. Apple says

    Seriously, people here should lay off the insults on an innocent baby or how she should not be allowed to reproduce just because of your superficial views on Elisabeth. No matter how much you do not like his mother/her political stance/her behaviour on a TV show/the statements she makes on a TV show

    This post is about celebrating the birth of a lovely boy. Leave it at that

  7. ashleigh says

    i’m from australia so couldn’t care less about republicans or democrats but the baby looks cute and the name goes well with him and there is nothing wrong with little girls wearing bows in their hair its quite cute

  8. samsmom says

    What a bunch of mean spirited things to say about the birth of an innocent baby! Children are a blessing and each one brings something new to this earth despite their heritage.

  9. Blair says

    Ew…crosses and bones are innapropriate for children. The bow is as gorgeous as she is, and the new baby is also precious! Congrats to their family!

  10. Jacquie says

    That may be fine and true JJ but he is still a baby. IMHO I still say he can’t be faulted for his mother being and idiot.

  11. fghtmp says

    The liberals on this site sure do sound pathetic with all their hateful speech. You Democrats claim you help the poor with social services, yet you kill this woman with your words.

    Who are the hypocrites now, lara #16? You are no better than she.

  12. JJ says

    The bow in the hair is such a 1950s look – she needs some hair clips that have a skull and cross bones on them – that is the current trend with kids these days…not a big helicopter propeller on her head.

  13. D'Anna says

    Hey Amber, every picture that kid takes she has a bow in her hair 300 times the size of her head. I guess we could be grateful this one is a boy!!!!!!!!

  14. says

    This thread is hilarios…congratulations on Kiera Anne!!!

    Dumb lady alert, it should be illegal for people like elizabeth to reproduce..cant imagine waht stupidity she has inflicted onto the world

    Dont much like Rosie, but if I were in he rposition I couldnt promise to sock such sheer stupidity each morning..it must have been really trying for Rosie…too bad she didnt sock her..that would hav emade good TV..ahhahah

  15. Amber says

    What is up with that bow in her daughter’s hair, it is like 3x bigger than she is….

    She had to announce it on the View b/c the ratings have gone down since Rosie left from what I head. I can’t watch that show. I was glad when Star Jones left, now if she would leave, I could watch it.

  16. Grip says

    There are plenty of boy Taylors too… Taylor Hicks to those of you who watched American Idol….

    The first time I heard the name Taylor was Taylor Miller on All My Children MANY years ago and I thought it was such an odd name (I was a little girl.) Now there are many Taylors.

    Anyway, whatever your opinion of Elizabeth, it’s wrong to wish bad on a child or new mom…good luck to them.

  17. Slapstick says

    Oh, for giggles YOU COULD HAVE ASKED and we would have told you who she was if you had not Googled! LOL! 🙂 People get tooo touchy

  18. JJ says

    Jacquie- A child will grow up reflecting the same beliefs as his/her parents do…it’s only until they become a teen or an adult that they might change their mind and do / think differently!

  19. Jacquie says

    I don’t like her much anymore (yep I’m a Rosie fan too). That being said a baby shouldn’t be faulted for his idiot Mother (#3).

    I like his name, I have come across as many boy Taylors as I have girl Taylors. It seems pretty much anything is uni-sex these days, I have a Morgyn and a Kamryn who are both girls.

  20. lara says

    It’s not the fact that she is a Republican that makes people not like her, its that she is a complete idiot and hypocrite who doesn’t give any clear arguements for her beliefs. Nothing she says makes sense

  21. Rhonda says

    What a cutie!
    …Yeah, all the “Taylors” I’ve known have been girls. Oh well, blessings to their new addition!

  22. Christy says

    CYNICAL COMMENT ALERT! Why does a girl from Survivor who happened to land a plum job on the view have to time and “reveal” her son’s name as if she is some royal figure with guarded secrecy? This isn’t Cornelia Vanderbilt or William Prince of Wales being born here! Gimme a break, what a tremendous sense of misguided self importance. I had a little girl last December and let me reveal her name–it is…(drum roll)…Keira Anne…(angels sing)…I feel so much better now…Ladies, do you believe this???

  23. D'Anna says

    I don’t know why the big announcement was over something she could have found watching Home Improvement….

  24. 2teens3beans says

    There are about 6 Taylor’s at my daughter’s school and they are all girls. I think Tyler is used more for a boy but oh well.

  25. squeekysue says

    I must say as I am a brit I hadn’t actually heard of this lady until I googled her name.
    Her kiddies look lovely, I probably wouldn’t of called my son Taylor Thomas (as nice as the name is) if my husbands name was Tim mind you. Too many T’s, do you agree?

  26. Amanda says

    Aww!! Thats the sweetest thing I have ever seen!! He is a good weight!! Way to go Elisabeth!! Congradulations! I really like his name too! At least he has a normal name!

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