Brooke Burke Expecting Her Fourth Child!

Brooke Burke

Wow! My jaw dropped when I first saw this!

Brooke Burke and her fiancé, David Charvet, 35, are expecting a baby, due next spring, her rep Nancy Iannios told People magazine.

Together, the couple already have a daughter, Heaven Rain, born this year on January 8th.

Brooke, 36, also has two other daughters from a previous marriage: Neriah, 7, and Sierra, 5.

Brooke told People magazine in June that she has recently designed her own version of a post-pregnancy belly wrap that will be launched soon at her own online store.

Best wishes!



  1. lisa minew says

    I’ve heard Brooke is a great mom…I’m so happy for her…her daughters are beautiful and I’m sure this baby will bring great joy to her growing family. Brooke is a great role model for young girls because she isn’t letting being a “mommy” matter when it comes to her figure. She works out and stays in shape the old fashion way…

  2. CeeCee says

    I agree, Jess! That’s indeed unpleasant and comments should be monitored and moderated to keep the place pleasant to visit.

  3. Jess says

    Half the comments in here aren’t even about babies or celebrities, it’s like a personal forum for people to insult each other…

  4. lilcutie says

    ***** Yawn ***** more kids..more surgery…and yet another nanny to raise the kids. What is brooke famous for anyways?? having kids???

  5. dori says

    why do people come in here and make stupid comments which aren’t even true? Just spewing garbage to say something mean…. why say anything at all?

  6. CeeCee says

    Lilo, happily for them, they don’t have only the money from their baby’s photos (they were very few photos actually!).

    Her new website/online store for Modern Moms has just launched yesterday ( and she has a national ad campaign for Dell computers which dedicated site launched yesterday too.

    Her husband-to-be and baby daddy David Charvet has a career in music in Europe and two movies to be released next year; you can check IMDb if you’re curious, but I guess not many people have missed the beautiful photos from “Green Flash “set on the beach lately!

  7. Lilo says

    She wasn’t booking any jobs and neither has her husband. They made a good amount of money from selling the photos of their new baby girl, so now they are going to have another baby, so they can make another 25,000 dollars cause they are flat broke and jobless. Except for the child support money that Brooke gets from her ex husband, the surgeon, for their first 2 daughters.

  8. JJ says

    Oh Dori – did you really find Nemo? That’s great news – now you can help him find his father but not his mother since she was eaten by a shark…boo-hoo.

    Unfortunately, I can’t join your quest right now because I’m busy eating sushi…the ones made with Dori fish are especially good!

  9. JJ says

    The only “issues” I have is what happens when I eat too many beans…oops, too much information!!

  10. dori says

    Yes…. JJ I found Nemo and we’re galavanting around the ocean together. I’m helping him find his way home. Care to join us?

  11. *************************************** says

    JJ=needs some medication for those mental issues, that is one sick person

  12. JJ says

    Hey Dori have you found Nemo yet? I hear he’s looking for you!!

    FYI – Georgina man’s statement obviously made no sense at all…he’ll never make it as a writer!! A complete buffoon is what he is!! He can’t write if his life depended on it.

    My interpretation of his comment was him talking about the President of the USA…just goes to show you that his writing style stinks as much as his feet do!!!

  13. dori says

    Georgi man when he made a comment about Mr Presidents was referring to youJJ ,being the president of the idiot club, as stated in comment#25 not the president of the US as you stated in comment #29 So who’s an idiot?????Yeah a real CSI
    Common stupid idiot.

  14. Lilac says

    Actually, the FIRST vaginal birth is the one that loosens a woman out. Subsequent ones don’t do much more damage.

    And yes, everything does return to normal with a little time.

  15. JJ says

    Well, naturally Georgina man left because he didn’t have the cohones to stick around or maybe he’s back now as a woman? Someone playing Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde?…

    For some reason the numbers on this blog have been regenerated…My comment was originally on # 7 and now it has disappeared because the owner of this blog deleted it ….right Mrs. CELEBRITY?

    Mr. Georgina man indicates that this is happening in # 21 – as his comment explains…and further down my comment to Mr. Georgina man wasn’t #27 it was #28…but now it is #27…so Georgina man or whoever you are…you are very wrong with your theory…the blog owner has been tampering with the numbers…!!!

    They don’t call me Ms. CSI for nothing!

  16. JJ says

    Since Brooke likes getting knocked up she should become a surrogate…and make some cash on the side!!
    And that goes for Rabbit mom too!

  17. Georgia guy says

    let’s laugh at mr. president he can’t count- his comment is #27 excuse me folks I’m leaving now my stomach is hurting because of the laughing – I’m going to find some world news to read (where laughing isn’t required)

  18. JJ says

    #26 & #27 – Look it’s Ma and Pa Kettle – you two should get together and have like – babies and stuff!!

    Georgina said he wants a ‘HOUSEFULL’ – so perhaps all the single ladies on this blog can entertain him…let him plant his illiterate seed and help him raise children that do not know how to spell…Amen to that!!

  19. Georgia guy says

    Reply: 2 ll’s shows how full I want my house. We’ll let your comments stand for themselves, as we all laugh. mr. president

  20. Mrs. Nickolas Williams says

    wow —–post a comment about the article —if you don’t have anything else to do but show how dumb you can sound when you start on women who have had several babies, go start a dumb, sad, ignorant, I’m a idiot club. JJ is now the president

  21. Georgia guy says

    the comment on#7 is not the original comment posted there. It was first posted by “JJ” who was insulting and being vulgar to every woman who has had multiple births. momtoboys= your a class act. JJ is a first class idiot enough said

  22. Cathi says

    congrats #19 and best wishes with your baby girls! hope you have a happy and healthy delivery in january, also. i agree about the 26 yr old body, too. when i was your age, i got right back into shape after my babies were born. i didn’t wear my jeans home from hospital, though! it was a few weeks for that. 🙂

  23. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    My daughters, Kimora and Kariah, are seventeen months apart, and Kariah will be 17 months when my third baby is born in January. I will have three under 3, and I can’t wait! Whether or not my next baby is a girl or boy is irrelevant. I’m not “trying for a boy”. In fact, another girl would be delightful since they are close in age.

    And in terms of the rude comments about what happens to a woman’s body after having babies, my personal story is quite different. After both deliveries, I left the hospital in my pre-pregnancy jeans, and while I won’t be specific….let’s just say that a 26-year-old body has a way of being….resilient. So what I’m trying to say is, JJ, SPEAK FOR YOURSELF!!

  24. Cathi says

    whatever people. leave them alone. so, they want alot of children? nothing wrong with that. i’m happy for them.

  25. Amber says

    That’s a little too close in age for my taste, but I am sure it has something to do with the fact they only have one child together and that all the children are girls. Some people seem to have keep “trying” until they get at least another child of the opposite gender. My husband doesn’t want to give up until we have a girl (we have 3 boys). Also during my pregnancy everyone kept asking if we were going to try for a girl as soon as they heard I was having my third boy.

  26. JJ says

    Peoples – Oh give me a break!! It is so very true that the more vag births you have the looser you get…I’m sure mothers know all about the Keigel exercises…they are there for a reason…to tighten you up after you’ve squeezed out a couple.

    Dori go and find Nemo! LOL

    MommaE – I yam what I yam!

  27. MommaE says

    Wow-did anyone think that maybe they just wanted thier kids close together? By the time the child is born there will be well over a year between them. It’s quite sad that people feel the need to post such rude and vulgar comments

  28. emma says

    Number 7, you are disgusting. Don’t be a lowlife. Momtoboys, congratulations on your boys……you sound like a wonderful, loving mother.

  29. Georgia guy says

    I agree with people who want to have as many kids as they want,if you can take care of them and want them go have”em, no matter if you want 5 or 6 all the same or not. JJ whoever your a JERK Get a life

  30. momtoboys says

    In responce to your vulgar comment #7 = not all people are of the mental way of thinking that you are. I have a happy husband, and marriage. And regardless of any futher responce you may print I will not reply. Let the readers read your sad, pitiful comments.

  31. Olive says

    That WAS quick! Looks like she pulled a Britney.

    Especially for someone who makes her living by having a good figure! It must get harder and harder tog et it back each time.

  32. momtoboys says

    I have given birth six times. Each time I gave birth to a son. I love children. If I could”nt love a second, third, fourth, fifth, or sixth little boy there would not of been a next baby. Some people love their partner and want more than one child. I did . And I cherish each child I have. All the best to this couple on the birth of their second child together.

  33. JJ says

    Seems to me they want a boy…what other reason would there be to have a fourth? Oh yeah – a mistake…carelessness…no protection?

  34. pat says

    been there, done that…I wish all the best to both of them, my two that I had so close together are so close to each other they are the best of friends as well as siblings. she is young and in great shape she should love each minute of her pregancy, and enjoy this time.

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