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Amanda Peet

Amanda Peet

Amanda Peet

Amanda Peet, 35, was snapped with her husband, David, and eight-month-old daughter, Frances, showing support for the writers on strike. Frances is an exceptionally adorable baby I think!


  1. Rivka says

    That’s not the best environment for a baby, but the entire family has a certain charm about them. Especially Amanda and Frances.

    I personally think that Amanda is a gorgeous woman, especially when she’s wearing casual clothing. Her child is just as beautiful… And I must say her chubby cheeks are adorable.

  2. megs says

    Oh, I think the whole family is too cute in this photo!

    Just saw Martian Child with Amanda in it and she is so darling, playing the Zen gardner…good movie & fun photos!

  3. onatear says

    Does Frances remind anyone else of Shiloh? I think they look as if they could be little sisters!! (Both beyond cute)

  4. JJ says

    I normally don’t comment on how cute babies are – because they really are not cute – in my opinion. .. BUT…this creature is darn cherubic and too cute for words!

  5. Amanda says

    Ergos are fantastic by the way. I can still use mine with my nearly 2 year old without killing my back.

  6. Amanda says

    Awe!! I love how chubby she is!! I also love how real Amanda Peet is!! She isnt all dolled up! She is natural like us real mom’s!!! Go Amanda!!!

  7. Zbella says

    Frances is too cute for words. Love her! Amanda Peet has done some OK and some terrible work, but I like how she seems normal, like Jennifer Garner. They should get the girls together. 🙂

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