Elisabeth Hasselbeck & Husband Welcome A Son

Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Elisabeth Hasselbeck and husband, Tim have welcomed a son.

The View cohost gave birth to a 7-lb. 15-oz. boy Friday morning at an Arizona hospital. Elisabeth plans to call into the show Monday to announce her son’s name.

The baby joins big sister Grace, who is 2.

“We’re thrilled he arrived safely,” Tim Hasselbeck said in a statement. “Both mom and son are happy and healthy.”

Elisabeth, 30, and her NFL quarterback husband, 29, moved to Arizona in October, after he signed a contract with the Arizona Cardinals.

The move brought early maternity leave for Elisabeth, who has pledged to return to the ABC morning talk show. When she had Grace, she took a total of six weeks off.

Elisabeth first announced this pregnancy on her show in April.



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  1. CYNDEE says


  2. dori says

    Congrats to Elisabeth and her husband. As for this political BS it doesn’t really belong in here on a baby website.

  3. dori says

    Arielle is that your real name? My daughter is named Arielle spelled the same way and I have never seen it anywhere else. How funny is that? She’s 20 years old and was named Arielle nefore the little mermaid. Small world in here isn’t it?

  4. Dina says

    Hey, Rhonda! Have you seen the bumper sticker: “When Clinton Lied, No One Died—When Bush Lied, Lots of People Died (a lot of American & Iraqi kids, innocent civilians)….so who cares if Clinton lied about having an affair–the nation didn’t acquire trillions of debt because of that–and yet he was impeached…we now have a president who lied about the war, got us into a lot of debt, and he is till in the WH….that’s silly….

  5. oriana says

    I’m sorry, I’ve tried, I just don’t like her, and actually, I haven’t tried that much!

    I couldn’t stand the View before, hardly ever watch it, but do enjoy Whoopi!!!!!! And I like the other lady also, she is funny!!!! The rest of them, not my cup of tea!

  6. Rhonda says

    Congrads to both of them!
    It’s too bad so many blame her for the faults of a particular political party. That’s just as ridiculous as us blaming any ol’ Democrat (like “you” whoever you are) for Clinton’s very naughty behaviors and escapades.

    Let her alone and live peacefully.

  7. annie says

    Carly, you can’t blame all Americans for the mistakes of the present administration. Yes, their policies have put us more at risk than ever before, but I have faith the next government will right the wrongs. It’s people who defend President Bush with such vigor that scare me.

  8. nlm says

    Congrats on a healthy baby!

    Carly, Last time I checked, the USA isn’t training their Kindergarteners how to be suicide bombers and hate other nationalities.

  9. says


    She just passed on her x chromosome that defined world stupidity to the poor child

    Nothing like a stupid person with any kind of political opinion to grace your breakfast time slot..the GOP probably hopes she never comes back….

  10. Kelsey says

    Congratulations! Whether you like or dislike Elisabeth as a person, the birth of a baby is always a gift that should be celebrated. I am very excited for their new little family of four!

  11. Janey says

    Congs Elizabeth, her husband does not look 29 though. I don’t like her a lot because she just parrots on and on about whatever the administration does. She does not seem to have an independent mind which greatly undermines whatever she says.

  12. Mellynn says

    Uh, Carly, what does that have to do with EH having a baby? Either be happy for her or don’t. Leave the politicsout of it.

  13. carly says

    EH is so stupid. she cant think for herself. she agrees with everything the bush administration does and never questions their actions or motives. you can tell that everytime she speaks she makes no intelligent arguments. she thinks that all who oppose the bush administrations beliefs are terrorists. but if you look at it from a different perspective, what do the iraqis and other middle easterners think of our government? they think we’re terrorists, and if you look at the definition of terrorism in the dictionary, the US government fits the definition to a T.

  14. annie says

    So happy she had a boy! I hope she decides family life is more important than the View and decides to leave.

  15. daisy says

    Dear Elisabeth

    Even though I think you have a stoopid name and Rhonda got mad at me because of it, congrats on the birth of your baby.

    peace out

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