Jennie Garth Secretly Can't Wait To Get Pregnant Again

Jennie Garth

(In the above pic Jennie was photographed with her daughter Fiona, 1. Cute!)

She’s in the best shape of her life thanks to Dancing with the Stars. Jennie says she’s dropped 10 pounds since starting on the show, “but it’s more about the inches and toning. My jeans were a 29 when I started, and I’m wearing a 27 now,” she explains. “It’s great to be able to go to the back of my closet and get the clothes I wore prebaby.”
“I’ve lost weight and I’m looking great,” she told People magazine at the West Hollywood release party for Emmy Rossum’s new CD, Inside Out. “And I know me. I’ll just go get pregnant again! I actually secretly look forward to it.”

Why? “So that she could eat and have ice cream,” joked husband Peter Facinelli. Peter, 33, also noted, “I thought she was so sexy when she was pregnant.”

Jennie and Peter, married since 2001, have three daughters: Luca Bella, 10, Lola Ray, 4 and Fiona Eve, 1. And they don’t seem to be planning for a baby boy. “I only make girls,” said Peter.

Jennie, 35, is one of the five couples remaining in the dancing competition. “Anyone could go home at any time and I’m okay with that,” she said. “I love my life. I can’t wait to get back to it full-full time.”

Added Peter: “I want my wife back!”

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  1. tyler says

    hey jennie,
    your little girl is darling and so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i really hope you win dancing with the stars 3 times for you tonight i promise after sabrina got voted off u been my next favorite well love ya

  2. Amanda says

    That baby is precious. I think Jenny is a big air head but she is beautiful and talented. I am so happy for her.

  3. JJ says

    #30 Aniseed – damn straight up – 100% certified hilarious!! Are you a member of MENSA? Didn’t think so. I think you are having a hard time understanding how things work around here. That’s okay though, people with small brains like yourself can still live a normal life…we’ll all just call you “gifted”.

  4. Analise says

    #24 Help the population “problem” by NOT breeding. Please. We don’t need more stupid people . JJ is enough.

  5. JJ says

    “Johnny played guitar, Jenny played bass.
    Name of the band is The Human Race.
    Everybody tell me have you heard? Pop goes the world.”


  6. JJ says

    #22 – howsa about a ham hock?

    #23- hmmmmm…try not to be so hard on yourself – you’re only human afterall…HMMMM?

    #24 – yup – pop goes the world!!

  7. jennifer says

    I wish people would stop making so
    much babies,sooner or later the earth
    is going to explode……..

  8. Hmmm says

    And now that we know what a b*tch really looks like. Nope not a dog, Jenny or her daughter. But her name does start with a J, hmmmm.

  9. JJ says

    I think she looks like Shiloh, but with Suri’s smile and Sean Preston’s toes and Violet’s hair but curlier and Zahara’s ears but paler and Pax’s nose but narrower…

  10. theresa says

    cute family and overall very down to earth sounding, but again with such a focus on her weight, her jeans size, and the joke about having to be pregnant in order to eat ice cream…

  11. alphie says

    very sweet mom/baby – happy. I usually have a cynical comment. I actually don’t know what she’s known for except showing up on Dancing for the Stars. She may be a “B” list person. But her happiness, beautiful child, and loving her 3 children and husband is very touching. – If it’s not spin. (had to be cynical for a moment :))

  12. fghtmp says

    Not a shot I would have picked as photographer or photograhed. It’s just tacky with the looking-down-her-dress thing going on.
    Cute baby.

  13. starstruk says

    Oh my gosh! I didn’t know she had 3 kids!! And she wants more!!! WOW!! God bless them! She is beautiful!

  14. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    Awww…Fiona is SOOOO cute!! Little face, hair, dress, and feet…I love it all!

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