Blythe Danner Takes Apple To Ballet Lessons

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow

Grandmother Blythe Danner was snapped taking Apple Martin, 3, and a friend to a ballet lessons in New York City’s West Village on Thursday. Apple seemed excited for the lesson, practicing her dance moves inside the parking garage.

Gwyneth Paltrow has been busy eating her way across Spain for a television show.



  1. Madeleine says

    Except…It isn’t only PETA that has exposed “fur farms” – so have people who have worked at them. As for being environmentally sound, haven’t you ever wondered what keeps fur and leather from decomposing? Very potent chemicals. (For a glimpse of the damage a small tannery can do to our drinking water, see, for example, the book “A Civil Action,” which was NOT written by an animal activist and has nothing to do with animal rights).
    Beyond that, the way the animals on “fur farms” are killed is exceptionally cruel – anal electrocution. No one disputes this. You simply cannot buy fur AND claim that you care about animals. It’s an either/or situation. Paltrow for one evidently does not care about animals. From what I’ve read, she omits animal products from her diet purely for health reasons. Same with Madonna.

  2. smj says

    There’s nothing wrong with wearing real fur; in fact, it is environmentally better than the fake stuff. Regulated fur harvesting helps keep wild animal populations in check, which ultimately helps reduce starvation, awful diseases, etc. Animals which are raised on ranches, contrary to PETA propaganda, are not tortured and, in fact, live pretty well. Much of the anti-fur movement is based upon emotional appeals by animal rights groups which are designed to help raise funds. You owe it to yourself to get both sides of the story. PETA and its friends in the media give you only one side.

  3. oriana says

    I have to say I do love Fur but stopped wearing it years ago. I had a beautiful Silver Fox Fur coat I gave away. I do believe Fur is only for Fashion and I am not a Vegan, but I do support Animal Rights, so I won’t wear any Fur any more and haven’t for a long time now.

  4. CH says

    You have your heart & morals in the right place, Charlene.
    Gwyneth & family seem to be vegan now but not sure if she’s given up her penchant for animal fur, back in 1999 she was quoted in Elle magazine:
    “film star Gwyneth Paltrow…telling Elle magazine that fur is “feminine and very elegant, which I always like. I’ve got a fox-fur stole by Fendi which I love, but I could never wear it in the States without being lynched. It’s really stupid when you see all those militant types wearing leather shoes. I keep myself happy with little touches [of fur trim] here and there, especially around the face.”
    The fur trim on her daughter’s coat looks rather real…

  5. charlene says

    yes there are many products which come from animals, but also a lot that do NOT. i choose to only buy/eat non-animal products. unfortunately animals raised for food endure the most torture and abuse. a lot of the ‘by-products’ of the food industry go into making other products, which doesn’t make it any better, but fur is just PURE evil! not so much for warmth because there are plenty faux furs or cotton jackets just as warm and less expensive. fur is purely for ‘fasion’ at the animals expense!

  6. charlene says

    Not that I should have to defend myself, however just wanted to mention that I care for humans and non-human animals. I don’t wish to see any innocent sentient being tortured or killed.

  7. 2teens3beans says

    She is such a cutie-“pie”, and always looks a little bit shy to me… maybe it’s the thumb sucking.

  8. Jenna M. (UK) says

    #23, what you just mentioned is a very sensitive subject and completely irrelevant to this thread. Stop trying to cause an argument.

    Charlene, I’m pretty sure that she is a vegetarian for moral reasons so it follows she will be anti-fur for the same reason.

  9. Chain Saw says

    It’s so unfortunate that some go on and on about animal rights, “poor animal”… but then do nothing to speak out against defenseless babies who are aborted every year. You call good “evil”, and evil “good”.

  10. charlene says

    also, not sure if gwen is veg only for health reasons, if that’s the case than it could be real fur and i just think that is so unattractive. poor apple if it is dead tortured animal that she wears!

  11. charlene says

    that’s true jenna M., I just saw a commercial on tv about vegetarian celebrities celebrating thanksgiving and they mentioned gwen and how her and her husband of course will be bringing ‘apple’ pie! the fur looks so real, i avoid it all together because real fur is sometimes hidden, some coming from cats and dogs!! so sad!

  12. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Charlene its probably not real fur.

    Apple is such a cutie! She looks a lot like her mum in those photos.

  13. kisseyface says

    Coffee clutch time? Its raining here. They said it may snow. Snow, imagine that? This neck of the woods never snows this early. How about where you live? My kid does love to go out and play when it snows.
    Well dears, I am tired and need my beauty sleep.

  14. Tia :) says

    Hello Oriana!

    Yes, it’s cold here this weekend too. It snowed for a bit yesterday. Can’t complain IS Nov. 9th!! Mother nature spoiled us this year!

    Have a good weekend dear!

  15. oriana says

    Hi Tia and DMITZ, cold here today! I think we are going to have an early Winter. DMITZ, is it windy down there where you are? We are supposed to have about 7 days of rain!

    I think Apple is cute but she does suck her thumb a lot, I have noticed that in several pictures of her.

    You girls stay warm and safe this weekend!!!!!

  16. love says

    Apple is a cutie, looks like her mom. Actually, Gwyneth is in new york shooting a movie with Joaquin Phoneix.

  17. DMITZ says

    She does look cute with the buns. She looks just like mommy.

    Hi Tia 🙂 Hope you have a great weekend!
    You too Oriana!

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