Jennifer Lopez FINALLY Confirms Her Pregnancy!

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez

Hmmmmm…not exactly shocking news but…Jennifer Lopez FINALLY confirmed her pregnancy Wednesday night during a Miami stop on her El Cantante Tour.

“Marc and I are expecting a baby!” Jennifer announced to the audience.

Husband (and fellow tour headliner) Marc Anthony, shrugged his shoulders, caressed his wife’s stomach, then leaned over and kissed her belly. “I didn’t know she was going to talk,” he told the crowd.

“The whole arena went insane,” says one concert-goer. “It was awesome!”

Jennifer thanked the audience for the applause and said, “We are happy, too.” She then turned sideways to reveal her profile and show off her very noticeable bump. She also playfully stuck out her tongue.

The Miami show marked the last stop of Jennifer’s first-ever concert tour. (The duo – he’s 39, she’s 38 – were slated to play one additional show in San Diego, Calif., but the engagement was postponed first due to the wildfires. It was then scrapped altogether due to an unspecified scheduling conflict.)

“This is a special time in our lives,” Jennifer said from the Florida stage. “And we waited until the last show to tell you.”

The couple has been staying in a suite at the posh Mandarin Oriental hotel during the past week for their three sold-out Miami performances. “Now we will go away for awhile,” she said.




  1. Julia zquierdoI says

    Happy Christmas, Jennefer and Marc A. and a very happy new year. God Bless You you all!!!!!! Julia Izquierdo..

  2. Mary says

    Ho-hum – how nice for Jennifer but I really don’t appreciate pictures of that spouse of hers crawling all over her in shenanigans best left for the privacy of their own home.

    Don’t you folks have better things to do or worry about given our country is falling apart right from under us?

    Perhaps this is why.

  3. Julia Izquierdo says

    Jennifer and Marc A.Quiero felicitarlos otravez por ese tan bonito regalo que Dios les a dado. Cuidate mucho para que todo salga perfecto.Pues eres una mujer muy dichosa.Tu fan te quiere mucho.Y mucho mas cuando lleguen esos tesoros. Y.D.T.We love you Jennifer!!!!!! Todo marcha bien. Quisieramos un dia poder llegar a ti.serca de ti. love and peace.

  4. sally says

    I like the assurance of them ‘going away for a while’…but will they keep their word??? please?

  5. JuliaIzquierdo says

    Congratulations,Jenniefer and Marc A.this is a blessing, blessing.We all love you and love the future babys cuidate mucho. Jenniefer .Me gusta como Daynnara piensa y se expresa,las dos son dos damas y el un encanta cuando mi gente es inteligente.I love you all Julia Izquierdo P.R.

  6. kisseyface says

    Hi girlz

    So, I got my nails done today. A royal blue. I feel so regal. I go to this nail place close to home but am thinking of switching over to another town. The woman who does my nails has body oder. Smells like she just ate tacos.

    But I digress. I think I will try the color salmon next time. Maybe that will mask that fowl odor of hers. I like essie, but this new color is kewl too. But it’s OPI.

    So what do you say gals, essie or OPI?

  7. Lola says

    I hope they enjoy the new baby. Correct about the announcement. Stars owe the public no information other than what they want us to know about their personal lives. And anyway we could wait themout. And we almost did. LOL

  8. kayla says

    people KNEW that they were obviously pregnant, why is there a need for them to publicly announce it? It didn’t seem like she was hiding anything, she was out and about smiling and happy.

    I know they are celebs in the spotlight and all, but if it is obvious she is expecting, why was there such a need for her to confirm it? Stuff like this makes me wonder, the way some people will hang on it like it’s a rush. (shrug)

  9. hayden says

    omg no way i thought she was really fat of course people arealdy know it she is just keeping is a secert because she want to get more famous because she is lousy movies actress and singer

  10. dori says

    Yipeee….. thats great news. She said something when she was ready and thats fine. Congratulations to them!

  11. Lauren says

    Congratulations! She didn’t owe the public an announcement until she was ready to share! She looks great!

  12. Tia :) says

    I agree DMITZ…maybe people dont realize that this is REALLY comfy too. I Loved wearing babydoll type dresses when i was pregnant. They’re flowy and dont stick to you like glue.

    I am Soooooo happy for J-Lo. She’s wanted a baby for so long. Congrats to the both of them!

  13. DMITZ says

    On another note, Jennifer has been made fun of for all her moo-moo’s she been wearing during their tour, but you have to hand it to her for looking classy. She isn’t showing her body off the way she could have (Christina Aguilera – althought I think she looks great too!). Then again, she may have just tried to hide it for so long, but who knows. She is glowing!

  14. DMITZ says

    I’m so happy for them, I know Jennifer will make a great mother. She has wanted this for so long and I bet it must hurt her to see other young mothers (*cough* Britney) be so ungrateful for what they have.

    Go Jennifer!!

  15. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    YAAAYYY!! Love JLo!! Not like I didn’t already know..but I’m still happy. Take that people who said she was just stuffing up on refried beans. They wanted to wait till the last concert of their tour to announce it, which makes perfect sense…they didn’t OWE it to anybody to announce earlier. Yay’ll “do it well”, girl!! 🙂

  16. says

    we all knew that she was well at least she didnt wait till she was 7 months! congrats jennifer will make a great mom

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