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Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Elisabeth Hasselbeck has a blog on Dreft’s website where she discusses preparing for her second child’s arrival. You can check it out here!


  1. Billie says

    Yes, I am a stoopid person two! Ha ha hey i love Elizabeth because she actually is smart and has values that guide her life!!! OOOOWWWWWWHHHH that is scary to the brainless majority out there…
    We as a country are in some trouble, ya think? The constitution of the United States of America is the answer, please read it.
    Elizabeth, I’m think you do need to go somewhere in your career where you can interact with thinking people and not zombies.. make the change.

  2. Rhonda says

    Seriously, don’t you know how to spell, daisy?
    You should find another hobby instead of trash talking. It isn’t very nice.

  3. Tia :) says

    She had a baby boy yesterday and will apparently announce it’s name on monday on the view. Congrats!

  4. Dina says

    Ok, ladies. We’re entitled to our own opinions. If some people like her—good for them. To those who don’t like her–good for them too. We should just agree on disagreeing about how we perceive E, oki? My take on E? Thanks but no thanks—there enough loudmouths already….

  5. Kelsey says

    Courtney, what right do you have to judge me or my character simply because I applaud Elisabeth’s role as a mother? We are all entitled to our opinions and none of us should be called an idiot because our views differ from somone else’s.

  6. Tia :) says

    I agree that Elisabeth is very annoying and ignorant…however, i will say that she does seems like she’s a good mother. I wish her all the best!

  7. Simone says

    Cute project with the wooden letter. Although she has some folks who don’t like her, I find that the ones who verbalize it are just so rude and hateful like #3 and 4. That speaks in volumes.
    And although Elisabeth has gotten such hateful remarks thrown at her, she has never — yes, never even to Rosie–said anything hateful or rude in return. She’s said she disagrees with them and leaves it at that. …And that speaks volumes too.

    Shame on you #3 and 4 for your hateful words. How can you call yourselves “moms” (if you are)???

  8. Rina says

    I don’t like her. She is so opinionated –even if her ideas/beliefs are bordering idiocy, she has to impose & fight for them. The View is much better when Lisa Ling (?) was there. Elizabeth’s presence cheapened it into just another morning gabfest.

  9. annie says

    I’m very happy for her because she’s said she has a hard time getting pregnant. I hope she has a boy so she’ll have one of each, but I really hope she does not go back to The View.

  10. Kelsey says

    I think Elisabeth is a great writer and very honest in her thoughts as a mother. I can’t wait to see if her new little one will be a boy or a girl!

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