Britney's Boys On The Cover Of OK! Magazine

Britney Spears

Well…the cover of the new OK! magazine is a bit depressing, but Britney just might pull through. I think she’d probably be more at peace and perhaps a better mother if she could take a break from all the madness, but that just isn’t the case. It seems her new CD is doing AMAZING! The critics love it and it is apparently very popular…especially in Europe. I’ve only heard Gimme More, but it is definitely catchy. I think she just feels very used by those around her…especially KFed. She is still soooo young….it is probably very difficult to live in the spotlight so much, but though the appetite for all-things-Britney seems to be insatiable, she could curb some of it if she really wanted to. She probably is just addicted to all the attention that she does receive.

Below Britney was snapped test driving vehicles at a Mercedes dealership in Van Nuys, Calif., on Thursday.

Britney Spears

Best wishes to Britney and her boys.



  1. stephsw5 says

    i wonder, at times, if she just altogether regrets that she had the boys. i had my first child when i was 22 and when i looked at that beautiful little boy i totally gave up my “going out” nights! my husband and i were PARENTS! going out clubbing all night, getting drunk, photographed with no underwear is incomprehensible to me! totally inexcusable! just the fact that she went bar-hopping all night the very night she lost her boys is absolutely mind-boggling! i would have been suicidal! it makes me wonder if she is perhaps purposely sabotaging her chances of regaining custody.

  2. Amanda says

    I think she has a undiagnosed mental disorder or illness. Drugs are not her biggest problem. I think thats why she is so emotionless at times. It also explains her shopping sprees. I pray she gets the help she needs. Doesnt she already have supervised vistation with the kids? I think thats all she should have until she gets some help.

  3. dori says

    You know for a long time I was defending this girl because I thought she was young and immature but it has become evident that she is a drug addict with some serious mental health issues and should not be allowed around her kids. She a danger to them and herself.The fact that she is still out and about partying shows her lack of interest in having custody of her kids and the fact that she won’t take drug tests says she’s on drugs and all her excuses are very lame and someone should have her committed she desperatly needs help.

  4. Amanda says

    I am sorry I am not as cynical as you all are. I have made my mistakes in life and paid for them. I never said Brit was a good mother. I also said she needed help. I think its really sad that people get attacked for thier opinions. I don’t think Brit is a bad person. I never will. I am entitled to that. Its easy to sit and judge isnt it?

  5. oriana says

    kimora’s mom, Love Atlanta! Haven’t been there for years but I hear it is growing and a huge City now! You sound like a Knockout to me!!!!!!

    Mellynn, I enjoy you more and more all the time!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Zbella says

    Here are some sobering statistics from the Center for Disease Control & Pervention:

    # An estimated, 20.8% of all adults (45.3 million people) smoke cigarettes in the United States. # Cigarette smoking is more common among men (23.9%) than women (18.0%).

    # Secondhand smoke is especially harmful to young children. Secondhand smoke is responsible for between 150,000 and 300,000 lower respiratory tract infections in infants and children under 18 months of age, resulting in between 7,500 and 15,000 hospitalizations each year, and causes 430 sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) deaths in the United States annually.

    # Secondhand smoke exposure causes disease and premature death in children and adults who do not smoke. Secondhand smoke contains hundreds of chemicals known to be toxic or carcinogenic, including formaldehyde, benzene, vinyl chloride, arsenic ammonia and hydrogen cyanide.

  7. Zbella says

    She is sick. That picture is terrible. Look at her belly – come on! And her hair, yuck.

    Black Venom, I don’t know where you got your data, but there is NO WAY 50% of moms smoke.

  8. 2teens3beans says

    I think what Britney has is more likely post partum psychosis. She had those kids practically back to back and PPP can stay a loooonnngggg time after the baby is born. She probably needs to be Baker Act’ed & committed before she hurts herself or the kids.

  9. gweny says

    there cute, and i wish britney would follow though to comming to be a parent, she wants have fun, she should have thought of that before getting pregnant! i love her song GIMME MORE!!!

  10. daisy says

    Those are two very cute kids with a very in-need Mother. My heart goes out to those boys – I wonder if Brittney will ever get the help she needs.

    Very sad to see

  11. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    Well, I have to say Black Venom aka Sugar Walls, you pretty much described my virtual opposite. Since you seem to think you know so much about me, here are a list of points contrasting to yours:

    1)Whether or not I have “sugar” or anything else anywhere is completely unknown to you not to mention none of your business.

    2)My husband JAMAL spends every possible moment he can with our daughters and myself.

    3)Jamal, my daughters, my friends, my family, my hobbies, and my volunteer work keep me far from bored.

    4)My hair is naturally blonde and curly….no mullet, dye, or perm in sight.

    5)I’m indeed currently wearing jeans..but lets allow the tag to speak for itself: Apple Bottoms, ultra low rise size 4 longs….doesn’t sound like a mommy to me, if I may say so myself.

    6)I live in Atlanta, GA, have seen and heard just about everything and am as close to the REAL WORLD as one can get…..THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

  12. Mellynn says

    No, #44, Britney is mentally ill. Big difference.

    As for you, BLACK VERMIN, you are sad. You think that we are all so judgemental, yet what you posted was just as judgemental (and far more disgusting) than anything we’ve posted. I’m gonna bring it down to your level:

    Go get your antibiotic…yes, you know why you need it. Then stop by the shrink on your way home from the free clinic and get some pills that will help you not be such a raging psycho b@!(#. When you are done with that, go to church or yoga or Pilates or take a walk in the park, anything that will make you feel grounded and peaceful and less like the menace to society that you currently are.


    Have a wonderful night, BLACK VERMIN.

  13. says

    Omg you guys act just like the paparazzi sure she made mistakes and god dam so did you.we make mistakes to dont be Hard on britney shes just stressed

  14. maleah says

    um #41 youn need to calm down if you really dont care what people said about you then why are you responding secondly what make ypu better then these “housewife” are you jealous because they achieved something nice house wonderful boyfriend/husband children while you just a loner

  15. oriana says

    Well, I did have a curly perm in 1983 and thought I was the Cat’s Meow too! So I have to concede that one! But what is wrong with soccer Mom sweaters?

  16. says

    Guess what?

    1st: Nobody asked none of you, What my name means to you.

    2nd) I truly don’t care what you *sswipes say, about me?

    Maybe, if you put some sugar into your W*lls, maybe you people wouldn’t sound so UPTIGHT! It is a WORLD outside your four walls, and this POST! People all over the world live differently, than you bored HOUSEWIVES!
    Maybe, that is why PAUL, BILL, ot JOHN(whatever your mate name is) stay away from the home, UNLIMITED AMOUNT OF TIMES! Don’t thank me for calling you LADIES OUT, but I can tell over the interenet, that you all are the type to still wear money POUCHES, TI-DYED shirts, MULLETS, CURLY PERMS, MOM JEANS, Soccer mom sweaters, and Vel-cro Tennis!

    SMH, NO amount of hair dye, will bring you ladies back into the REAL WORLD! LOL

  17. oriana says

    Deenah, very easy, personal chef, personal trainer, maids and personal drivers to help them out, and a little nip/tuck here and there!

    Yep, Kimora’s mother has plenty of sense! I agree 100%!!!!

    Miss Sugar Walls is just plain disgusting to me!

  18. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    Seriously…no kidding. Even her name is vulgar…sugar walls? Yuck..are you kidding me?

  19. Grip says

    She is a train wreck. The sad part is that she is she is a mother now and if you choose to mess up your own life, so be it…. try not to take your 2 children along for the ride. I think her going through red lights and texting while driving with her kids in the back seat and her court appointed supervisor in the car MAY be the final straw for her. I think the judge is growing VERY tired of it.

  20. Mellynn says

    Geez, Black Venom, take your own advice and not worry about her, why don’t you?

    And I may get flamed for this and I don’t give two craps….smoking around children is WRONG!!!!!!!!!

  21. Cathi says

    kim and sam…i think you guys are right. i believe that Brit is sick also. Either bipolar or manic depression, but def a mental disorder and she needs HELP fast. her behavior seems so erratic and bizaar. it certainly doesn’t look like she cares about getting custody of her babies back. yet, before she got pregnant with Sean, she talked about wanting to be a mom all the time. there is a screw loose and it needs to be fixed. the judge should order her to go to rehab if she wants her children back.

  22. says

    What do you mean, what is she doing with a cigarette in her hand? I am pretty sure, that if you take the nicotine POLL, you would see that half of the WOMEN, that are mother’s smoke! GO BACK TO THE THINKING PAD to think of something else to DOWN talk her about!

    YOU people would pick on her because you think that she is buying the wrong TAMPOON! LOL
    “OH my, GOD, she bought SUPER Tamppons, only a WH*RE would get SUPER TAMPONS”


    You don’t know what goes on in her household, SO quit thinking that you do! LIVE YOUR LIFE, and stop worrying about hers!

  23. sam says

    I think Britney is suffering from bipolar, or manic depression. 2 classic signs in the manic phase are: spending money like there’s no tomorrow, & having an obscene amount of energy & going out all the time.. She has both signs. Until she gets serious help, both drugs and 2 x a week therapy, she will never be a good mom, she’s just too sick. And I feel very bad for her, or anyone who is missing their kids childhoods because of illness.

  24. oriana says

    I think the boys are in danger with her, especially when she is out driving. She is not stable! It is time the Judge does something about this situation and quit pussy footing around with her. The boys safety is top priority. Britney needs meds and therapy, she is on a downward spiral and has been for months!

  25. Gaalbs says

    What is the mother doing with a cigarette in her hand and what on earth is it for a top to wear with a pink bra! Gosh she is sooo cheap!

  26. says



  27. Twy says

    Amanda, Anyone who is under the influence of drugs and alcohol IS NOT doing the best they know how.
    Wake up, she isn’t a good mom. Sad to say, but she’s not. And until she is off drugs and alcohol she never will be.

  28. luckylee13 says

    Britney is a total mess. If you want to live a wild life & party…a la Paris Hilton…that’s fine..just don’t have kids.She has to be mentally ill if she doesn’t feel guilty about how she treats her kids. It’s sad to think that one day, these boys will be grown up & they will see all these pictures of her clubbing, with guys, getting out of cars with no underwear on…how will they feel about their mom then? Doing damage to your child’s teeth is one thing..the psychological damage she’s doing to these boys is inexcusable. Sure, I’d like to travel and go out with my husband more but that’s not what life’s about when you CHOOSE to become a parent.

  29. K. Meisner says

    I feel both sad and frustrated by the actions of Britney Spears. This is a case of “Kids having Kids”! Britney does not appear to want to grow up. I do believe Britney suffers from a mental disorder and needs help. Britney needs help now, before it’s too late and she loses full custody of her two gifts from God! Not every woman in this world can have children, and sometimes those that can forget what a wonderful gift they have been given. A serious intervention needs to occur to get this poor young mother back on some sort of proper track for the sake of her children.

    Look at poor at her son’s teeth. This baby is not being taken care of properly. I pray that these two young parents will forget about themselves, fame and all the publicity and focus on what’s truly important. Their two sons!

  30. Lauren says

    All this bad attention Britney is receiving, it’s all her own doing. She’s courting all this paparazzi attention by doing these self-promoting stunts. Those kids deserve better than their unstable mother. IF she really wanted custody back, she’d take the necessary steps to gain back custody

  31. CTBmom says


    In response to “Imagine what we would know about you if you lived in the spot light”….
    Well, you would see me taking my son to school every morning, and picking him up. You would see me going to the grocery store and taking him to soccer practice and to church on Sunday mornings. You would see us working in the yard on the weekends and going for bike rides. You would NOT see me partying every night, and the once or twice a year you might see me out with the girls, I don’t get plastered and I DO wear underwear. And I can promise you there would NEVER be any reason that any court would EVER have to have me be drug tested. So please, save the “living in the spotlight” crap….because that is no excuse. She needs to get clean, and grow up so she can be a mother to those little boys. PERIOD.

  32. Tia :) says

    She didn’t have a mother to set and example for her? Umm…the last i heard, her Sister is turning out ok..and her brother is pretty normal. She has no one to blame but herself.

    I will agree with Grip. Those babies need to be left alone.

  33. Sara says

    kim-original kim: Great post. ITA.

    Amanda: I’m confused as to why you said that Kevin abandoned her with 2 small kids. She left him. She filed for divorce from him.

  34. Ruby Jackson says

    If she can’t be bothered at 8am to take a RANDOM drug test, because “she’s a pop star and pop stars don’t get up at 8am” tell me… can she be bothered at 8am to attend to her hungry, crying children?

    If she wanted her kids, she’d be FIGHTING for them, not making excuses for why she can’t meet the court’s requirements for custody. She doesn’t care about them. And that is shameful.

    And tell me, isn’t that the whole point of the hearings? To determine if she’s a fit mother? Not a pop star?

  35. kim--original kim says

    Um, Amanda, maybe you forgot that SHE chased Kfed, SHE proposed to him, SHE cancelled her tour to hang with him (oh, yeah, she hurt her knee, whatever).
    SHE is the selfish one who drags those kids around in their car seats so SHE can get the attention SHE craves. SHE is the one who lets the paps know where SHE will be every day so SHE can get her pictures taken.

    Sure we all made mistakes when we were young like her, but SHE is the one who had kids because SHE wanted them. I waited until my party-crazy phase was over before I had mine. SHE is the one who is selfish beyond belief. SHE is the one who fired her friends, her family, her business associates, and absolutely everyone who ever tried to help her out…
    But hey, SHE is “Britney, b*itch!” Whatever. Pray for her kids.

  36. Amanda says

    SHE didnt have a good mother for an example. SHE is doing the best she knows how. SHE does not claim to be perfect. SHE does not have a positive support system. SHE was raised in the spotlight and knows no other way of life. K-FED is doing nothing but living the high life and having nanny’s take care of those boys whilr BRIT picks up the tab. K-FED is a bum. VIOLENCE is not the answer to anything. SHE needs true friends who have her best interest at heart. Something SHE has never had! SHE is alone in the world. Have a heart not everyone is as perfect as you.

  37. Twy says

    I feel like maybe you haven’t been reading the court reports or seeing this trainwreck out in public. SHE is the reason all of these things are happening. SHE is the reason K has to raise two little boys on his own. SHE is the reason that so many are interested in her, because she’s a mess. And the Pap’s love a mess. I think if any body is being used it’s us. She is an attention hungry mess. She is using the media, she is using her family, and she is using drugs. Don’t be fooled by the fact that she’s a mom, and she deserves some sympathy. What she really deserves is a smack upside the head, to knock some sense into her.

  38. kim--original kim says

    I just feel SO badly for the boys. One day they’ll be old enough to read EVERYTHING about their mother, their childhood, see her crotch-shots, etc. Just awful.
    She didn’t buy that car for her boys, that’s for sure. Let’s hope she remembers to get the license plates for this one, although the LA cops don’t seem to care. Like K-fed’s att’y. said, “she lives in a parallel universe.”
    My 2 kids are almost exact ages as hers, and I just cannot imagine not being with them each and every day… The other blog sites are much more intense than this one (and a bit on the crazy side, too); I’ve discovered that her supporters are the ones who don’t have kids. I honestly think people would not care as much about what she does/doesn’t do if it weren’t for her boys.
    I also read up on Histrionic Personality Disorder, and I bet she’s got it.
    One day she may look back at all of this and realize just how much she’s lost as a mother….or maybe not…. SAD!

  39. Amanda says

    I for one think Britney is a wonderfully strong woman. She has been through hell this past year and she is still going strong and holding her head up high. Yes she has her issues and she should deal with them which I am sure she will when she is ready. People need to look in the mirror before judging her so harsh. Imagine what we would know about you if you lived in the spot light. Brit is young and has made mistakes just like we did when we were young. I don’t care what anyone says K-Fed used Brit. He married her for money and she loved and adored her. Then he abandoned her with 2 boys. No she didnt handle it well at all but she was heart broken. She will rise up again and when she does look out. Funny how you never see K-Fed with his other kids and he is such a great loving concerned father. (Rolls Eyes) K-Fed is trash and the truth will prevail. Hang in there Brit! You can do it!!

  40. Cathi says

    Who is taking care of these boys? That is what I’ve been wondering the whole time. Kevin is not a stable parent, either. I just hope that they have really good nannies or someone in their life who gives the love and nurturing that these babies need. In this picture, there is something about Sean’s eyes and smile that is so sweet …it makes me want to cry. They are both so darn cute!

  41. Jillian says

    You know I really loved Britney Spears as an entertainer and for some reason ther is something that always makes me want to like her BUT-
    Her beahaviour is totally bizarre for someone who wants to regain custody of her children. What will they think when they look back at this mess as adults and see their mom gallivanting arounnd without underwear and leaving them in the car(although chaperoned) to look at chandeliers?

    I truly hope she get s the help she needs so she can be a good mommy and be back on top career wise!

  42. chloe says

    This cover alone is why I detest magazines. Such a tittle. It makes me sick. The media makes me sick.

    Yes, Britney is a screwed up person. But these baiting and attention-getting titles do not help. Leave the boys out of it and stop trying to speak for them!

    I don’t know how a person can work for these type of publications. Sell your soul to the devil I guess.

  43. Grandma of 4 says

    I think her choice of cars speaks volumes about her personality not to mention entire attitude about what is going on in her life!

    They are flashy; they are attention grabbing, and they are considered “hot”! This would be fine and dandy if Britney only had herself to be concerned about but she does not. She drags those little babes around in a car with the top down to be scorched by the sun and blown by the wind. The little guys are often not properly secured in their seats. She allows photo hounds to get so close to her boys it is scary. She leaves them alone in her car with a minder. She zooms here and there with them.

    Where is the very large, protective type vehicle with tinted windows? Granted, not particularly attention grabbing but SAFE for the fellas!

    I do not feel sorry for Britney. I think she very definitely has control of exactly what she is doing and I think a large majority is deliberate and calculated. Take a look at the well respected personnel that have withdrawn their services from managers to lawyers. There has to be a reason they withdrew. I think she knows exactly what she is doing even though her reasoning escapes me completely.

    One wonders where OK! Magazine got their information for this story! The cover alone gives the signal of “Poor Mama Britney” not allowed to be with her boys and makes a damning statement about their father. Interesting, I would say!

    There is a judge in the mix who is doing his level best to keep these boys safe. One has to wonder what would happen should he drop the ball! Can you just imagine the yelling and screaming that would take place?

  44. Sara says

    I fail to see how Kevin used her. She chose to marry him, she chose to have children with him, and she handed those children to him on a silver platter with her irresponsible behavior. If she had acted like a mature, sane, responsible mother Kevin never would have been able to get full custody.

    And if she didn’t parade around in front of the paparrazi on a daily basis then I might feel sorry for her that she is hounded so much. But she is trying to get their attention, so I really can’t feel sorry for her on that front either. She has created the problems she’s currently embroiled in. She has no one to blame for her poor choices but herself.

    The only people I feel sorry for in all of this are those two children.

  45. marla says

    Cute boys, but the cover gives me an uneasy feeling. Even if a lot of people think that the boys are not given enough attention it’s something different to see “Britneys lost boys” printed on the cover of a magazine. I truly hope that those precious boys never get to read any of this. On the other hand, I think Britney looks better in that picture than she has looked in a long time, I love the pink shirt/sweater and the boots!

  46. Mellynn says

    As long as Britney goes out of her way to solicit the paparazzi (which she does), she will never have peace. This girl is unwell. Her children are in very real danger when they are with her. Why don’t people get that?

    Oh, and Black Venom…save it. Don’t even start

  47. oriana says

    The youngest boy looks just like Britney’s mother to me more and more. These kids are going to have some difficult times ahead, I feel bad for them in some ways but I think they will be okay and I think they are being taken care of.

  48. JJ says

    poor little tater tot and small fry…they ain’ t seen nothin’ yet…it will only become worse for them…they have a cuckoo for a mother and a loser for a father…these children need some extended family intervention to save them from this mess of a life!!

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