Violet Affleck Can Sing "When You Wish Upon A Star"

Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck

Violet is reportedly quite the talker!

“Violet is the most verbal child,” Victor Garber, a close friend of Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck, told People magazine at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards in New York on Monday.

Victor, who was on hand to present an award to Jennifer, his former Alias costar, continued, “She’s not even two and her vocabulary is daunting. She can talk about animals. She mentions where she’s been. Today she sang, ‘When You Wish Upon A Star.’ ”

And all this during a single lunchdate. “That child is so inquisitive and beautiful and so full of life,” Victor gushed. “I’m obviously prejudiced. But she’s an extraordinary kid.”

“Violet is a very fortunate little girl to be in that family,” said Victor, who was the only other person present at Jennifer and Ben’s 2005 wedding.

“When Jennifer works the hours she does, Ben understands. And when he’s shooting a movie in Boston, she knows what that entails. They’re magical together, they really are.”



  1. onatear says

    How cute is it to see that older man carrying Violet’s doll’s stroller!!!!! I would LOVE to hear her sing “when you wish upon a star”…toooo cute!!

  2. oriana says

    I think that teachers and nurses are some of the most underpaid and under appreciated hardworking people I have ever heard of! It is beyond sad and it is pitiful! Where we would be without any of them? Frankly, I think the government officials are overpaid, and I am talking about the Senators and the Congressman! It is just not right!!!!! And some of the lawyers are bigger crooks than the crooks they are defending!

  3. Grip says

    I admire all Moms who are good Moms…working or stay at home… becasue like I said, there are good and bad in both. But any Mom, nay, any PARENT who makes their child a priority and does right by them should do just fine.

    I am sorry if I offended anyone. It was never my intent.

    Not all stay at home moms are rich…totally understand that. Not all working moms are either. And not all working moms are heartless shrews who do not care about their kids…some of us do it BECAUSE we care.

  4. Slapstick says

    I agree all Moms work…but remember…working Moms are still doing the child care, sitting up all night w/ sick kids, helping w/ homework, taking care of the house, the pets, the laundry, the bills, the cooking….AND they ahve to put in 40+ a week for a (usually) uncaring boss…. so that’s a BIG added pressure.

  5. Tee says

    Jennifer has worked her arse off for every cent she has made

    I admire stay at home mums They don’t just sit on there bums and do nothing They wash and clean and cook and look after the kids and i also admire working mums

    Either way anyone who is a great mum is just Super

  6. Zbella says

    BTW, most of the moms I know who stay home have husband’s he make good money. I do know several other teachers’ wives and police officers’ wives who chose to stay home for several years – so it is possible off of little money, but it is a sacrifice. Now that our children are getting older there are far more things to pay for – preschool, lessons, camps, bigger house, bigger car (to fit the children, not as a luxury) etc.

  7. Zbella says

    I agree with everyone. 🙂 I quit my job when I become a mom for the first time. My husband made enough to get by, but we qualified for reduced (not free) lunch by the time we had three children. My husband is a teacher. Isn’t that sad?

    Anyway, in order to have a third, I had to work. I wanted to still be the primary care giver, so I started my own business teaching out of the home. Now I make just over a 1/3 of my former salary working 10 hours a week. We really needed the money and to be honest, I’m glad we did struggle and I was “forced” to work. I like doing both.

    Now my sister is becoming a mom next month and will stay home. She is very against working outside the home. But people live and learn. We change and adjust.

    I feel we should do the best for each mother and family. Try not to judge. And yes, Jennifer is an earning (I don’t say working, because we ALL work) mom.

  8. oriana says

    I’d love to go! Too far away though and the holidays coming, stuck at home for me! Making fudge! Ha!

  9. Andrea says

    Even though he was only her TV-dad, they still look alike. Strange. Jenn’s getting raving reviews for her Broadway performance. Anyone able to see her?

  10. mazer says

    Grip, first of all let me say you got my name wrong.
    also, I wasn’t saying you were being judgmental just b/c i used your quote.
    So you’ve never quoted anyone before? I will not apologize for it since I did correctly cite my source.

    i agree. To each his own. I only wanted it to be clear that not all folks who do chose to stay at home are wealthy. I found a need to reiterate that because so many seemed to be saying that: “Well, they’re rich and they can afford to, and so on…”
    That’s enough and I’ll say no more on my part.

  11. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    Aww…Violet is cute. My girls love to sing, too. They’re also very verbal- we read books and play together all the time. Being 2 1/2 and 15 months, they are too young to go to preschool, but I’m very fortunate to be able to stay home with them during these crucial developmental years. As I mentioned in a previous conversation with Tia, I plan to return to my work as a teacher when my babies are older, but that won’t be soon because our third baby will be joining our family in January.

  12. Grip says

    Mazur, I don’t appreciate my quote being used when I am not trying to be judgemental.

    Nor am I saying all stay at home mom’s are weatlhty. Far from it, in my post I clearly point out I have friends who are doing it and they are quite poor. Extremely poor… like lacking healthcare for their children poor. I don’t know how that could be considered a good thing… but I digress.

    “Today’s society” is a vague term, but in certain geographic locations…yes, it is virtually impossible to live on one salary. In my area, it is. It’s unfortuanate, but it is.

    Look, I have friends who stay home and are wonderful, caring mothers. I have friends who stay home who think their kids are annoyances and would rather be on line or watching TV than giving them any real attention.

    I have friends who are working Moms who don’t miss one of their children’s activities, rush home to see their kids, and are all around great moms. I have other friends who are working Moms who go home and wish they did not have thier kids to deal with.

    What I’m saying is it is good & bad in all. And one way will not make a child better adjusted or brigter or dumber or anything else… and I do think saying one way works and an other does not is small minded, mean & judgemental.

    And another intersteing point…this started with talking about Jennifer Garner….HELLO… she IS a working mother…. and, she’s not poor and I’m sure 99.9% of us reading these posts can not even relate to the lifestyle they lead, the burderns that come with it or the luxuries that they can afford…… EACH PERSON and EACH SITUATION is unique. To say what works best for you is what works best for all is… JUDGEMENTAL, FOOLISH & SMALL MINDED.

  13. Tiffany says

    #20 – Sorry I misread the number of the person you were referring to being in a rage. What I was saying when I said “Not everyone has been fortunate enough to have a 6 figure job or even a high 5 figure a year job” was that unless you make a decent living it would be harder to raise a family and not have 2 incomes. No were in my paragraph did I say that was what all stay at home mom’s husbands make a year.
    Also, I never ever said that eveyone has to have 2 incomes to survive. Like I said before, I commend those who can do it and think it is wonderful. With my family and where we live we just cant do it. I wish we could but it is just not possible. I also dont think one is right and one is wrong.
    I never meant to cause trouble or offend anyone and I stated that in my first post and again I am sorry if I offended anyone because in no way am I trying to say that if you stay at home you are wrong or if you work you are wrong. To each their own. My situation is I have to work.

  14. mazer says

    Tiffany, I did not say you were in a rage. I said #12 JJ. Last I looked, you were #11.

    Look, everyone, no one is saying what lifestyle is better or what. I was just commenting that we shouldn’t assume moms who stay at home with their kids are making loads of money to do so.
    I quote Tiffany:
    “Not everyone has been fortunate enough to have a 6 figure job or even a high 5 figure a year job. ”

    Again, Tiffany not every staying-at-home mom has a husband who has a 5 or 6 figure job.

    As far as I can see, one poster said it was “do-able”, …but many are jumping on her and saying 2 incomes is the only way in “today’s society”. Now who is the one being judgmental?
    (“To say one way works all for anyone is judgemental, foolish, and small minded.” #19 Grip)

  15. Grip says

    It’s very presumptous for anyont to say that anyone else can do anything. It depends on where you live and what yoru circumstances are. In my area, if you live on one income, that one income had best be the income of a CEO or you will not have a roof over your head. Two salaries dont’ even cut it, they have to be 2 pretty up there salaries.

    Further, I hate the who is a better mom, the stay at home or working mothers?

    That’s a rediculous argument.


    Because there are GOOD stay at home Moms and bad, and there are GOOD working Moms and bad.

    You have a child and you have a responsibility to that child, part of that responsibility (a big part) is making sure they live in a nice home, a neighborhood w/o a ton of crime, have a good school system, etc… in most areas, that does not come cheap.

    Also, I know some people who are stay at home moms and they ARE living on Ramen Noodles, the kids ARE suffereing because they are in poverty and that is doing nothing to help the child.

    Further, some (not all, NOT all, read that…) stay at home moms I know are just plain lazy. One so much as told me it was her “ticket to not work” once she had her child. Her husband works 3 jobs now and is miserable and they are on the verge of divorce, her kids are all school age now and she refuses to work… don’t know where that helps her children.

    I think QUALITY daycare is essential… and that is not easy to come by or inexpensive. My child (no longer that age) was home with me for a year (and we nearly lost our home as a result) and then in excellent (and pricey) daycare. My child is very well adjusted, was always above average in intelligence and has an excellent relationship with me and my husband.

    Not tooting my own horn…there are many like me.

    And trust me, I don’t “live large” either. E-bay is great for clothes, consignment shops rock! My cars are OLD and one just died…and we’ll get another old car…no new flashy SUV for us… vacations are small and cheap…trust me, small and cheap… our mortgage alone would astound most people, and we have a small home… picking up and moving to another area would take our child away ffrom all of our family and friends and would leave me and my spouse pretty unable to find work… so you do what you have to do.

    My point – there are good and bad parents in ALL situations… and kids can turn out good or bad in varying situations as well.

    To say one way works all for anyone is judgemental, foolish, and small minded.

  16. Just me says

    I have to say, I’m kind of offended … It’s barely “do-able” to live off of one income! My husband and I both have decent jobs and only live about 5 miles from work. It cost me an arm and a leg to fill up my gas can this morning. And it’s not just gas, the price of everything is going up!
    I don’t expect to eat the best cut of steak and lobster every night for dinner, but I also don’t want to live off of Ramen noodles. And I do find some real deals on kid’s clothing at Mom2 Mom sales.
    My son has gone to day care since he was about 9 weeks and he’s now 15 months. I have a nephew the same age and my sister is a stay at mom. My son learned some things faster, while my nephew excelled at others. It just depends on the kid, not who’s teaching them.
    Of course I would like to stay home with my son, but I don’t feel quilty that he is at daycare. It would be irresponsible for me to sit at home with him all day.

  17. Tiffany says

    #15 – I was not in a rage nor do I assume that everyone who stays home makes a ton of money. I am just stating that is in not always possible to raise a family on one income. I have no problem shopping at thrift stores or garage sales and I do on occassion shop at those stores. My daughter is very active in sports and cheerleading which cost me alot of money and I wont deprive her of the things she loves because I choose not to work. Even if she did not participate in those activities I would still have to work because raising a family on one income in the town I live in is hard to do. My kids are both in school full time so it is different for me because there is no child to stay home with all the time.
    If people can stay home with their kids and not work than that is wonderful and I commend them for being able to pull it off however, I dont think it is always possible not to have both parents work. It is all based on the particular situation. Parents who work are just as good of parents as the ones who stay home and #8 – my kids do awesome in school and I never got to stay home with them.

  18. JJ says

    #15 – My combined household income is in the 6 digits and I shop for furniture and clothes at thrift shops and garage sales…that is my choice…I cannot survive on one income as I live in a very expensive and big metropolitan city where in order to have a house and food on your table you need two incomes…I also enjoy traveling so I need to have that disposable income…but I forgo driving a car and I use public transportation which still costs over $100 a month per person…getting by on the bare minimum is a depressing thought…raising children in poverty or close to that is unheard of for me…not being able to save money for a child’s education or for retirement is just unthinkable and foolish…I guess everyone decides for themselves where their priorities lie and being a stay at home is just not an option for me!

  19. mazer says

    #12 No need to get into a rage. Dianne was only saying it can be done. I have friends who do not earn much on one income but they’ve chosen to have the mom stay at home with the kids. They get hand-me-down clothes or I’ve also heard of moms going to thrift stores to save.
    …So not all folks who choose to stay home are well-to-do and we shouldn’t assume that.

  20. Cathi says

    i want jennifer and ben to have another baby! violet is so cute and well taken care of….how refreshing!!

  21. Tiffany says

    I dont think it is wrong to have your child in quality daycare or with a nanny if you have to work. What I think is wrong is when you dont need a nanny (like some celebrities) or use your nanny or daycare facility even when you are not working.
    I have to work (however, I get to quit my job and go back to school in a month) and my son is in daycare for an hour or two after school each day (he is 8) but when I get home I spend as much quality time as I can with him. By having a job and earning money I teach my kids responsibility and the value of the hard earned dollar and I also find we miss each other more and tend not to take our time together for granted. Not that the women who do not have to work dont value their time so please dont think I am judging or saying you dont care. I wish I could be home with my kids but have been unable to and so I make the best out of what time I do have with my kiddos. I will never leave my child to be in the care of a nanny or daycare when I am able to be with them.
    And #8 – like #7 said, in some areas it is not possible to live on one income. Not everyone has been fortunate enough to have a 6 figure job or even a high 5 figure a year job. Many people are doing the best that they can with what they have and that means both parents must work. I dont know anyone who can raise a family of 4 working at Mc Donalds or Target for 7.50 an hour with no help state assistance either. No family can do that. It is too bad that the cost of living has come to the point where it requires alot of families to have to have both parents work but unfortunately that is what it has come to. We have to make the most of it and I hope that as working parents we are never judged based on the fact that our children are in daycare some of the day.

  22. Dianne says

    I’ll have to disagree. It’s not impossible to live on one income. A bit tougher, but do-able. It’s just about what you set as a priority.

    I’m an educator and from my experience, the children who had stay-at-home moms working with them do better in school. Again, just from my own experience.

  23. Grip says

    I’m sure VIolet has had a nanny or two involved in her life too. 🙂

    In many areas it is virtually impossible to have one income support a family anymore – it’s just the way it is.

  24. JJ says

    Okay Jenna- then you can pay every stay at home mom a monthly salary to stay home with their kids. It is a well known fact that that in today’s society a family requires two incomes. It is no longer enough for the man to work ONLY – which is why most woman have to work a full time job and leave their children with nannies and at daycare centres…so their children will have plenty of toys to play with and nice clothes to wear and good, healthy food on the table.

  25. jenna says

    I think Violet is so cute. I’m not surprised about the talking. See all that time at the park with Jennifer has paid off! Babies need to hear their MOMS talk to them all day long–not nannies or daycare providers.

  26. oriana says

    This doesn’t surprise me one bit that Violet is a smart child! I also love Victor, always have! This is one of the nicest families of all the celebs!

  27. Miranda says

    oh she’s good. I was quite a talker when I was a toddler too I’ve heard. I said short sentences when I was 10 months old and talked about decorating x-mas trees when I was 2. Sadly, I’m not very smart anymore. xD I love Violet, she’s one of my favourite celebrity babies.

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