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Alison Sweeney

Below is from Alison Sweeney’s blog:

I hope you all had a fantastic Halloween. It was such a fun night for us with Ben this year. This was the first time that he really understood the concept of knocking on the door, saying “trick or treat” (when prompted) and receiving a gift. I really don’t let him eat candy at all, so it was hilarious to see him carefully select a piece of candy from each bowl, because he had no idea what he was choosing. But seeing the big kids get candy gave him a good idea that it was something he wanted! My one saving grace was one lovely woman who gave him a little packet of mini-graham cracker type cookies, so when we got home, I pulled those out of the bag, and said this is what you got! Yay Halloween and then dumped the rest of his loot into our out-going Halloween bowl. Is that mean? I don’t know, I just want to delay his interest in candy like that for as long as possible. And since he doesn’t even know what it is, why introduce him to all that junk? But the best part of the story is that he was a Lobster. Yes, a Lobster.Now, maybe if you’re living in Maine or Massachusetts reading this, that seems normal to you. However in LA at least, it’s a pretty unique costume. And as a result, everywhere we went kids and parents would say “oh, there’s the lobster!” like it was a hot piece of gossip that spread throughout the trick-or-treating neighborhood like crazy. And he was a super cute Lobster if I do say so, myself. He insisted on wearing his squeaky shoes too. He has shoes that squeak when he walks or jumps, I thought they were SO cutewhen we got them for him. Ha. Now they are the bane of my existence. Anyway, he loves those shoes and so off we go, squeaking up every walk-way on our street. And he loved every minute. So did we, frankly. It was such a fun night, taking him around to the homes with such fantastic decorations. We had pretty good decorations.. I won’t say ‘great’. I’ve had better years. Last year I went nuts with Martha Stewart ideas for decorating, but this year I was grateful for the time to carve one pumpkin with Ben. (a spider). He was pretty into it at first, but then got sick of playing with the slimy insides and ran off, leaving me to finish the messy project solo. This weekend is all about taking down the decorations and getting ready now or the big holidays. I love decorating for Christmas, and this year, I’m ready. Already. Usually I say ‘it’s too soon, where has the time gone?’ but this year? Maybe because it’s been so warm and I am psyched for it to be really winter, or maybe just because I am SO ready to have Ben get the whole Santa thing, but I am definitely ready to get my x-mas tree lit. Hope you all have a great week.




  1. KTT says

    I just got a lobster outfit just like that for my dog last night at target. It was 90% off in the Halloween section!

  2. Cathi says

    i was directing my words at alison sweeney herself, even though she will never read them…lol

  3. Just me says

    In my community, I actually know dentists who buy Halloween candy from kids. For example, one orthodontist pays $2 for every pound … $1 goes to the kid and the other goes to charity.
    As for the costume, my son had the same one last year when he was about 3 months and I had to order it.. I saw a bunch of lobsters this year. But this costume is definitely too small on him. I remember from the catalog that the claws are supposed to be attached to the writst and the tail was supposed to be down around the legs .. and the size was only up to about 24 months.

  4. D'Anna says

    She could do better things with the candy like send it to soldiers or take it to a children’s hospital or a regular one.

    Cathi, you’re cracking me up!!! Toothpaste is a good one too!!!

  5. kt says

    i think this is cute. so what if she doesn’t want him eating candy YET. she never said never.
    and to give it away makes sense. what the heck else would she do with it? i hardly imagine she’s a cheapskate since she’s probably a millionaire and candy probably costs like $20 in LA.
    i don’t know but i just think you all are being harsh for no reason.
    calm down about the candy. it’s a cute story and obvioulsy relevant to a site called BABYRAZZI.

  6. Cathi says

    so YOU’RE the annoying mom who gives out carrot sticks at birthday parties!!

    PS) kids hate you!

  7. Cathi says

    That costume is too small for him and it makes him look like a girl.

    Also, give me a break with the “my kids don’t eat candy” thing. guess what? nobody cares!!!!

  8. Sandra says

    Jessie she plays Samantha Brady on Days of Our Lives. She is also hosting Biggest Loser this season.

  9. olivia says

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    Do you think Spears’ problems stem from mental illness or drugs?

    really sad

  10. Dianne says

    Actually, I don’t let my child eat candy either but we go trick-or-treating because he likes to dress up, just like any other young kid. Not everyone goes out for the candy. If that were the case, I could just go buy bags of candy for him and no need to go!

  11. D'Anna says

    I might be the only one who thinks this, but why the hell would you let a kid trick or treat if you were just going to give the candy to someone else. Just sounds like a cheapskate to me.

  12. Melissa says

    Umm, do you really think it’s appropriate to copy & paste someone else’s blog like that? It’s one thing to lift a picture of someone from say, Just Jared or something, but this? Not so appropriate.

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