Sacha Baron Cohen, Isla Fisher & Daughter

Isla Fisher

Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher were snapped bundling up their daughter, Olive, for a recent stroll in Malibu’s Bluff Park.



  1. says

    ohh my god, sacha is so hot, man, bring me water cause im on fire, baby
    i love him, he is also very very intelligent
    but i really have to tell you a secret, olive isn’t sacha’s daughter, is the daughter of a millionaire who isla fisher went out with before meeting sacha baron cohen
    she is a liar, a bitch, but i love the clothes she is wearing
    i really wanna be isla fisher!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    for only one night at least

  2. Curls says

    i think she looks fab! Boots and all!!! what is wrong with wearing a pair of boots with heels when carring a child….. once you become a mum it doesnt mean you have to wear sweat pants and trainers…. 🙂 some of us can walk in heels and carry children at the same time!!!!! sorry had to get that off my chest 🙂 x

  3. Krystn says

    Does anyone know who those boots are? I’m in love with them!! Does anyone know where I can get them?

  4. Krystn says

    Does anyone know who those boots are? I’m in love with them!! Does anyone know where I can get them?

  5. Squeeky Sue says

    In the UK, it is popular to call your child an ‘old fashioned name’ so to us Olive is not old fashioned but trendy.
    My 13 yr old daughter went all through Primary school (ages 5 – 11) and the 12 kids in her class were called. Sam, Tom, Sid, Alfie, Chris and Bert for the boys, with Lizzie, Abigail, Meg, Beth, Peggy and Molly for the girls.Not one of them had a name that couldn’t of been used a hundred years ago, quite astounding.

  6. says

    y do people have their car seats or prams with them but then they dont put the baby in them and then celebs say that they want their privacy and they dont want the paps to take photos of the baby but then they dont put them in a car seat or pram.

  7. Melissa says

    After nine months and weighing a tonne, I’d want to wear high heels too. Isla is beautiful and looking great, as always.

  8. Grandma of 4 says

    You mean Malibu actually HAS a park and this very new family has already managed to FIND IT and enjoy being there with their new daughter??? FABULOUS!

    Quick…Sasha…call, email, snail mail…any form of communication available to you…but get the message to Britney that, yes indeedy, there are child friendly parks available to her to take the boys to! Thanks so much!

  9. Tea says

    It may seem weird to always see them in heels, but you have to consider that if you wear heels all the time it can actually be uncomfortable to wear flats, the tendons in the back of your ankle actually tighten, making them streach when you are wearing flats. Just pointing out that sometimes heels are more comfortable for a person.

  10. Patti says

    I’m no slave to fashion, but even I have worn (and do wear) heels when carrying my son. It’s not like she is walking on sheer ice, she’s on solid ground and if that’s what she feels comfortable in then all the power to her.

    I think she looks great and she is probably the best judge of what she is capable of walking in our not.

    Also, remember that this is just a snapshot. They’re taking the baby bucket out of the car, which says to me that they are planning on using a stroller, so no worries about dropping baby even if an unforseen heel incient happens.

  11. Charlotte says

    I love them. I wanted to know the baby’s name and see them all together so badly. Olive, not as bad as the rumored Satchel.

  12. Sandra says

    AmyY I agree with you. You can wear athletic shoes and not look like a slob. What makes one look like a slob is if they are in sweats with no real sense of color matching. I would never carry a child wearing heels; then again I don’t own a pair so no worries there!

  13. kim--original kim says

    I LOVE to see new parents together with their baby… so nice, refreshing! Congrats to them.

  14. Just me says

    But, yeah, I don’t know how Angelina carries two big kids at a time, weighing what she does plus wearing spikes!

  15. megs says

    They look like they are going to be attentive parents…but do agree that it seems celebs wear the wildest shoes sometimes when they are carrying around their babies, etc…I am always wondering when Angelina is going to topple over carrying her armloads of kids and wearing heels, that to me is not exactly the multitasking I would want to undertake!

    Do love the outfit she is wearing – wonder if Olive is a family name? So old fashioned. It is also one of our fish’s names!

  16. DMITZ says

    Plus, it always feels good to dress cute right after you have a baby. Admit it 🙂 But this is a cute pic, I bet she’s a great mom.

  17. Grip says

    Amy Y … because the paps follow them and then we will say they are slobs. LOL But I know what you mean, I like seeing Jennifer Garner and Ben Afflack because they seem very “normal”.

  18. AmyY says

    The outfits cute but hardly practical for walking with a baby in a park.. why cant celebs just relax in jeans and sneakers?

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