Jerry O'Connell Anxious To Start A Family With Rebecca Romijn

Rebecca Romijn

Jerry was snapped with wife Rebecca Romijn at The Edendale Grill in Los Angeles on Sunday where the two celebrated Rebecca’s 35th birthday with friends.

Jerry told USA Today:

“When you’re married to Rebecca Romijn, you should try to have as many children as possible. And I want to do that before she figures out that she could do a lot better than me.”

Hmmm…I wonder when they will start having children.



  1. sally says

    usually when these celebrities make announcements like that it means that they are already pregnant.

  2. amy says

    i love them! he is always making her laugh and vice versa. i think they are soul mates. he cracks me up with what he said about having her children before she figures out he’s not good enough…funny! he’s a goofball, she’s a goofball and i hope they live a great life……….

  3. Joy says

    I absolutely understand the reason for the website but at the same time it is their business if and when they decide to have children. Once they decide and if there happens to be pictures I am happy to view them. But until then I am not concerned about if or when they decide to have children. I think we can leave that issue to them. Thanks for asking though!!

  4. Mellynn says

    Joy, if that is your opinion, then why are you even here? Do you not get the name of the website….BABYrazzi?

  5. Mellynn says

    Looking at her outfit, I wonder if one isn’t on the way already….she has said she’s ready for kids, too.

    I love Jerry….he’s funny, except in that kangaroo movie.

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