Remember D.J. Tanner From Full House?

Remember her?

Candace Cameron

Look at her now! Here she was snapped at a tennis gala in Boca Raton, FL on Saturday. She looks amazing!

Candace Cameron

It’s Candace Cameron of Full House fame! She played D.J. Tanner on Full House. Her brother is Kirk Cameron.  Candace, 31, and husband, hockey player Valeri Bure, have a daughter Natasha, 9, a son Lev, 7, and a son Maksim, 5.

Candace is a devout Christian and has a website about God.



  1. says

    Thanks , I’ve recently been looking for information approximately this subject for a long time and yours is the best I’ve discovered so far. However, what concerning the conclusion? Are you positive in regards to the source?

  2. oriana says

    Jenna my Dear, Thank You Honey! We are getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving here and I have a lot to be thankful for, even in bad health, as you know I lost my leg in 2001 due to a blood clot that couldn’t be dissolved, when I had that surgery the doctors discovered I only have one kidney functioning at 40% level, I have good days and bad days. I feel so thankful and grateful for the good life I have and I feel very blessed.

    I don’t know if you guys over there have any kind of celebration like we do for a Thanksgiving or not but Happy Holidays to you!!!!

    I am starting Christmas shopping early this year too, but no snow in Ca. I miss that from back home in Kentucky!

    You have a good evening!!!!!

  3. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Oriana, I was looking forward to your post on this subject! I thought you must have missed it or something. You’re probably the only person on here thats made a post on this subject that people can’t start a war over! Well done!

  4. oriana says

    Dear Lord! I just stumbled on this one. I have to say there are many wonderful people with different religions, I try to respect them but in my heart there are some I have qualms about. It is not for us to judge, and I struggle with that also. I certainly can’t go along with that Scientology crap!

    I have a mixture in my family, Jehovah’s Witness, husband is Catholic, I am a Southern Baptist, some Mormons and I have a friend is Wiccan. So there is a melting pot for sure!

    I wasn’t around over 2,000 years ago so I don’t know if the Bible was written as true or not, I never met Saint Peter, but in my heart I love him. I want to believe one day we will see our loved ones again, I want to believe there is a better place than this world that is going down the toilet fast. I want to believe the blind will see one day, and even I will have my leg back again that I lost.

    I think that we have to live by Faith, and try to do the best we can for everyone we can, and for me personally, I do believe in a Risen Saviour and I think God is on the throne in Heaven.

    I don’t want to be bitter, but sometimes I am, sometimes I question why evil things happen and bad things happen to good people, I just think that for each of us, if we can forgive and believe in the Good instead of negative, and I do believe in Karma too, we can be decent constructive people, and maybe make a difference in this world.

    Sorry for such a long post but it is a controversial subject.

    I think Kirk is following his heart and I think that he is sincere in believing he is doing God’s work, so who are we to judge, he seems happy to me! And so does this pretty girl, I wish both of them much success!!!!!!

  5. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Last comment to you Andrea, “good riddens” should be spelt “good riddance”. Learn to spell before you criticise my reading sweetheart. Stop going on about my reading comprehension. My reading comprehension is fine, its your rants that are mixed up and lacking in point or direction.

    I haven’t accused you of anything. I certainly wasn’t out of line in anyway, I was just stating my opinions and standing up for them and I stand by them now.

    I knew you were responding to another person’s post. You ALSO responded to me when I was responding to someone else so don’t be such a hypocrite.

    And honey, you’ll be waiting a damn long time before I feel I need to apologise to you. Have a nice day.

  6. Andrea says

    Jenna, your last post confirms what I said before. You really need to REREAD things because the comprehension just isn’t there. Didn’t you read anything at all what I wrote?
    I’m sorry but you’re totally defensive about this whole thing and you failed to understand that I was responding to another poster’s remarks.

    You really need to take a step back, stop accusing me of things, and apologize. You’re totally out of line.
    Like I said before, please go take some courses on reading comprehension.
    You’ve wasted my time. Goodbye and good riddens!

  7. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Thanks 2teens3beans! And I’ve had problems getting access to this site before too, thiugh not recently.

  8. 2teens3beans says

    Well I have had no access to babyrazzi for the past 4 days, very weird. No other websites… just this one. Anyone else have the same thing happen?
    Anyway, I agree with Jenna UK pretty much everything she said i agree with.

  9. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Andrea, I wasn’t being rude, perhaps you’re just being over-sensitive. You DON’T have a right to tell me people don’t try to cram their agendas down my throat because you don’t have any idea. And the only reason I said I wasn’t going to respond to you comment about proof was because I couldn’t be bothered writing a big long post explaining exactly why I disagreed with you and I didn’t want to get into an argument with you.

    If you read my posts you will notice I never ONCE said that that guy shouldn’t be out there. I’m a strong believer in freedom of speech (although not to the point where it infringes other peoples rights). And I certainly never mentioned anything about “the bible doesn’t say so”, I couldn’t care less what is or isn’t the bible.

    I don’t have anything further to say to you, because all you are doing is going over and over the same poinrs and completely misinterpretting everything I say just so you can attack it.

  10. Andrea says

    You’re saying something different from what you originally said. Here it is:

    ““You cannot argue Christ didn’t exist because He did” (I said)
    “You can argue he didn’t exist and people have and still do and always will. And they do it very well” (you said)

    There is no question a man named Christ existed, dear. I’m not talking about the existence of God. Of course people debate that.

  11. Andrea says

    Jenna M.,
    I think you should read your post again to answer why it was rude.
    (#60 “Andrea, you have no right to tell me that people do not cram this message down my throat, you do not live my life….I’m not going to respond properly to your comment about proof…”) I’ll say it once more, I was not asking you to prove anything –about your religion, your views, or whatever.

    The reason I brought up the difference between “making” someone believe something and being pushy/rude came in response to Sophia’s original post (See #10: “….Most people want to be allowed to make up their own mind.” she said)
    Hello? Of couse you can! I have come across pushy and very rude realtors, anti-Iraq war protestors, Jehovah witnesses, and even callers wanting to raise money for the local police department (Imagine that. They almost swear at you for saying, “Not this time. Sorry.”) but in each and every case I “made up my own mind” and made my own decisions.
    And Sophia used Kirk Cameron as an example. But if you’ve ever heard him on the radio or seen the way he approaches people, it is with the utmost respect. If he used $20 to draw in people to start a conversation, what is wrong wtih that? If they say 2 words and they leave, he doesn’t hold them down. Haven’t you ever gone into a store because they offered something free or gave a really good coupon? What about those timeshares talks that draw people in with offers of free vacations?

    For goodness sake. If you (Sophia and others who share her views) don’t like his message, then fine. Walk on by. But don’t say he shouldn’t be “out there on the streets” because “the Bible doesn’t say so” or that he’s forcing his religion on you because that is far, far from what he is doing. He uses tact and respect.
    We all make up our own minds on what to believe. So don’t say he shouldn’t be out there just because you disagree with his beliefs.

  12. Jess says

    Andrea, I hate to break it to you, but not everyone believes in god and I can argue that he doesn’t exisit if I want too. People do argue that he doesn’t exisit, do you want me to list some books? cause I can. So don’t tell me to do some research thanks very much.

  13. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Andrea, I wasn’t being rude to you. I was simply disagreeing with something you said. OK I said that you had no right to say whatever it was you said because I misinterpreted what you said. Rather than my reading comprehension skills being the problem (and I think all my A+ English results will back me up on that), perhaps its the way you word things? Could you please tell me what you meant by saying my statements are off base? They are just my opinions.

    Also, I never said that guy was MAKING me believe anything. He could never do that. But that is beside the point, the point is he TRIES to make me and others change our beliefs, and I find that arrogant and disrespectful. I’m not sure what your point was there exactly? I’m sorry if you took offense to anything I said, that wasn’t my intention. However, I won’t apoloogise for having the beliefs and views that I do.

  14. Andrea says

    #60 Jenna
    You totally misunderstood my comment. I was explaining why I had asked another poster to “prove” something she said. I was not asking you to prove anything. In fact, only that first part of my post was directed at you.

    People can be pushy about their ideas but again, no one can MAKE you believe something against your will—which is what I am saying. You’re saying some guy with placards is pushy in your neighborhood. Fine. So he is. But no matter HOW annoying he may be, you will believe what you want to believe about life, your life, etc.
    There is a difference is being pushy and rude and actually MAKING you believe something. That is my point.

    And by the way, you were rude to me first so I don’t see how you can stand there and say the things you did. I find your statements off base and clearly, you need to take some lessons on reading comprehension.

  15. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Sandra, sorry for what your friend is going through! Yes, I have had to deal with a lot of stuff like that, handed bibles by family friends, called a Satanist etc (which completely bemuses me, I don’t even believe in Satan, as far as I’m concerned Satan is a Christian creation!).

    Even in college now, the subject of religion came up in one of my classes and when I mentioned being Wiccan, the teacher burst out laughing and started making childish jokes. I complained but nothing was done about it (though I’m sure if she’d been belittling a student for being a Christian or Muslim it would be a completely different story).

    I can’t really complain though, I’m luckier than my Wiccan ancestors who were hung, burned at the stake and imprisoned for their faith! I try to see the good in everything also, so I guess going through discrimination like this will make me stronger. It certainly makes me more tolerant of everybody elses beliefs!

  16. Tia :) says

    Grip- I totally agree with what you’re saying and I enjoy reading it! You are a very wise person! bravo!

  17. Sandra says

    Jenna M. My best friend is also Wiccan. Her husband finally told his whole family after keeping it a secret for 5 years. Today she tells me a friend of the family mailed her a nasty letter saying she worships Satan and gave her a Bible inscribed with her name on it. How incredibly hurtful and tactful people can be no matter what their religion might be. Do you get a lot of that being Wiccan yourself?

  18. Grip says

    Jenna, sorry to hear about some of the practices of the Free Church Continued. I plan on looking into that more on the internet. One of the things Jesus taught most is love and acceptance and NON-VIOLENCE. People misquote the Bible all the time. Any one who claims to be Chrisitian but hates their fellow man or beats their wife…well, it’s MY belief that they will have some serious answering to do one day!

  19. Grip says

    You know, I don’t think religion alone is a bad thing. Of course people (note I said people, not a divne being) use it to push their causes whatever their cause may be. But people use lots of things to do that…nationalism, race, ethnicity, etc. So you can’t blame religion, you blame the people who are corrupting it.

    And a lot comes down to some simple maners and values. No one, I don’t care how educated, should make anyone feel foolish for their beleifs. Many leanred people are Christian. Many are Jewish. Many are Islamic. Many are Aethiest. They come to make their own determinations just as the rest of us do…and their choices should be respected.

    As for ANTI…I do not feel somone pushing Aethism is any more appealing than someone pushing their faith. And judging those who beleive is as damaging as judging others who don’t.

    When it comes to religion, everyone must find their own home. I truly beleive in my faith. But I also know that you can not make a person hear if they do not want to hear you. So I don’t preach my faith. However, I do hope that I can inspire people through my own actions, and at times I have. Sometimes that leads people to ask about my faith and then I share…if they show interest in joing me, I’m more than happy to assist. But I know that pushing my beleifs on someone who is not interested will only turn them off to me and my faith. It’s common sense.

  20. Tia :) says

    #66- You see? this is what im talking about…the minute i would preach what i believe i would be yelled at. Keep it to yourself. I dont understand why we cant respect eachother!!

  21. Tia :) says

    Grip- I had this whole thing written out to you but my internet crapped out and it didnt post! Anyways, I wanted to say i enjoy your posts…thanks for clearing things up!!

    In general…i must agree that nothing drives me more crazy then when other people try and shove religion down other peoples throats. That being said, what about the other people who always judge you because you are a catholic, or a muslim, christian, Jewish ect?. I remember when i started working as an RN in a hospital. Religion came up one day while a bunch of us were talking and this one guy mentioned religion…how terrible it was and what not…and i said ” oh it can’t all be that bad” and he said ” Don’t tell me you believe in that crap…i thought you were a smart girl? Obviously i was wrong” He treated me like crap. ( It doesnt matter now…im working at a different hospital) Also, my husbands family…they dont believe in anything as well..they’ve dropped some lines on me…i know they love me…but it hurt. My husband respects me for who I am and I him. We got married in a catholic church and are raising my daughter catholic. The only thing he has asked me to do was to let her decide when she’s older what she wants. I agree fully. He wants her to decide when its time for high school if she wants to continue on in the catholic system or go on to the public system. I again, am all for it.

    Sorry for the long post ladies!! I often try not to bring up religion because it can be a touchy subject!! I just felt like i wanted to add a little input!

  22. ANTI says

    Isn’t it wonderful how religion brings us all together?

    Between being the cause of more wars than anything else and it’s ability to cause divisiveness among people – tell me again how religion is about love and acceptance? Come to athiesm – it will free you.

  23. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Grip, thats actually a great quote! Thanks for the info about Jesus existing, I have heard that a man called Jesus existed who at least thought he was the son of God. I listened more to the way you wrote it than the way Andrea did as you put it intelligiently and politely and not at all aggressively.

    And yes unfortunately it is like that with the “Religious Right” here in the UK, especially up here in the Highlands of Scotland (although they don’t make up the majority like I think they do in the US). Sadly, the more rural, west coast villages here have taken Christianity in the form of the Free Church Continued (think along the scale of the American Westoboro Baptists but not as extreme) and twisted it to something which I see as being very out of touch with the principles of Christian love and peace.

    They use their religion as an excuse for many behaviours, such as homophobia and wife-beating. That area has the highest rates of domestic abuse in Britain, and is the only constituency not to have enforced the same-sex union laws.

  24. nosoupforyou says

    Grip, I need to compliment you on your posts. You show wisdom in your thoughts and statements.

    I had a professor in college, too, like the one you described.

  25. Grip says

    What Andrea is saying is that historians know that a man named Jesus was born in and taught in Galillee all those years ago. To Christians, he is the Saviour. To Muslims, he is an important prophet. To other religions he is a lesser prophet. To some, he was just a man. He actually existed. What He is to each person, is a different thing… I think that’s what Andrea meant.

    You know I think part of the problem today can be summed up in a quote by a great man (not a Christian, mind you! 🙂 ) Ghandi:

    “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. They are so unlike your Christ.”

    Now, I’m certainly not saying that about ALL Christians (especially because I am one!) but I can certainly apply that to the Right Wing Religious movement in my country (US) today. Because many of their policies are so opposite of what Jesus would want.

    I take it that it’s similar in the UK today by some of our British counterparts comments. That is really too bad.

  26. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Andrea, you have no right to tell me that people do not cram this message down my throat, you do not live my life. I do, and I can tell you that people regularly do cram their religious agendas down my throat. And that is the only thing I have a problem with.

    I’m not going to respond properly to your comment about proof, though I strongly disagree with you. I will only point out that I can, if I wish, argue that Jesus existed. There is plenty of doubt about it. There is also plenty of things in the bible that can be disproved. But we are both entitled to our opinions. As I said before, I feel no need to find proof that my Gods and Goddesses exist because I know in my heart that they do. I don’t need any historian or scientist to confirm that for me.

  27. Jess says

    “You cannot argue Christ didn’t exist because He did”

    You can argue he didn’t exist and people have and still do and always will. And they do it very well.

  28. Andrea says

    #53 Jenna M.(UK)
    I don’t know if your comment was directed at me but the reason why I asked Sophia to “prove” the Big Bang Theory was because she said Kirk shouldn’t be speaking about the Bible or God since he couldn’t “prove” they were true.

    One thing to note is that every piece of information, no matter fine in detail it was in the Bible, cannot be disproved. Even the historical references to a time period, a person, and so on. —So what? you say? Well, that’s how historians determine the authenicity of a book, manuscript, etc. The same procedures they used to account Napoleon and his feats, they used on determining the accuracy of the Bible (as a historical piece of book) and EVERYTHING STILL STANDS.

    You cannot argue Christ didn’t exist because He did. No doubt about it. Secular historians confirm it. Now, it’s up to you to decide who He will be to you: Lord, a liar, or a lunatic?

    And no one crams this message down your throats. Again, that goes against the conscience. We all decide what we believe on our own. And that was what I was trying to convey to Sophia.

  29. Grip says

    I remember I had a professor in college who was aeithiest (sp?) and he said while he did not beleive in religion, he was glad religion existed. He said he felt that he could act morally & deceintly because it was the right way to be, but that many would not do so if they did not feel there was a divine being they’d have to answer too.

    That struck me.

    But as I’m almost 20 yrs removed from college now… it’s partially true, I can see what he was saying, but lets face it… a lot of horrible things are done in the name of religion too… so it can go either way.

  30. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Grip, I know, that is what I was trying to say. I guess my point didn’t come across that well because I got angry thinking about it lol :-P. I was trying to put across that I don’t think there is anything wrong with anyone’s religions (though obviously I don’t share beliefs with most of them), its just a few bad people in each that give them all bad reputations. And I think that that is unfair because most religious people I know are generally good people.

  31. Grip says

    But see Jenna, most Christians (I believe) are good, saying they have a bad rep is blaming all for a few. We could say that all Muslims are terrorists based on recent world events too, but that would be very narrow minded now, wouldn’t it.

    BTW, any one who acts imorally thinking they can ask Gods forgiveness and all is good…REALLY has not done their homework…it’s not quite how it’s spelled out. 😉

  32. kimmy says

    Jenna- I completely agree with you. I think peoples actions speak louder than words and if more Christians did more loving and didn’t judge,then I’m sure they wouldn’t have such a bad rap. 🙂

  33. Jenna M. (UK) says

    And I forgot to say, yes I know Christians and Jews can’t prove that God exists, Muslims can’t prove that Allah exists, Wiccans and other Pagans can’t prove that our Gods and Goddesses exit, but we don’t need to.

    We all believe in our God/Gods/Goddesses because that is what feels right and true to us. We don’t proof, we have this little thing called faith 🙂

  34. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Whats with the big religious debate? Why can’t we all just accept other people’s beliefs and leave them to it? I completely respect other people’s religions. I don’t see anything wrong with having a belief, being proud of it and standing up for it. I am proud to be Wiccan, and I will stand up for it if need be.

    However, I take offense when people try to shove their religions down my throat. I find it incredibly rude and disrespectful. For example, in the city near where I live, there is this Christian guy that goes around all day wearing a sandwich board praising God who tries to hand you leaflets and DVDs when you walk past. He can be really quite forceful and rude, following you and shouting about why you need to listen to him give you God’s message untill you either take a leaflet or tell him very strongly and threateningly to F*** Off.

    And don’t even get me started on the Jehovah’s Witnesses who come knocking on your door, I think that is the ultimate invasion of privacy and respect, it should not be allowed. Why don’t they understand how arrogant it is to go into your garden, knock on your front door and then try to tell you that your religion isn’t as good as theirs. In your own home!

    When I was younger I had a friend whose father was a Free Church Continued minister. He wouldn’t allow me in their house because my family don’t go to church.

    I also hate it when people use God or Allah or whatever to justify evil. There is a guy I go to college with who indecently assaulted my friend at a party and goes around groping girls and being really sleazy… and has been heard to say that as long as he asks God for forgiveness its OK and he’ll go to heaven!

    I know that these few people don’t represent the majority of Christians (or Muslims as I mentioned them too), but when people do the things I discussed above, they should realise that they are giving their whole religion a bad name.

  35. Grip says

    Kimora & Kariah’s Mommy, I could not agree with you more. Christianity has been hijacked by the Right in our country. And in areas that are very Left (Hollywood beign one of them) you are a “fool” or “naive” or “stupid” if you are Christian. It is very sad. It also makes me sad about the friction within the Christian Churches…each group thinks they have the “right” way to worship but you know, the Bible (like many things) is subjective. Yes, it’s in black & white but its interpritation is going to mean different things to different people. Stick to the basics of what it states… and we should all be more cohesive as a group. I’m on a tangent now so I will stop! LOL LIke you, I am far from perfect. Heck, when I come to this site to look at the celebs and their kids and gossip… I often feel like this is not what I should be doing. But it’s like my little “indulgence” and if that’s the worst of it… so be it. 🙂

    One thing I am grateful for is I have had a life where I have had the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life…so I do not judge others if they are not just like me.

    This has gotten very involved (but it’s been fun). I think what I was trying to say from the beginning is being Christian is not a bad thing. And I really don’t think the WM meant to anything but say what Candace has been up to.

  36. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    “Christianity” does seem to be a buzz word these days that does indeed send people into tailspins. I’m a Christian, so of course I think it’s great when I hear of others having the opportunity to hear the Good News. I’m sad that words such as right-wing, judgmental, and arrogant come to mind when people think of Christians, because those people are misrepresenting Christianity. Christ certainly wasn’t/isn’t any of those things. I’m not perfect, and I don’t claim to be. While I’m not always successful, my daily mission is to become more like Christ and grow in Him.

  37. Sandra says

    It is not any different than talking about Tom and his Science crap or Madonna and her Kabbalah. Which they both seem to advertise a lot.

  38. Sandra says

    I don’t think the WM said that Candace is a devout Christian and has a website about God for any other purpose but tell us what she has been doing since Full House, getting married and having kids. She hasn’t been acting much so that to me would explain her absents. I don’t get offended that she is a Christian as I wouldn’t if the WM said she was Pagan. I think some need to lighten up and don’t forget to breathe!

  39. Andrea says


    You never answered my question: If you have such a problem with Kirk Cameron and claim that he judges people (“stupid condemnation” was your quote in what he does) without “the facts”, why don’t you prove the other side of the Creationist Theory by “proving” the Big Bang Theory?

    My point is that what they teach in schools are just theories. No one can “prove” them. And I had a problem with what you said because you implied that Evolution could be proven. It cannot. These are just theories. And if the public schools can teach these theories as facts in our schools, why can’t Kirk question people about these premises?

    Your line of reasoning fails.

    And Kirk has every right under the freedom of religion clause under the First Amendment to exercise his religion. You think this clause was just put there so you wouldn’t have to hear what you disagree with, what you find “offensive”??
    Do some historical research. Freedom of religion was put in the Constitution by the Founding Fathers who were Christian so they could practice their faith/ religion without being told how to—which is exactly what you’re doing. —-IT wasn’t put in there so you could shut people up because you found their ideas offensive.

  40. Grip says

    Hi Tia.

    No, that’s not factual. Catholicism is Christianity. Christianity is any religion that beleives Jesus Christ is the Son of God. Within Christianity there is Catholics, Orthodox Religions (like Greek Orthodox, Russian Orthodox, Macedonian Orthodox, etc…) and Protestant faiths.

    There are definately saints in Catholicism and in Eastern Orthodox Religions as well.

    Some protestant Churches do recognize saints, but they don’t have the same significance as they do in the Catholic or Orthodox Churches. (My mom is Episcopal, they do have Saints, but they do not play the same role in her Church as in mine.)

    Protestant faiths include Episcopal/Anglican, Lutheran, Baptist, Presbyterian, etc… they are all different within themselves as well.

    That’s the history lesson for the day. LOL

    As I said, I’m Catholic (converted as an Adult) but I was raised in my Mom’s Church (Episcopal) and my fathers (Orthodox) and I have studied religion in general (including non-Christian faiths) a lot. I find it fascinating. I hope to do more of it in the future. I know religion is not cool today – and the zealots seem to take over giving it a bad reputation – but I just love it.

  41. Tia :) says

    Grip- I agree to a point with what you’re saying. The Roman Catholic religion and Christanity are a bit different in the fact as where chruch and little beliefs are different. Roman Catholics believe in Saints…Christians do not? According to a friend of mine there are no saints in Christanity.

  42. Grip says

    One point…Catholics ARE Christians…

    I am a Catholic and Christian. I am not homophobic or judgemental, because my religion tells me not to judge. I hate that Christianity has been hijaked by the Right Wing in this country – because MANY Christian ideals (care for the poor, downtroden, social responsibility, etc.) are NOT at all what the right wing spouts. I also don’t feel the need to make everyone Christian. I DO wish everyone would really look at the teachings of Christ and try to take on what he taught…because he taught peace and love, and that’s not a bad thing. Beleive it or not I have studied and learned a lot from many great people in other faiths and I think we can all learn from and respect one another.

    Sophia and others can CERTAINLY speak their mind. But I just thought it was an awfully big rant to come out of the webmistress saying that Candace is now a devout Christian and has a website about God.

    ALL CELBS sell their agendas in case people have not noticed. While I am far from Right Wing, I am also far from Left (nice and in the middle, like most of America, I beleive…). But Hollywood seems to have a HUGE left agenda these days and I am not particularly pleased with that either. But they can speak their minds. Tom can try and make the world Scientologist…but I am so not buying it. But he keeps selling. Tom Hanks can refuse to say the word “God” in the pledge of allegance, but I can alter my opinon on him for doing so too… it’s the way it is.

    But just seeing the word CHRISTIAN sends some people into a tail spin today and I think that’s nuts. There are all types of Christians, and there are all types of people. I don’t judge someone with the blanket of say, homosexual. That’s part of who a person is, not their entire essence. I see people for who they are – good or bad or otherwise – in how they act and treat others. But judging someone harshly because they are Christian is equally offensive as someone using Christianity to push an agenda (and heaven knows that is done daily… usually a very un-Christ like agenda at that…)

    And Cancade can have any website she wants… in all reality, it’s probably more productive than THIS site. But we’re all here….right?

  43. Just me says

    I really don’t know what all the controversy is about her Web site??!!
    Like Fee said, I think the webmistress was just simply saying what she is doing now.

  44. sophia says

    can people take the fact not everyone is a christan or should be some people are catholic buddisht wicca and the list goes on

  45. sophia says

    thank you twoteens3beans andera dave never once did i said i hate christan reread my post i wrote that not everyone is a christan or sould be see that what im trying to prove most christan tryin to convert(sp) people to christianty read the bible no thank you dave and andrea where did i said i hate kirk can people take that not all people arent christan some are cathloic buddisht wicca and the list goes on

  46. Tia :) says

    Well….im a Catholic. I respect all religions..i believe that we are all serving a common purpose. We all believe that there is one Almighty God. I dont think anyone has a right to say that this persons religion is wrong, or this one is not real…

    As for Candace…Holy hell people! it was only mentioned because thats where she is right now in life…making that christian website. Who cares if shes christian or not. She isnt pushing it on anyone. Leave her alone.

  47. nosoupforyou says

    Dave, Sophia did not say she “hated” Christianity.

    As a Jew, I do not believe in Christianity.

    Tonight, I had the privlidge of listening to a lecture by a very learned man. He went to rabbinical and law school at the same time. He has an undergraduate degree in comparative religion. He doesn’t believe in Christianity either.

    Kimorah’s mommy:

    Im sure you think it’s “great” that Kirk witnesses to others. That’s likely due to the fact that you share his beliefs. For those of us who don’t, at the worst, it can be offensive. At the least, it can be annoying.

    As for Candace, I don’t find her offensive at all. I’ve been to her web site before. She appears to be a wonderful mother and a good person.

    I think she is a much better public eample than Spears or some others.

  48. Andrea says

    If you hate Kirk so much because ” Kirk is that he says things that he can’t possibly prove (ie evolution being a lie, God being real, etc) “, tell me this — How in the world would you prove the Big Bang Theory when renown scientists have come out and said nothing coming from nothing is just non-scientific and plainly nonplausible?

    Kirk Cameron debates. Let’s get that straight. He asks people on the street at times questions that get them thinking but to say that he crams his ideas down people’s throats is very, very far-fetched.
    No one, how powerful you are, can “force” a belief on another. It goes against the conscience. You can make someone repeat something with threats but you cannot force a way of thought into another.

    I find your arguments weak. It looks like you just hate the message of the Gospel. So if that’s it, refrain from accusing people like Kirk of things that are incorrect.

    Let me ask you again.
    Prove the Big Bang Theory. Where are the “facts”????

  49. 2teens3beans says

    #28 Where in Sophia’s post did she say she HATES christianity??? Where did she say christianity is false???? Put on your glasses Dave, she didn’t!!! Nobody else has made those statements either.
    You wouldn’t recognize an intelligent viewpoint if it bit you on the @ss.

  50. Dave says

    Hey Sopia,
    I challenge you to read the Gospel of John in the Bible and then come judge Christians again…. Because that’s what you’re doing even though you say you hate Christians for that very thing!

    C.S. Lewis was probably the most “aetheistic” person there ever lived. He set out to prove the Bible and all of Christian beliefs were wrong and did hours upon hours upon hours upon hours of research. (Yes, he was an Oxford and Cambridge Univ. scholar/ professor)…. And you know what he found out in the end?

    …That he could not disprove any of the claims in the Bible or of Christianity. He became a believer, a Christian. Same story of Lee Strobel who was a journalist who set out to disprove Christianity also.

    My point:
    Before you stand on your soapbox and say everything about the Bible, Christianity, Christians is false, blah, blah, why don’t you at least do your research instead of going on hearsay? Don’t you owe that to yourself?

    … And have you EVER thought that YOU could be wrong???

    I challlenge Sophia and all you others who say you hate Christianity.

  51. Niamh says

    Anyone having a fit over Candace and her Christianity might want to check out her website. She doesn’t come across as bigoted or homophobic or judgmental at all. I’m glad to see any celeb that isn’t ashamed of their beliefs in God and isn’t afraid to say that they are Christian.

  52. 2teens3beans says

    What is wrong with Sophia stating her opinion? Maybe you should simmer down Grip.
    I happen to agree with some of Sophia’s statements.
    In my experience, people who “advertise” their Christianity are some of the most bigoted, homophobic, judgemental, right winged people I have ever met in my life… not anyone I would ever want for a friend.
    Other Christians, or people of ANY religion who have a “personal” relationship with God are usually more tolerant, peaceloving folk who I would be happy to associate with.
    Nothing turns me off quicker than someone who wants to witness their Christianity to me, or advertise that they are Christian all the while acting that they are the superior human with the superior religious beliefs.
    That’s my opinion.

  53. daisy says

    She looks beautiful – nice to see her this many years later looking happy and not wrecked by childhood fame

  54. gweny says

    full house was one of my favorite shows a couple of years ago and to see D.J now is crazy, she is so pretty, is her hubby hot?

  55. Grip says

    Sophia, simmer down. Last time I checked it was a free country… you can beleive what you like and others can beleive what they like.

  56. Grip says

    Sophia simmer down. Last time I checked, it was a free country. You can beleive what you like, and others can beleive what they like.

  57. crazykraut says

    Kimmy/Andrea Barber got married in 2002 and has a three year old son. They live in england

  58. Amber says

    She looks much older than 31 to me…..

    Kimmy was the one that got addicted to meth and is now engaged to be married, I belive.

  59. megs says

    didn’t Kirk Cameron get into the Xian thing too? He was such a hottie when I was growing up…watching Growing Pains…aren’t they brother & sister?

  60. megs says

    Yes…where in the world is Kimmy Gibbler??!

    I think she looks so young ad radiant in this photo, not too much different than when she was on Full House (which was my favorite show when I was a kid and now my son loves the reruns…how funny! Memory lane!)

  61. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    I think it’s great that they are using their fame to witness to others. It’s correct to say that only God has the power and ability to judge. However, it’s incorrect to say that faith doesn’t have any sound basis. We all start from faith…but the question is whether we place that faith in God or in man.

  62. sophia says

    i dont care if candance is a christan and everyone think the same as everyone else

    I personally don’t have a problem with anyone who chooses a religion. Great for them. The problem most people have with Kirk is that he says things that he can’t possibly prove (ie evolution being a lie, God being real, etc) to be FACT and doesn’t take the word ‘NO’ for an answer. I think most logical people can handle someone having a differing point of view but, when another person can’t handle that and goes off the deep end because of it, it becomes a problem and people get annoyed.

    An actor’s religion really shouldn’t be an issue. It’s a personal choice and really shouldn’t come into play. I think that’s the problem with Kirk. His job is to act, not to preach. If he wants to do that, he can but, he goes on the street and pays people $20 to listen to him. And yes, he has done that, there is video of him doing just that. Where exactly does it say to do that in the bible? Most people want to be allowed to make up their own mind. Some people can’t handle that concept and some people use religion as a guise to be a bigot. Where exactly is the peace & love in that? Plus, I just don’t think anyone wants to hear they’re going to hell by some idiot who thinks they know everything. How can another flawed human make that judgment anyway? Last time I looked, they can’t.

    And no, God’s existence cannot be proven. No one can prove He doesn’t exist either. It’s suppose to be based on faith and by definition, faith isn’t based on concrete proof.

    Basically, people have freewill and shouldn’t have to deal with stupid condemnations by people who don’t know them. That is a huge turn off and ironically, it shoots the religious person in the foot. Their supposed goal is to win over more people and they almost always do the opposite. God and religion is a personal choice. I don’t think anyone needs help with that choice

  63. Andrea says

    She looks great. Her brother Kirk Cameron has 6 kids, some of whom are adopted. Great family.

  64. fee says

    It was kind of a where is she now type thing. If her faith is a huge part of who she is, then it should be mentioned about her.

  65. starstruk says

    Wow…she’sbeautiful. I didn’t know she has 3 kids so close in age…and she’s only 31!!!

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