An Expectant Christina Aguilera Out For Dinner At Koi

Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera was snapped out for dinner at West Hollywood eatery Koi with husband Jordan Bratman on Sunday.



  1. onatear says

    UCK! as in yucky…I just can’t get used to the idea she and her icky husband are going to be mommy and daddy to a beautiful baby.

  2. Venny says

    She’s cute but I dont like that dress, men, she should go for some cute maternity dress.

    love the dress lo.

  3. dori says

    She is sweet but this outfit is one of the worst I’ve seen her in. It looks like she’s still trying to squeeze into her regular clothing and everything is too tight. Not so attractive……

  4. Tiffany says

    There she is again in an unflattering outfit. She has such a cute figure (even when pregnant) that she should wear something that is cute. She can dress sexy yet still look classy. She dresses trashy and yet she has the ability to be one of the best dressed pregnant women out there. She just always looks like a trashy clown. Yuk!

  5. phnxgirl says

    Holy crap her boobs are massive. I think she is so pretty, but her makeup is always too thick. Her foundation never looks natural.

  6. Cathi says

    yes we know you have boobs christina…give it a rest.

    why the skin tight see through shirt? her protruding pregnant belly button is visible….yuck.

  7. gweny says

    i dont no, even though christina is 26 or 27 i still cant belive she is pregnant, she looks great there by the see through shirt isnt that great, i love that bra, lol!

  8. JJ says

    This is one of her least attractive pictures. I think that she needs a darker lipstick the pale look does not suit her. The green top she is wearing is god-awful the colour is unflattering with her skin tone and the deep “v” neckline is just hideous. Sometimes people wear make-up for a reason and in Christina’s case she needs it.

  9. megs says

    Love her with less make up…I wonder what Britney thinks of her…do they have a rivalry? Both being kid stars and stuff? I don’t know much about either other than I read in the rags so am curious what others know about their relationship?

  10. Sandra says

    She must have some serious hot flashes during her pregnancy considering she seems to be wearing see through shirts all the time.

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