Katie Holmes Gets Support From Her Family At The New York City Marathon

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes

On Sunday Katie completed the 26.2 mile long New York City Marathon!

She got a quick kiss from Tom as she entered the final stretch to the finish line in Central Park.

And Tom wasn’t alone for the brief encounter with his running wife. In his arms was the couple’s daughter, Suri. Awwwww!

Tom and Suri, as well as his mother and Katie’s parents, were all at the finish line to greet Katie, who seemed anything but exhausted, despite the strenuous day she had just endured.

She made it to the finish line around 3:30 p.m., with a final time of 5:29:58.

Reunited with her daughter after the race, a cheerful Katie gave Tom a big hug and kiss.

Before her arrival, inside the banquet tent set up in Central Park, and with his daughter at his side, Tom told People magazine that he is “very” proud of Katie, whom he finds “inspired. She trained for three months.”

Then Tom had to chase Suri around the tent. Tom exclaimed: “She’s a runner!”

Back at her hotel, with Suri in her arms, Katie was asked by People magazine how she felt. “I’m good, but I’m feeling very tired,” she admitted.

As for which leg of her long trek had been the toughest, she replied with a very tired smile, “They were all challenging.”

Katie told Harper’s Bazaar in March that she ran off the pounds after giving birth to Suri. “I have always loved to run,” she said. “It has helped me lose the extra baby weight.”

Congratulations Katie!

Also, you can get Katie’s sporty look:

She wore Power Y Tank with Cups, $44, lululemon.com

Reverse Groove Pants, $84, lululemon.com

Shape Up Jacket (not pictured), $89, lululemon.com

and FDNY ball cap, $15, nyfirestore.com



  1. kelly says

    suri a strong woman…. what the h-ll? she is a baby. if she is a strong woman why does she still have a bottle at her age. i don’t get it. there is something about that suri, i have not fiqured out yet. but, she look’s like something is wrong with her, she alway’s look’s sad and a dazed and confused look. get your hand’s out of your mouth suri. yeah the strong woman, i have heard it all. katie, take 6 more million and cet a shrink. the first 6 million for marrying tom, now you seriously need help. there is nothing cute about suri and i to beleive she is alot older.

  2. Lizzie says

    Why such harshness regarding this family? So what she didn’t wear a support bra?! Geez! Some of you act like it’s going to make a freakin’ difference in gas and oil prices, the number of US casualties in IRAQ, which bozo will end up in the White House, the lack of sufficient health care for our children, world hunger, illegal immigration, and etc. etc. NEED I SAY MORE?! Those, my friends, are issues we should be concerned about. Who gives a flying fart in space whether or not Katie wore a freakin’ support bra?! GET YOUR PRIORITIES IN ORDER!

  3. dori says

    Katie totally surprised me with this marathon. And we thought she was only out shopping all the time.She must have been training while in Germany.
    Good for her. The first pic I see Katie smiling like she means it for the first time in a long time.
    Congrats to Katie.

  4. oriana says

    I too commend her for running this race and I admire anyone that does this. I have seen many pictures of Katie with Tom, they do appear very happy and in love to me.

    I wonder why though when they go out that Katie doesn’t sign any autographs, it is always Tom? Maybe I am just noticing something that isn’t of any consequence, the fans probably are all calling Tom’s name.

  5. DMITZ says

    Ellos están con su madre (Nicole Kidman). Pienso que los dos consiguen a los niños por meses a la vez. Tom es un padre muy bueno a ellos.

  6. dori says

    Katie totally shocked me with this marathon. And we thought she was only out shopping all the time. I’m surprised the German papers never caught her jogging in preparation for this event. She must have been training while in Germany. Good for her. The first pic I see Katie smiling like she means it for the first time in a long time.
    Congrats to Katie.

  7. oriana says

    Oh Lord, I pray she never looks like Tom’s Mom! I think she is a nice lady but she is not a beauty to look at! And Tom’s nose CANNOT get any bigger! The thinner his face gets the bigger his nose looks. Suri is just adorable and oh so cute, even if she is a Brat!

  8. Janey says

    Running a marathon is no smal feat and Katie gets all stars from me for doing it. Suri does look bored but she is such a cute thing, any one notice she looks like Tom’s mum in that picture? I think it is katie’s choice to wear or not to wear a bra, she trained and did what she feels comfortable with.

  9. boo says

    I guess the speculation of her being pregnant again was wrong! Cuz she looks to be pretty Fit and skinny to me.

  10. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Wow, well done for her, especially as it was for charity. I can’t run lol, except when I have to run to catch my bus or something! I prefer more relaxing exercises.

    Probably would have been a good idea for her to wear a more supportive bra though, she’ll regret it in 10 years time when she has breasts round her ankles!

  11. oh dear says

    firstly – katie DOES need that sports bra

    secondly – i commend katie on even being able to walk, let alone complete a marathon with those pigeon toes and thunder thighs

    thirdly – tom’s snout is nearly as big as his entire head

    fourthly – katie dear, the only thing you should be running from is your control freak, cult following, bi-sexual midget of a husband

  12. Cathi says

    I’m just glad that Katie is doing something that does not involve Tom. She is showing some independance and I’m happy about that. The bra thing is dumb…get over it people.

  13. alphie says

    Suri. That girl is adorable. Tragic that she’s in a cult.

    Dumb and Dumber? She just looks drugged in the picture. Cool aid :)))

    Katie Holmes is a sad sack for marrying that creepy, creepy Tom Cruise. He runs her life. Has family permanently around her. She doesn’t have a mind most of the time that isn’t run by them. Which movie does that couple remind you of Rosemary’s Baby or Stepford Wives?

  14. 2teens3beans says

    ^^^ I agree Z, I’ll take a spinning class, zumba or yoga any day over jogging or running. I tried to go once round my block and practically collapsed halfway. And I am not obese, don’t smoke, don’t have asthma… I just couldn’t handle it.

  15. Zbella says

    I’m impressed. My sister is a marathon runner and it’s no small accomplishment. I, on the other hand, abhor running and avoid it at all costs. I ran ‘part’ of a 5K (walked the rest) and it nearly killed me! I just can’t imagine running for 5 1/2 hours straight. AGONY.

  16. kt says

    the thing is, 1. wearing a sports BRA is not always necessary, and 2. wearing long pants is sometimes MORE comfortable, and in a marathon, comfort is KEY.
    when I did mine, i wore capri length spandex pants. they help b/c otherwise my thighs rub together and after hours and miles like that they would be rubbed raw, lol, and that is so painful. a marathon is painful enough! i wore a sports bra but that’s b/c i’m a DD! katie looks like a B cup and probably her bra shirt was enough for her. she obviously knew what works for her and what doesn’t, and that’s all that matters.

  17. oriana says

    I would think that any Runner would have on a Sports Bra and it doesn’t look like she has any protection on to keep them from flopping around to me. I like her so I am not picking on her at all, just looking at the pictures. Some Tank Tops do have built in bras but I don’t think they are for Runners.

    She doesn’t have huge breasts but she isn’t exactly flat chested either.

    I don’t care what anyone says, this looks like a happy family to me and Suri has never looked “slow” a day in her life! She is one of the most alert looking children I have ever seen.

  18. megs says

    Good for Katie, how cool to have your mom in a race, I would have loved to have seen my mom do that when I was little!

    I am not so into Tom Cruise but feel they made a beautiful and darling little girl…all the best to them…

    anyone know what running shoes Katie is wearing? I am a distance runner and think I might have them.

  19. mayra sanchez says

    es hermoso ver a tom,con su bebe suri,pero me pregunto donde
    estan sus otros hijos,si el tiene la custodia absoluta de ellos
    pues entonces katie,no es tan buena madre para ellos,
    como dice jada pinket
    ellos,hacen mucha preferencia de su hija sobre los otros dos
    ninos,que lastima

  20. lol says

    Was Katie not “allowed” to wear shorts? It must have been really warm running in those pants for 5 hours.

  21. Melissa says

    Why is Tom Cruise looking “feminine” these days? He’s looking more and more like a woman. I laughed at the dumb and dumber comment. They do look a little spaced out.

  22. Lauren says

    Wow, congratulations Suri! How sweet that her family was there waiting at the finish line. Katie is looking a tad thin, though.

  23. Chris X says

    I dont’ care if she runs around the world in 80 days – they all give me the creeps. And at the risk of getting bashed – since everyone bashes Jen Garner for always being at the park with Violet instead of hiding at home or whatever you think she should be doing, , adn bashes Angelina for going different places to help the poor, why not bash this one for taking time to run and run and run to train then take some more in a race that is not related to anything – like breast cancer. Or did I miss her doing that? Or does she just get the urge to run when she can go to a party and then her husbands movie that might?

  24. daisy says

    Oh my goodness. Why don’t you get a quarter and buy yourself a sense of humor.

    Of course Suri isn’t slow. And she is one of the cutest kids I have ever seen, not just celebrity.

    Does this site always have to be about OOOOOOOoooooooooooooo Ahhhhhhhhhhhh how cute! How boring life would be if all the images you captured were perfect.

    Doncha think?

    Geez, we tease like this about ourselves in our own home.

  25. Malayka says

    My comment is awaiting moderation but I just want to conguratulate this girl on such an achievement.

  26. Malayka says

    Congs Katie, you aare an inspiration to all mothers and daughters. I could never run a marathon. Her boobs must have hurt, but I see nothing wrong with them. And for those sour grapers, get a life or die trying.

  27. Gina says

    Suri looks bored, but you cannot accuse her of being slow, she is too hyperactive for that, I read on th e ‘people sit ethat sh erun aay from her parents. LOL

    Congs Katie

  28. Jane says

    SURI as usual is a doll but even she cannot steal the limelight from her mother’s mammoth achievement, congs Katie.

  29. Liv says

    I can’t believe how someone can sit in their chairs idling at a computer trying to belittle what this girl has done. I think running a marathon is such a great achievement . Go Katie.

  30. Jailynn says

    Do you guys ever think that maybe Suri looking “slow” is because all the damn flashes of light in her eyes and people calling her name. Poor little girl is barely 1 1/2 years old. Give it up…she’s a very cute little girl!

  31. 2teens3beans says

    #12 I think the “slow” comment was supposed to be tongue-in-cheek.
    Suri is for sure cute, but I need my Shiloh fix! Haven’t seen the JP kids in a while.

  32. Paris says

    As for the tank ,it has a built in bra. I am thinking ,a lot of people are jealous of Katie Holmes. Suri and Tom are so lively that i can not think for one minute they look dumb. This child is not slow, the other one yes but not her.

  33. **S says

    dumb and dumber? You people crack me up. Suri does not look “slow” in any pic of her.

    Love them!

  34. Grandma of 4 says

    You go girl! As the 63 year old running daughter of an 89 year old STILL running father (not to mention a 55 year old running brother who held the world’s record in marathon for 17 year olds for years)…I have to say a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS TO MISS HOLMES! And, Mr. Cruise has every right to be proud of his wife (even with the name change and religion I find a little unusual!). Good for her family to unite and cheer her on!!!

  35. lola says

    Well, she looks older than her age – as TC has been changing her looks ever since he renamed her “Kate” – changing her hairdo, changing her name, changing her dress style…her religion.

  36. annie says

    Thank you Daisy, that comment made me laugh. I will never understand why a sweet girl like Katie Holmes, who had such a sparkling career ahead of her, marry a dink like Tom Cruise.

  37. JJ says

    There I go again stirring trouble. I have never run a marathon – and never intend to. I dislike running a great deal. However, I do partake in Pilates and always make sure that I am wearing a supportive bra…I have been wearing sports bras when exercising since I was a teenager…my girls thank me for that.

  38. Mellynn says

    It is a huge accomplishment, and I don’t think anyone was trying to demean it. To be honest, if you have run a marathon, I would think you would be the first to say that a good sports bra is key. It was an observation. Relax!!!

  39. kt says

    she is clearly wearing a shirt that has a built in bra, and she doesn’t have huge breasts, so who the hell cares?
    i did a marathon a few years ago and it was the hardest thing–physically–that i’ve ever done. i’m happy for her that she did it and congratulate her on the accomplishment. it’s a great feeling, so if you haven’t done one and you have the ability to do so, i highly recommend it.

  40. DMITZ says

    Congrats Katie! That’s wonderful. How cute that Tom and Suri were waiting for her at the finish line. 🙂

  41. Andrea says

    It wasn’t a rumor afterall . Looks like she’s pigeon-toed.
    She should have worn a sports bra.

  42. JJ says

    Katie needs to wear a sports bra when running…her mammies are looking a big looong…!

    Suri looks slow in the first photo…spaced out…tuned out!!

    Something is wrong with her…!

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