Christina Aguilera Finally Confirms That She Is Expecting!

Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera has finally officially confirmed that she is expecting!

Christina shared that she will “enter into mommyhood” next year.

In an interview with Glamour magazine, Christina, 26, shared that she intends to be a working mom who’ll “balance” caring for her child and tending to her career, reports the BBC.

“I want to get it right,” she is quoted as saying.

Describing the reaction of husband Jordan Bratman, 30, she said, “He’s thrilled! He’s just great.”

Christina also said that she finds Jordan, “so supportive and amazing through everything. He came with me on the last leg of the tour and he was my support system. … I gush. I’m a lucky girl.”

Last month, Christina, Jordan, her mother-in-law and her sister-in-law set up her baby registry at the Beverly Hills boutique Bel Bambini.

In September, Paris Hilton who first publicly addressed the news about Chistina’s baby joy while introducing the singer at a Las Vegas event. Announced the hotel heiress: “Congratulations to the most beautiful pregnant woman in the world.”



  1. gweny says

    i think christina will be a good parent, not great but good. she just got her singing back on tract, so she isnt gonna be super mellow, there will still be some belly shirts and candyman shit, but she is gonna be involed with her baby, i HATE jordan though. that kinda makes me worry about if her baby will be as cute as it could be!?!

  2. starstruk says

    WHAT!! When did that happen…and all this time i thought she was just a litte bloated!!!! PHEW!!!!


  3. boo says

    Theres a Shocker!lol…Confirmation or not I’m pretty sure EVERYONE already knew that she was… the huge ass bump in her mid section kinda gave it away!!!lol.
    I’m happy for them, I think they’ll be Awesome Parents!~*

  4. Zbella says

    Really? So that’s not a basket ball hidden under her dress? I’m in agreement with Sandra on this one. 🙂

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