Britney & Her Boys Out Shopping For Chandeliers

Britney Spears

Britney Spears

Britney Spears

Britney Spears

Britney Spears

Britney was snapped shopping for chandeliers in Los Angeles on November 4th. Sean Preston and Jayden James accompanied her.

Poor Britney…hopefully the swelling will go down soon from her lip plumping procedure because she looked much better before I think!



  1. onatear says

    What happened to the idea of omitting those comments so full of pure hate and obscenity? I bet the sponsors of this site shake their heads every day, when they see what kind of comments are allowed to pass for “chatting/blogging”… it’s not censorship to rid blogs of filth like that. I hope you will return to cleaning it up, a bit. Thanks.

  2. Genevieve says

    in the last pic she looks like white trash… And whne i mean white trash i mean crystal meth addict Old English Drinking white trash that live in the dirtiest trailer park in all of Louisana.

    I feel bad for Britney, and her kids

  3. says

    what i dont understand is if britney cant make dentist appoiments for sean and jayden…….. then why cant kevin make appioments for them there his sons too and i really hope britney pulls it together

  4. CH says

    Isn’t calling people “LOW-LIFES” (not sure why you’re shouting as well) equivalent to “rag on someone who is HUMAN”? Based on your moral position, do you “rag” on non-human species?
    Now, Slack Venom aka Bugar Walls, is it OK to make some suggestions to this poor lost Britney, with the kindest and most sympathetic of intentions? If OK, then it is this, besides the obviously required attendance at some parenting classes to learn how to be a proper/normal/nurturing mother, ie like pretty much most everyone else who seem to get it right, eventually…how about seeking some help with the appropriate therapists to help her work out her various issues, figure out what life should be about (ie not parading about courting pap photo ops) and to help her rebuild a normal life. I would also love to nominate her as a candidate for 2 shows – Extreme Makeover and What not to Wear, to be done concurrently. Ask the Extreme Makeover team to start with those bat ears, they can pin those back now, you know? Take it easy on your lips, they looked just fine (ie normal) but now it looks like some pissed off African Killer Bees used them for target practice. The What Not to Wear team will teach you, Britney, that you don’t have to live in boots, 4 seasons a year, as well as how to dress appropriately for various occasions and not look like you just stumbled out of the trailer park…not a good look…

  5. oriana says

    It doesn’t make any of us feel good about talking about her and making the “true” comments we have done! It is a sad situation and many are aware of it, even her own family!

    And who are YOU to call anyone a LOWLIFE after the LOWLIFE way you have talked on here!

  6. says

    I am shocked, that you people feel good about yourself, talking down on SOMEBODY! I guess, that you think that this is the “BASH BRITNEY CLUB” well think again!

    Because it is actually real people out there, that goes through real things, and I am not about to rag on someone that is HUMAN! If it makes you people feel better, to tal about her, then do you! But, it is sad, that you have to do it to feel good about yourself!!!!!


  7. oriana says

    She should take some parenting lessons from Jennifer and Ben. Violet’s teeth would never look like this in a million years!

  8. Adele says

    I’m really shocked that people can stand up for Britney;’ parenting??

    Would YOU bring your child up the way she brings her boys up.

    She sould be ashamed of herself!!

  9. kelly says

    wow, now i see close up poor little sean’s teeth. i read she does not know how to brush the boy’s teeth… if she brushe’s her’s,she does it the same way that she can brush there teeth. i have not seen jayden’s teeth, i am sure they are the same as his brother’s. she get’s her teeth whightened. she must pass the poor oral hygeine to her boy’s. she is a slob. i have never seen poor little jayden smile, unless he is embarrased about his teeth to. with daily run’s to starbuck’s brit need’s to learn from the counseler’s. they are there to help her better her parenting skill’s. i have a funny feeling she want’s to have her freedom, which is selfish. i hope kevin wind’s up with his boy’s.

  10. Grandma of 4 says

    Message to Britney!

    Give Sacha Baron Cohen a quick call! HE has ALREADY managed to find a child friendly park in the Malibu area to take his very new daughter to for some FAMILY time! Maybe the boys would enjoy an afternoon PLAYING in a park! Think of the photo ops available to you in a wide open space! The kids could actually have some FUN and the pictures would do your reputation some refreshing value! Hop to it!

  11. BB says

    Because she ate too much sugar, stayed up past her bedtime on a school night and weighs several hundred pounds & has acne…hence the venom…

  12. says

    Do you people eat with that foul mouth? Ever hear of the saying “go to the edge of the herd”? God has a way of weeding out the stupid. Her time will come, some people have to hit rock bottom before they snap out of it. Unfortunately the kids are along for the ride. Hopefully the judge will see all of this poor judgement and finally put a stop to it. Just because you love your kids it doesn’t mean you are capable of being a parent. Brittney needs some tuff love given to her.

  13. says


    It is trash to talk about something that your triple cheeseburger eating *ss, know nothing about! Sh*tty smelling skank! NOW what?

    B*tch, you don’t know me, and If i said: that I think that it is Chocolate, then It is chocolate! YOU are trash, just for coming to me that way, faccless b*tch!

  14. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Black venom aka Sugar Walls, you said this,
    “It is a war going on, SOLDIERS are DYING, and the best you can do, is talk about her, and her kids! PLEASEEEEEEE!”

    Uhh ok, but you realise that YOU’RE here talking about her too… a bit hypocritical don’t you think?

  15. kimmy says

    Really Sh!t for brains? I didn’t know that chocolate looked like beige plaque. That’s what’s on his teeth. I can’t believe you’re still after all the crap that Britney has pulled, sticking up for her. You’re probably trash just like her.

  16. Cathi says

    Ok, my first thought was why shop for chandeliers during the few precious hours you have your boys???

    Second thought…she looks so trashy in that last pic. Reminded me of Courtney Love when she was strung out.

    It’s sad.

  17. oriana says

    I don’t think bragging about someone’s mother (or anyone, for that matter) parking in a Handicapped spot is anything to be proud of, it would be downright embarrassing to me and I think those people should be fined and hauled into a courtroom, it is Breaking the Law besides being inconsiderate, rude and selfish!

    Britney is trashy and getting trashier every day! Her actions as well as her looks prove that!

  18. Mellynn says

    Black Venom,you are fighting a battle you can’t win. Parking in a handicap spot is ILLEGAL and immoral. Duh. As for you defending Britney, why? Why would you think that her behavior, which even the CALIFORNIA COURT SYSTEM has a problem with, is okay? Seriously, are you just a trashy Britney wanna-be? She’s needs some serious help. She should NOT be a full-time mother right now; full-time therapy patient is more like it.

    Spew your “venom” for someone who is worth it. Britney’s not.

  19. Zbella says

    The handicap parking spot is for people who have difficulty walking or getting around. A 25 year old singer/dancer should be able to walk a few feet to the door. She is a freak!!!!!!

    Her poor, poor babies. I hope it’s “just” candy all over his front teeth otherwise she has succeeded in rotting out her 2 year olds teeth already. HORRIBLE.

    I really haven’t seen anything this sick in the public eye ever. Of course some people treat their dear children this way, but so openly and brazenly – she is really very ill.

  20. kimmy says

    #38- ok- but how do you explain the discoloration of his four front teeth moron? I don’t see any chocolate there!!

  21. says


    Please, think of something else to think of!

    IT IS A MILLION PEOPLE that do that everyday!
    SO, I guess that it is a million people that are trashy everyday, including my mother! She park, in the hadicapp section, all the time!

  22. says



    Maybe, the scumarazzi, didn’t get to sanp the picture of him. getting fed chocolate! OH mY The camera man didn’t get that sh*t! But if it was her snatch, HE would have snapped that picture! YOU PEOPLE FALL FOR THE OKY DOKE(GAMES) all the time! WAKE UP!

    And stop critizing her for living her life, with her kids!
    Neither one of you, have the right to tell her how to live her life, and raise her kids! It is a million women, men, parents, that are sh*tty to their kids! It is a war going on, SOLDIERS are DYING, and the best you can do, is talk about her, and her kids! PLEASEEEEEEE!

    I am sure that your looks, doesn’t appeal to somebody, that you know, or don’t know!

  23. oriana says

    Van, did you see her car parked in a Handicapped Spot in front of the Tanning Salon? She is disrespectful and low class, she just proves it more and more every day!!!!!!

  24. oriana says

    That first picture he looks like he has Vampire teeth!

    He is very cute though but she is trashy looking and disgusting looking and acting to me!

    Those kids would be better off if never left alone with her!

  25. Um... says

    Pure trash plain and simple. If she doesn’t start actually RAISING and CARING for those kids, in about 15-20 years you’ll find em both in Juvie or prison…

    Poor kids, they never had a chance.

  26. boo says

    I just finished watching Crossraods ( I know people what was I thinking,lol… well I was bored and it was on)lol…Anyway, its unreal to see how in the past 5 or so years from that movie til Now how much she went from being this cute , Bubblegum Pop princess, to this MASSIVE trainwreck that we have standing in front of us today!
    And not too sound like a Broken record cuz EVERYONE here has brought up the subjects, but poor SP’s Teeth, How could she allow them let them get to that point She’s the friggen Mother, its not like he knows enough to brush them on his own, And the point brought up about LIMITED VISITATION and she’s taking them LIGHT shopping, Can she not find an hour out of one of the days that she doesn’t have the boys to do that so that she has the opportunity to bond with her babies, take them to the Park or Disneyland! Seriously… Its not like she can’t afford it!
    As for her lips Well WHO gives a Rats A$$, thats her own stupidity, with or without fake blown up lips she still looks terrible! The Girl is STILL in serious need of More Rehab, Theapy, An intervention, And Parenting Classes. Basically She is still in desparate need of help!!!

  27. Jenna M. (UK) says

    #29, I seriously hope you don’t have kids. Mind you, you come off as being about 12 so I doubt it. Look at her kids teeth, they are rotten, are you blind? That is neglect, if a kid on my street was being treated like that I would complain too, probably to social services. Its not about “her being her and me being me” or whatever you said, two precious and innocent kids are involved and she is endangering their health and wellbeing!

    And I know what meth addicts look like because I have known several. Your last sentence didn’t make much sense by the way, you should learn proper English (and mothering skills if you ever plan on having kids) before criticising other people for their opinions.

  28. kimmy says

    WHATTTTTTTTTTT- Giving your child a piece of candy ( piece being the operative word here) is fine. What we all have a problem with is the fact that his teeth are in such bad shape. It’s neglect and abuse. If she brushed his teeth and took care of them then I’m sure people wouldn’t have a big problem with it. When a baby gets its first tooth you should start brushing. Do you even have kids? You probably don’t, otherwise you wouldn’t defend this neglect.

  29. says


    If her kids, are crying, then you would be like” why is her babies crying? Then you see them “NORMAL” then you prudes still complain! STFU!(shut the f*** UP!)

    She is doing her, and stop worrying about what she is doing, and DO YOU!

  30. momof3 says

    That poor child. Things like that may affect his adult teeth even when they are not out yet. That is so horrible.
    The youngest child has a very strange face with wide-set eyes, a short upper lip and a flat-ish nose bridge – all symptoms of fetal alcohol syndrome.
    Thanks, mom!

  31. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Also meant to say I agree with whoever said she looked like Anna Nicole Smith, she also looks like a serious drug addict in the alst pic. I thought meth addict at first, but she’s probably a bit to chubby (and i don’t mean she’s fat – she’s not, its just that meth addicts are really underweight I think).

  32. Jenna M. (UK) says

    That woman has limited hours a week to spend with her children and she takes them chandelier shopping? What?

    And the boy’s teeth, all I can say is I’m glad that isn’t his permanent teeth! She should be charged with neglect. I seriously think those kids would be better off without her in their lives.

  33. Lauren says

    It’s nice to see where Britney’s priorities are at. The few time Sean and Jayden can visit their mother and she drags them along to go chandlier shopping?! What is going through her mind? I can’t believe Sean’s teeth. How could she just neglect him like that?! Poor kids.

  34. says

    First of all, I find it fascinating that the webmistress’ main concern is for Britney’s bad upper lip job – like all would be better in her life if that lip wasn’t so swollen!?
    Otherwise, Sean’s teeth are like that because someone has allowed him to fall asleep with a bottle full of milk, pop, juice, you name it, and the acid in it has decayed his teeth. This didn’t happen over night, it started when he was very little and he’ll probably have to wait for adult teeth to come in and hope his mom doesn’t wreck those ones too.
    She’s pure trash, all the way.

  35. DMITZ says

    CeeCee, Brit has been spotted by multiple people putting cola in their bottles. She also gives them candy and doritos, etc… I wouldn’t blame those teeth on K-Fed this time.

  36. DMITZ says

    I didn’t read any of the above comments yet, but I saw this photo on perezhilton. She went chandalier (sp) shopping while her boys waited in the car (w/a supervised adult). Perez had a good point – can’t she find another time to go CHANDALIER shopping? Considering the limited visitations she gets as it is!

  37. kimmy says

    If she wants to be a selfless mother, she should let her own teeth rot and get Sean’s fixed. That sounds fair to me. Idiot.

  38. Adele says

    Sean’s teeth haven;t gt that bad in the shot amount of time he has spent with jut his dad. Tem teeth took a awhile 2 get like that!!

    Looks like the boys have been drinking Coca Cola like the magazines said.

  39. CeeCee says

    I agree with all the previous comments and I certainly don’t intend to defend her, but yet want to point out that you blame HER for her son’s teeth forgetting he isn’t with her all week long… There must be another explaination.

  40. D'Anna says

    It takes a lot of neglect to get teeth to look that bad. 🙁

    What a great mom. She couldn’t even stay home and watch cartoons.

  41. says

    she look’s dirty and those poor kid’s it look’s like that might be a soda bottle in the older boy’s lap can’t really tell her youngest alway’s look’s sad and how can she leave them in the car with some-one while she shop’s?
    These are her babies she need’s to be spending time with them when she has them doing fun thing’s she is sick.

  42. Grip says

    Nice… you get but three supervised visits per week with your children and THIS is how you choose to spend it.

    Why God grants kids to people who don’t deserve them when there are good people dealing with infertility and the loss of their children just blows my mind….

  43. marie says

    Granma of 4, she didn’t take them into the store with her, the monitor sat with them while she aimlessly shopped and sought media..again. Your suggestions were right on track, too bad she’s not able to comprehend what these kids need. I would bet anything in two years this situation will still be the same.

  44. starstruk says

    Can Britney get any more disgusting??? Look how much of a dirty she is. Great role model for those two boys. Geez.

  45. Adele says

    OMG look at Sean’s teeth!!!! I can’t believe his teeth r so bad & they look like they r disfigured as well.

    I feel so sorry for them boys!!

  46. Grandma of 4 says

    A LIGHTING shop full of GLASS and UNTOUCHABLES!!! Has this child (and I do mean Brit Brit) completely lost her mind! This would be the last place she should take two toddlers….!!! And, knowing she is being photographed! I am speechless.

    Britney, have you ever heard of the park, a children’s science museum where they can explore and HAVE SOME AGE APPROPRIATE FUN! Even a McDonalds with the kiddie fun area is better than shopping for chandeliers.

    Get on the Internet, girl, and put “activities for toddlers in the Los Angeles area” in SEARCH and hit the ENTER button!

  47. sophia says

    She continues to make it obvious that she cares nothing about those precious kids. She is so addicted to media attention that she has to come out each and every day to get attention. Even on days when she has visitation with her kids and should be at home spending every second with them in privacy. I cannot understand how she has ANY fans left. it look like she didnt bathed in weeks

  48. luckylee13 says

    In the picture of her in the store..ahe actually looks like Anna Nicole Smith and she sure seems to be heading in her direction. Sad.

  49. Dnice says

    Brit, Brit, Brit. I actually thought the stories that she tried to get Shawn Preston’s teeth whitened couldn’t be true. But judging by these pics it seems like there could be some truth to the rumours. I heard she has them drinking soda. Poor babies. I so want to slap some sense into her.

  50. daisy says

    How sad is all I care to say.

    And it looks like the oldest kid is eating too much candy.

    I feel so bad for these kids and even her.

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