Jason Bateman & Daughter For Vanity Fair

Jason Bateman

(In the above pic Jason was photographed with his daughter with wife Amanda Anka. She is named Francesca Nora and is 1.)

Jason Bateman, 38, was recently interviewed for Vanity Fair magazine and below are some excerpts:

I hear that you showed up at the Vanity Fair shoot with a daughter on your lap, where she pretty much stayed the entire time.
-We heard that what you guys wanted was a shot of me with a prop—that’s the way it was described, so I figured …

Being a dad has obviously changed your life.
-Well, I am going to bed now at 10 p.m. instead of getting my nights started at 10 p.m. And I am up at 6:30 a.m. instead of going to bed at 6:30 a.m.

That is a funny pic!



  1. says

    am sorry but this pic is all wrong 1st get some clothes on that poor child and second whats wrong with that man dosnt he like holding his child or something

  2. Chongo says

    You people make me want to vomit. It’s a riot. I couldn’t stop laughing.

    In fact, just to spite you PC pukes, I’m going to go hang my daughter upside down in the same manner.

    I blame you.

  3. Heidi says

    !! My son used to LOVE upside down and spinning around and being TOSSED and all kinds of crazy things that would be horrifying for ME, as a brittle adult. But babies are different! They’re all flexible and physical and bendy and happy! My son used to squeal and laugh when we hefted him up by his feet and twirled him! They love the stimuli and physicality of play. I’m really surprised by how many people are outraged by this photo.

  4. onatear says

    Because it is a BAD example to show this, it is not funny. SOME kids like being played with that way. This is a naked baby, who’s father obviously has NO respect for her. Pedophiles LOVE photos like this. “Thanks, Dad. When I grow up, I’ll love knowing pedophiles collected this picture of me, before I could give my consent.”…THINK about it, people. PLEASE, consider the children.

  5. Rhea says

    Are you people kidding me? Obviously the child was super imposed into the picture and he wasn’t actually holding her like that. Duh!

  6. Blair says

    It does not look like she was put in dangers way. I am sure if his daughter had fears about being upside down, he as her father would surely know that and not do this type of shoot with her. He seems to have a tight grip on her, and she was probably upside down for only a few seconds….Please, if my kids could get me to do this to them (i’m probably not strong enough) they would LOOOOOVE it.

  7. crazykraut says

    I agree #22 my kids love to hang upside down but this one looks scared. If the child would look like she is having fun it would be whole different story

  8. Agnes says

    That baby looks so scared. It would be different if he would be laughing and playing with her on the picture! then I would say it’s funny.

  9. Lauren says

    You guys can’t take the picture seriously. I’m sure he made sure there was no danger to his daughter.

  10. Jenna M. (UK) says

    That looks so dangerous, I’m hoping its photoshopped! I can’t believe the fuss people made over Michael Jackson and blanket when this is clearly so much worse!

    I don’t know who this man is but I think he’s an idiot to endanger his daughter in this manner for a good photo.

  11. Lola says

    I have a son who loved this kind of activity when he was young, especially being spun by the arms and legs. Always scared me but he and his daddy never had an accident playing this way.

  12. Grip says

    Even if photoshoped, it’s dumb. People (IMO) are not the brightest and they may say “Golly, I should take a picture like that w/ my baby!” And then it won’t be photoshopped…. heck, we’d prob see Britney w/ this pic of her kids if she cared enough about them to worry about pics outside the paps….

  13. Just me says

    Daisy … you comment about Michael Jackson and Blanket cracked me up!!
    My 14-month-old son likes to go upside down, of course I only tip him backwards while I’m holding onto his back. He laughs like crazy, but his kid doesn’t look too thrilled.
    It might seem like he has a good hold, but accidents happen.
    For all we know, the picture could be photoshopped.

  14. denise says

    My daughter loves to hang up side down. I am scared to death when her dad does it but he is careful and she enjoys it. I think when Francesca gets love that picture.

  15. rene says

    Here’s my question: what’s more important – a cute, unique photo for a magazine article or your child’s safety? As a Mom, I’m voting for safety – all the way!! We’re told not to pull too hard on a child’s arm for fear of pulling it out of its socket – what about holding them by one foot and letting all the child’s weight bear the strain on the foot – stupid, stupid, stupid. Shame on Jason, shame on the photographer for encouraging/suggesting it and shame on the magazine for using it.

  16. 2teens3beans says

    Her toes are clenched and her arms are flung out… that is an instinctual survival reaction you can see often with newborn babies. The fact that she is doing this at age one shows that she is NOT happy or comfortable with the situation.
    Save those kind of antics for an older child who knows what is happening and wants to be hung upside down, tossed or swung.
    I don’t like this photo at all.

  17. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    I think it’s horrible. She doesn’t look like she’s having fun. The comment made by someone earlier that everyone liked being hung upside-down as a child applies to older children- not a one-year old. Someone does that to my one-year-old and we’ve got some problems.

  18. reeny says

    He is not a very intelligent person to be holding his daughter like this. All the blood is rushing to her head and God forbid if he ever dropped her. What a jerk!

  19. Sarah says

    I don’t think for one second the little girl was harmed or hurt when taking this photo.

    I think she’ll find it amusing when she’s grown up.

    This isn’t abusive.

  20. jessica says

    no one here ever liked being hung upside down when they were a kid?? people on here are so judgemental, you probably all do half the things you complain! bloody mummy police….go complain about something else!

  21. RLHayland says

    What is wrong with you people, it probably took all of 10 seconds to shoot this pic, I’m tired of all you politically correct people. It is nice to see a picture that is amusing rather than a posed fakey one.

  22. JJ says

    I don’t think that there is anything wrong with this picture! In fact i find it quite an intriguing photo!

    Isn’t that the way the doctor holds the baby when it is first born?…Besides he has a pretty firm grip on her ankle.

  23. boo says

    I agree with you both, I think the Pic is ridiculous as well, For one hanging the Baby upside down for a photo shoot what the hell is that all about?, and two she’s naked, could we not put some clothes on her?? I think it’s very mean to be honest!!!

  24. DMITZ says

    They probably photoshopped the mat out, I don’t think anyone would want to be liable for something that dangerous; however, I don’t like that pic. Not amusing.

  25. Andrea says

    I don’t find this picture very amusing. In fact, it’s dangerous to be holding her like that and it doesn’t look like there’s a mat or anything under.

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