Is Katie Holmes Pregnant?

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes

Tom and Katie were snapped arriving at the AFI FEST 2007 presented by Audi opening night gala premiere of United Artist’s Lions For Lambs on Thursday in Hollywood. Katie looks like she may be pregnant with a baby brother or sister for Suri! I suppose it could just be a very voluminous gown, but she has made no secret of her wish for another baby, and with Suri now 19 months old it is the perfect time!


  1. jennifer says


  2. alphie says

    Katie looks beautiful. Dress/shoes whatever. She looks gorgeous. But it’s her BFF Posh’s hairdo.

    Notice how she is walking at an angle? And wearing the flatest flats keep Tom from looking like a midget. Plus once again, he’s leading the wife whose brain he stole.

    Is it me, or is the once hunk Tom getting very dorky? What’s with the haircut on him?

    And yeah her toes are so long she could open a bottle. 🙂

  3. Andrea says

    Hi Oriana, Glad they turned out well. 🙂

    It turns out the rumor about Katie running the NYC marathon is true. She ran Sunday morning. Final time somewhere after 5 hrs. I posted a link to the pictures of her running but I guess the webmistress doesn’t like competitive links or something (?). Who knows. Anyway, I found the pictures on Just Jared.

  4. oriana says

    Hi Andrea, the Peanut Butter Fudge was a big hit! Thanks Again! Am making more this weekend! My son loved it!!!!!

  5. Mellynn says

    Katie’s not pregnant…she just finished the NYC Marathon. Most doctors won’t let a first-timer compete in a marathon while pregnant.

    But I’d keep watching her….now that the marathon is over, I bet there’s an annoucement by Valentine’s Day!!

  6. N says

    Miapocca is soooooooooooo jealous of Katie Holmes. What is up with her constant anti-Katie/Tom tactics?

    I know what is is! You are a former Scieno and you were kicked out by TC and his crew and you are bitter.

  7. says

    1″: If she doesnt quit on the face with surgeries and botox, she will look like tori spelling in a couple of months…she is losing her only seliing point, her youth

    2: Another poor choice in clothes, designer rather than what fits, its quit embarassing for themedia to proclaim pregnancy when you ar not…it screams your dress is illfitted…learn to chose clothes that fit not what the most expensive one really cant teach class

    4: Those feet need to be hidden, she took th enotes on iding those awful legs, but then she must have shopped for more body parts and we will be in for another suprise when she reveals them

    5: What a pity, she reminds me of a gladiator, and its well known hat tommy boy likes to engage in wrestling matches as foreplay with is male lovers

    6: Katie holmes is just a goner….too bad for her parents…

  8. Andrea says

    Actually, in all the pictures I’ve seen of Katie she is always wearing heels, except for only 2x that I recall (at the zoo– in Germany? and in this picture.)

    I wouldn’t use those few exceptions to the rule to conclude that “she is very considerate not to wear heels with him” (dori #26). That is reasoning at its worst.

  9. oriana says

    Nicki my Dear girl, your posts are just fine and extremely readable! We all get in a hurry sometimes and no one is an English major or Spelling teacher on here! Don’t fret at all!!!

    You have a good weekend and get some rest, enjoy time with your nice hubby and the precious doggie!

  10. Nicki says

    * wow, meant *shoes and *how, I feel like Miacoppa,( or however it is spelled. ) My excuse is not checking my posts. I do try to make them readible.

  11. Nicki says

    oriana~sorry for the extra “n” in my last post-which is waiting moderation? Don’t know why? No cursing, and no links? Whatever.

  12. Nicki says

    Well Oprah is over 50 and young Katie is only …………I don’t know, just know, under 30 years old.
    Please, Katie, stop wearing 3 inch heels to the beach. (shout out to orianan!) You know what I mean. And these are cute sandles, very cute……..but not for this eveing gown. Beach…….these shoes……….red capet,,, the beach shoes last summer…..3 inch heels. Both cute shies, just some hiw reversed in the outings.

  13. Janet says

    I don’t think that is a corn–I beleive it’s called a bunion. Her feet have been photographed in mags in the past and they definitely are boney and with bunions. I think Oprah has a rather large bunion too!

  14. Baylee says

    Remember when Nicole went on Letterman (or Leno) after the split and said “I can wear heels again!”

  15. dori says

    She does wear flats with Tom as to not overpower him with her height and heels would have looked better with this dress. She is very considerate to not wear heels with him and I believe Nicole did the same.

  16. jenna says

    Hate the flat shoes–egotistical Tom strikes again. That dress would look much better with a heel.

  17. Dnice says

    I love Katie. She is put together so well. I have to agree with Bailey though – looks like trying to be so Jackie O all the time with wearing heels has taken a toll on the feet. That corn has it’s own personality.

  18. annie says

    I don’t think she’s pregnant but if she is that would be great! I wonder who the biological father will be this time. 😉

  19. Nicki says

    I don’t think she is pregnant. It’s the dress, which looks nice on her.
    These are the sandals she should have worn with her bathingsuit on the beach, and the high heels she wore on the beach with her bathing suit would have looked nice with this gown.

  20. Julie says

    They look absolutely beautiful, and I really hope there’s another baby on the way! How sweet would that be?

  21. megs says

    Love this dress on Katie, she looks stunning, and her make up lately has been lovely. Her hubby on the other hand looks like he has a 2 year old’s haircut, not flattering on him at all. Love Katie’s sandals, too!

  22. Liv says

    Love Katie, she has style and class just look at her!!!!!!! Tom is not bad either, he looks super for his age.

  23. Kelly says

    I doubt she is pregnant, although another Suri would not hurt. I love her shoes, she looks fab as usual.

  24. says

    I don’t think she’d let everyone know about a pregnancy by wearing such an obvious dress – it’s just the cut of the gown, I think. Her shoes are an interesting choice, for sure, corns, bones, bunions aside! WHY would she wear those with that glamorous dress anyway?!

  25. daisy says

    Pics like this of katie’s feet make me glad I am in the health care profession and not corporate wearing heels.

    My feet look awesome, I must say.


  26. shahina says

    looooooool omg her feeettt are eeeeeeeeeeeeeek lol but who cares ….as long as shes happi but she shudnt wear shoes like that with those feet!

  27. DMITZ says

    I think that’s a bony foot, not a corn. She probably irriated it in her normal heels that she’s always wearing, which is why it’s red/irriated looking.

  28. Baylee says

    Nice CORN on her right foot. Egads. Why would you show that off? Blegh.

    Tom’s in the sweater vests again. And Katie’s in flats.

  29. days says

    I don’t think she’s pregnant….Her dress is just filled with more clothes, and clothes, and shoes, and shoes …because that’s what important to her.

    Can we say shallow??

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