Nicole Richie Pining For Sushi & A Drink

Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie has had enough of pregnancy, according to a report in this week’s edition of Star Magazine. The expectant Nicole, who was accused of recently smoking earlier this week, has been sunbathing, relaxing in the jacuzzi, and dying her hair. All of which are major no-no’s for an expectant mother.

“Nicole could be doing real damage to the child, without even knowing it,” a friend told Star magazine.

“She’s being very careless. She just doesn’t want to be pregnant anymore. She’s tired of it. The thrill has definitely worn off.”

“Nicole feels like she’s been pregnant for years, not months!”

“Nicole was out sunbathing in Hawaii three days in a row when she was there for her birthday,” Star’s source says.

“She also relaxed in the Jacuzzi-another no-no for someone who’s pregnant.”

Other Nicole insiders claim that Nicole was spotted at the Neil George Salon in Beverly Hills getting her hair dyed.

“Most hairdressers and doctors tell women not to dye their hair while they are expecting. But Nicole doesn’t seem to think the advice applies to her.”

The Star report also blasts Nicole for allegedly trying to keep her pregnancy weight gain to a minimum:

“She’s just not eating enough….” “She had body image issues before she was pregnant. She’s tired of her body growing , and she to be done with it all.”

“She figures she’s doing the best she can, and if that isn’t good enough for other people, well, that’s just tough,” Nicole’s friend shared.

“Nicole is tired of being pregnant. She wants to have a normal body, be able to eat sushi and have a drink without everyone giving a hard time about it.”

Hmmmm…hang in there Nicole. Is sunbathing really a pregnancy no-no!?

Star magazine


  1. Deenah says

    If it is true than I have some advice for Nicole: Hang in there time goes by fast it will be over before you know it.Besides you got yourself pregnant it takes alot of hard work to suuport a child.I thought you liked children anyway.You give pregnant woman a bad name.

  2. Amy Kay says

    Um, who doesn’t get tired of being pregnant somewhere along the way? I mean, it’s amazing feeling this little miracle inside you growing but you eventually want it to come out.:)

  3. gweny says

    i dont really like her, i also love how her bf, joel as soon as he got her pregnant he wrote the song i dont wanna be in love!

  4. Adele says

    I think she is doing a fab job in her pregnancy!! She has proved loads of people wrong & I don’t think she will go back to her old ways.

    I dyed my hair throughout my pregnancy. The only advice is not to try to go blonde or bleach your hair because hormones can make your hair turn a different colour to what you want.
    I’m a natural blonde & my hair turned a ginger colour when pregnant with my first daughter & when I was pregnant with my youngest, I died my hair black a few times, but my blonde roots were turning ginger further into my pregnancy.

    Also, drinking in moderation is fine!! I had a few glasses of wine/glass of beer throughout both my pregnancies & both my children are healthy!!

    Over here in the UK, 20/30 years ago, pregnant women with a low iron count was told to drink Guinness!!

  5. Laura Mazzella says

    What I was suprised to hear was that she got pregnant at all. I thought if you were as thin as her with her eating habits, you would definately have trouble even getting pregnant. Obviously her baby had other ideas. I’m sure everything will be fine if people would just leave her alone.
    Stress would cause her more problems than all the things they say she is doing. I’m so glad I am not a famous person, because you can’t even go to the bathroom without someone knowing about it. Give her a break, she is doing the best she knows how.

  6. BallerinaGirl says


    You’re kidding me! I actually went to Western (for its ballet company). Unfortunately, I blew out my knee and ended up transferring to U.K. – so to answer your question, absolutely we’re KY Wildcats fans! My husband tends to be a little over the top (especially since they won against Pikeville the other night something like 99 to 60 something), but most Ky. fans are. Small world, huh!

  7. Cathi says

    Nicole looks so good for a change. It is nice to see her with some meat on her bones!

    I agree with oriana…give me pizza instead of sushi anyday!

  8. Zbella says

    Good thing I wasn’t famous during my third pregnancy. 🙂 Tanning isn’t good for anyone, but enjoying the fresh air, fine.

  9. Jennifer says

    My doc said an occasional glass of wine/beer is totally fine and sushi is fine as long as it’s from a reputable restaurant. Sunbathing? Totally fine. And a dip in the hottub is no big deal. GIVE HER A BREAK!!!

  10. oriana says

    I have never understood why all the craze for sushi! It is okay, some of it, but I don’t see anything so special about it!

    I had rather have a good slice of pizza!

  11. dori says

    Jenna you are so right and Kayleigh you as well Try to remember how she was beofre this pregnancy she has done remarkably well. She’s fine and the baby will be fine too. I would believe anything in a Star Magazine.

  12. jenna says

    Sunbathing is fine, and so is coloring your hair.

    A jacuzzi is fine too, as long as the water is not hot. Who knows, the water may have been 80* in there and the jets probably felt good!

    Leave her alone.

  13. Kayleigh says

    I’m as pregnant as this woman and i gave up smoking when I found out I was pregnant and have craved it since. I’ve dyed my hair too and Vitamin D from sunlight boosts happy hormones and is healthy for mum and baby. I’ve never touched Sushi though. Doesn’t appeal to me.

    Kill me now, i’ve even had a pint of lager!! Why am I not bothered? because the dr’s say it’s OK in moderation and if they say it’s fine, then its fine!

    Give the girl a break! Remember what she was like before? Anything to ridicule these poor people

  14. oriana says

    #11, ballerinagirl, Whaaaat!!!!! You are from Louisville!!!! I am from Bowling Green, went to Western! So I guess you are a UK fan! Definately a Big Helloooo to you my Dear!

  15. BallerinaGirl says

    “Most hairdressers and doctors tell women not to dye their hair while they are expecting. But Nicole doesn’t seem to think the advice applies to her.”

    This comment is so old-school! You can tell just by the fact that someone would refer to a stylist as a “hairdresser!”

    I JUST had this conversation with my “hairdresser” (both my stylist and colorist) at an Aveda salon here in Louisville, KY last week. If anything, they suggest you simply wait until the second trimester – but only IF YOU’RE WORRIED. My infertility doctor – as well as my gyno – all say “No need to worry.” Apparently, the dyes that are used today are nothing like those used 20, 10, even five years ago. They’re not as “permanent” as they once were.

    Now bleach … that’s a whole different story. Quit perpetrating lies webmaster. We live in an age of fear, and hair dye’s just not something to be feared when you’re pregnant. Sushi? Again, whole different story!

  16. oriana says

    I wouldn’t take any chances with the Hot Tub! I hope this isn’t true, some friend of hers! Sometimes those stories in the Star are true but this doesn’t sound right to me.

    DMITZ, I love a good Marg drink too! I like the fruity ones also, watermelon is good!!!!

  17. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    I agree; you have to take what Star magazine says with a grain of salt. I’m a vegetarian, so I don’t crave sushi…and I don’t drink so alcoholic drinks aren’t a problem, either. I tend to be hyper-cautious, so I avoid extreme temperature environments and highlighting my hair while I’m pregnant…my babies’ safety are more important than those things. However, I don’t think that these things about Nicole are true. Enjoy this special time, Nicole! 🙂

  18. Michiganmom says

    The hot tube is ok to if you can control the temperature, It is not good at 105deg, but if you can lower it to your natural body temp 98.6deg it is safe to be in. I craved beer to, and all the docs I’ve had said a glass of wine on occasion is ok, or the NA beer they make now adays, Nichole doesn’t have a chance in the spot light, no matter what she does it will turn negative in the media.

  19. Lagirl says

    Vitamin D from the sun is wonderful for both baby and mom. Hair coloring is another issue as every person has different abilities to excrete toxins. One must do that at their own risk.

  20. DMITZ says

    I hope those reports aren’t true. The hair dying is not a big deal, my doctor said it was okay after the 1st trimester and different doctors will say different things. I think it’s more common now anyway. I don’t think the sunbathing is a good idea, but I don’t know all the rules on that. I know that the jacuzzi is a no-no so I hope this isn’t true. I think I heard that if you are uncomfortable than the baby is uncomfortable, but not sure if that applies to the jacuzzi or not. She has been doing so well during her preg and I can understand some woman wanting it to be over. I personally loved it, but I did crave margaritas while I was pregnant and it seemed impossible since I knew I was going to breastfeed. I felt like I would never have one again! But the cause is soooooooo worth it.

  21. Squeekysue says

    I like Nicole, she is trying so hard. Good on her.
    She has the support of her parents and Lionels hairy 2nd exwife. She’ll be fine and so will her baby.

  22. Candy says

    Reasonable sunbathing and getting your hair dyed is perfectly safe while pregnant! I too was pining for sushi and an ice cold beer by the time I came close to 7 or 8 months! These are very normal activities and cravings.

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