Kate Beckinsale Takes Her Daughter Trick-Or-Treating

Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale was snapped taking Lily, 8, trick-or-treating in their LA neighborhood.



  1. JJ says

    # 42 – I think you need a new letter in the alphabet for your 3rd child…the K’s have been used twice already

    #43 – The question is have YOU read Hamlet? Or just watched the movie…?

  2. Brit says

    ummm…. has the mommy patrol not noticed that Kate isn’t showing a single inch of inappropriate skin?? That the costume shes wearing is probably sold without the catsuit underneath…that shes probably more covered up than many of you are when you pick your kids up from school.

    And anyone who thinks the flamenco dancer costume is meant to be a prostitute really needs to step out of their American bubble and find some culture!

  3. Adele says

    I think some of you pople need to do some research.

    The outfit that Lilly is weaing is a tradiutional Spanish Flamenco Dancer’s outfit, nothing inappropriate!!!!

    BTW Halloween is a Pagan celebration & Trick or Treating was invented by the Americans to coincide with Halloween.

  4. JJ says

    #38 – You are being moral? really?
    Apparently – that is the same excuse the Taliban is giving for their heinous acts…morality! You speak of morality based on a Halloween costume. The girl is covered from head to toe. If she wore a white dress you would be fine with it as she would resemble a bridesmaid or flower girl (looking virginal and pure) but because the dress is red she appears like a “streetwalker” to you? You gotta be kidding me…!!

    It is a Halloween costume – get over it!!…it could easily be a prom dress or even a Debutante’s dress…!!

    I love her outfit…love it!! Both of them look amazing!!

  5. Mellynn says

    It’s NEVER okay to dress your child like a streetwalker, regardless of the holiday. What the hell is wrong with some of you people?

  6. JJ says

    #25 – I don’t think age should be a factor when watching a type of movie – I know plenty of adults who watch the Simpsons although I don’t care for that show…I love anything Gothic, dark and mysterious and Halloween horror flicks is no exception.

  7. luckylee13 says

    i don’t think kate’s costume is sending the right message to her young daughter. tacky!

  8. dori says

    By the way it’s halloween and a costume is appropriate no matter what it is. It’s the day a person (or child) can express themselves without being judged. So don’t take it too seriously. It’s all in good fun.

  9. Kelsey says

    In reference to an above comment that said they “both look HOT” all I can say is SHE IS 8 YEARS OLD!!! Little girls are not supposed to look “hot.” This costume is extremely innapropriate!

  10. Mellynn says

    “Mommy, what should I be for Halloween?”

    “Well, sweetie, we’ll dress you as a prostiTOT and Mommy will wear her very best lingerie and look like a skanky devil-woman.”

    To quote Vonnegut…”and so it goes.”

  11. JJ says

    Dori – I never said I was living in Europe although I am European by ancestry…that was someone else’s judgmental assumption…I LOVE Halloween – it is my favourite celebration – even more than X-mas. What is not to like about costumes and make-up and oodles of candy…and of course my addiction to horror movies – I’ve watched 3 this past week alone.

  12. dori says

    JJ How would you know about Halloween if you are from Europe? I understand it is not celebrated there? I am confused.

  13. JJ says

    They both look HOT!!
    The daughter I believe is dressed as a Flamenco dancer…and the mom is a she-devil…totally awesome costumes…they look good together. I don’t think the daughters outfit is “too grown up” it is coquettish (i.e flirtatious) however…nothing wrong with that…it’s a one night event…Halloween…you can dare to be whoever you choose on Halloween. Little girls love to play dress up !!

  14. Grip on Reality says

    I’m guessing can-can or salon girl for the daughter, a tad grown up but not out of the realm of good taste. Kates however….

  15. Kelly says

    Uggh. Don’t ya just love the women who use Halloween as an excuse to dress extra slutty for the night? And passing this down to ones 8 yr old daughter? Aww, how cute. Not. Lily looks like she should be sashaying around in a smokey saloon carrying a tray full of whiskey sours asking old men “what’s your pleasure?'” Classy is right.

  16. Just me says

    Me again … I was wondering if the kid is supposed to be one of those saloon girls or old-time prostitute or something?

  17. Emma says

    Kate does look good but maybe she should of left her outfit for a Halloween party (grown ups)or the bedroom.I dressed up in a spider outfit which i madeand my little one just loved it. Halloween is becoming much more popular here in the uk now and my little 3 year old thinks its great fun! Who wouldnt if you get free sweets

  18. Tiffany says

    Kates costume is a little too sexy to be out trick or treating with your 8 yr old child. Just a tad inappropriate. JMO

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