Jennifer Garner & Her Little Lamb

Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck

Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck

Jennifer was snapped out with Violet, 22 months, in New York City on Wednesday. Violet’s lamb costume is too adorable!



  1. COLE says

    JJ your being judgemental yet again but i like your style yes its early but i think its adorable i want one for my child!!!

  2. gweny says

    she is soo cute, jen and ben are some of the greatest celbiraty parents out there, voilet looks sooo cute!

  3. Cathi says

    Love this family! Violet is a cutie and Jen is so normal. She didn’t try to steal the spotlight by wearing a costume like so many other celebs.

  4. kim--original kim says

    I must say, that’s probably the cutest photo of Violet I’ve ever seen! She is a lovely girl, indeed.

  5. JJ says

    What a revolting costume for Halloween…!!!

    Look! it’s the Easter Bunny 6 months too early!!

    Fluffy and white and saccharine!!

  6. oriana says

    She is adorable in that Lamb costume! Love it!!!

    She does look just like Jen, her hair is blonde though, guess it will get darker as she gets older. Her eyes look brown to me? Oh Well, I wear glasses so maybe they are Hazel!

  7. daisy says

    Now that is Cute! You can’t help but look at this family and think normal and healthy. This kid looks like any other kid on the block and so does her Mom.

    Thumbs up

  8. Violets Auntie says

    When she smiles, she looks like Mom. When she’s serious, she looks like Dad. And she’s tall like Dad. Seriously cute.

  9. Um... says

    What a BEAUTIFUL child! She’s just amazingly cute…not just that costume, but her little face!!!

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