Gwen, Gavin & Kingston Celebrate Halloween

Gwen Stefani

Gwen, Gavin and Kingston, 17 months, were snapped out trick-or-treating Wednesday night in Los Angeles. Gwen and Kingston look adorable, but why isn’t Gavin dressed up too?



  1. gweny says

    i wish gavin would have drested up, but i guess that isn’t his thing, at least he went them, kingston looks super kawii, he doesn’t look like himself because of the makeup on his eyebrows, Gwen looks amazing as normal, she looks great with her hair that color!

  2. babs says

    yup, being british and having spent a couple of years in california, it’s probably because he’s a brit that he won’t dress up. it’s mostly kids dressing up for halloween here in the u.k.but adults going to a party will join in. i’ve noticed in the last 10 years a definite American style commercial expansion of halloween merchandise – it’s still good fun for everyone to join in. some church groups get a little up in arms about it and have started to call fancy dress parties “autumn half term” parties, just to get away from any “sinister” themes. wish we had thanksgiving tho, just for the family togetherness and the great food!

  3. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    It’s definitely the darkened eyebrows that change his appearance; plus, his signature curls aren’t visible.

  4. JJ says

    meh!…not impressed with them..Kingston looks as blah as usual and Gwen’s outfit is mediocre…boring!!!

  5. Liliana says

    I don’t think Gavin looks like himself here either…at all….did they put face paint on his eyebrows? They look darker to me, for one thing. But it’s something else, too. Not sure what though.

  6. squeeky sue says

    KT (#7) is right, we Brits don’t do Halloween we do Bonfire Night instead and go Penny for the Guy.

  7. Van says

    I think it just doesnt look like Kingston because of the eyebrows. Gwen looks so gorgeous as usual! Maybe Gavin doesnt care about halloween as much because he’s not american. In england they dont really celebrate it

  8. oriana says

    I guess Gavin doesn’t like to do costumes, I love them and went one year as Peter Pan, about 10 years ago but it was a cute one!

  9. jamsie says

    He is, he is a dork! Kingston is cute, but my baby was cuter in the same costume! Gwen looks good, very sexy,meow!

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