Denise Richards & Her Girls At The Petting Zoo

Denise Richards

Denise was snapped with Sam and Lola at a petting zoo in their Calabasas neighborhood. Very cute!



  1. Blair says

    How come angie and brad can be in the media with their kids every other day with their kids, but if denise takes HER kids out-and winds up photographed-people act like she parades them around too much? She HAS to leave the house, guys. Sheesh. Give it a rest.

  2. kim--original kim says

    Annie, I’m with you! Media whore, pimping out those poor little girls… though she is a step above Britney–at least she takes them out of the backseats of her car!!!

  3. Grip says

    Not a Denise fan by any means, but this is a cute picture. I love how the older child is smiling and the younger one is kissing the animal! Very cute.

  4. oriana says

    You are right Lizzie! Sam actually looks like is having a great time. I am happy for these girls to see them in this picture enjoying themselves, it looks genuine too!

  5. annie says

    She never gives those girls any privacy. She’ll do anything to have her picture taken as the doting mother. I bet she called the paps to let them know where she was.

  6. Lizzie says

    I agree Oriana! Most of the times they are pouting and sucking their thumbs. It is a nice change to see them with at least half a grin, anyway! 🙂

  7. Squeekysue says

    Nice girls shame about the media whore of a mother.
    Why doesn’t she get a job, which doesn’t revolve around selling her daughters out to the paps.

  8. kayleigh says

    sorry i dont find her daughters to be beautiful little girls sam look like a caveman with those eyesbrown of her and lola is just plain jane sam lola coco are not beautiful girls to me

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