An Expectant Christina Aguilera Steps Out As A Sexy Spider Lady For Halloween

Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera showcased her bump in a sexy Spider Lady costume. Christina and and Jordan hit Hyde in LA for a Halloween party.



  1. katie says

    you know how some girls are prettier when there pregnant uhmm i dont think she is in my opinion baby time is time to go natural not all out makeup everyday she looks like a cheap hooker

  2. Mellynn says

    So, mommy2amixedboy, it is OKAY for a child to be dressed as a BARMAID just because it’s Halloween? It’s okay for a child to be dressed and showing off her bare torso because “it’s just for one night?” That might just be the most ignorant thing I have ever read. Do you have any idea how many pervs are out the night your children are trick-or-treating? Or how dressing a child like that, especially young girls, can set a her mind that it’s okay to look like that EVER?

    I guarantee you, if I ever have a daughter, she will not be dressed like a streetwalker. It’s up to mothers to set an example, and I guarantee you that I won’t be dressed like that either.

    Good riddance.

  3. gweny says

    the costum would be cuter if she wasn’t pregnant, i would be embarested to say my mom was that for halloween while she was pregnant with me!

  4. Cathi says

    Yes, #1 Jordon looks better with his make-up on!! I’ve always wondered what she saw in him. They seem like a very unlikely couple….The “ho” and the “nerd.” Seriously though, they look so in love all the time. I am happy for them even if they are weird.

  5. Mommy 2 a Mixed Boy says

    Oh Goddd!!! Its Halloween people, can you please stop judging for one night!?! I think she looks awesome as does Kate B and her daughter!! Its Halloween and anyone can dress up to be whatever or whoever they want! I dont think there should be any limits because of your age or pregnancy, etc! People please…just lighten up and stop being so uptight! Sheesh!!!

  6. oriana says

    Sandra and DMITZ, you two are both very young! I will write it down on my calendar so I won’t forget the celebrations! Sandra, are you going to that nice seafood restaurant any time soon?

  7. DMITZ says

    Thanks Oriana 🙂 I’m sure you will have a great holiday. It must be hard to have family so far. I’m pretty fortunate in that area (so far).

    Hi Sandra, mine is the 27th. Hope you have a great bday too!

  8. oriana says

    DMITZ, You have a nice weekend too my Dear! It will be fun to have a birthday around the holidays, especially Thanksgiving, which is my favorite. I do more cooking then than for Christmas.

    This time will be the first Thanksgiving in 25 years my sister and I will be spending it together! Our parents have been dead now for a long time and she has been in Kentucky wheras I am in Ca. It seems strange but I am excited about it!

    Happy early birthday to you and I won’t forget!

  9. DMITZ says

    Hi Oriana! Hope you’re doing well. I am so excited for Thanksgiving. It’s my favorite holiday (my bday also falls around it). This will be the 1st year my daughter gets to eat a Thanksgiving meal since she was only 6 months last year at that time. She is going to go CRAZY with all the fixins!

    Have a great weekend!

  10. Sandra says

    OMG She looks so freaking cute! I LOVE the spider web on the belly!!! Everyone does pumpkins on their belly, a spider web is unique! LOVE IT!!

  11. Aishwarya Rai says

    i like the outfit!! so UNIQUE!! go Christina!!

    GGGRRRR!!! get that husband Out !!! i hate him

  12. D'Anna says

    I actually really like this, she’s such a cute pregnant woman. Nice to see one that isn’t all frumpy and dressed like a grandma! 🙂

  13. Tiffany says

    The costume is fine. I just meant that in general she dresses kind of trashy. IMO. Halloween is the time to dress different from the everyday apparel but she seems to always wear the same style of clothing. I guess someone has to keep spandex from going out of style.
    She just has the ability to wear the cutest, trendiest and best in designer fashion and yet she tends to dress on the hootchie mama side. She has an amazing figure, even now that she is pregnant, and so she can pull off what she wears, I just think she would look better in something besides “stripper” clothes. This is just my opinion and am not out to offend or upset anyone. Please dont be upset with my comments as this is just MY opinion.

  14. JJ says

    The outfit is cute but the boobage has got to go…and the garter thing on her thigh is tacky also.
    BUT I love the spider in her hair! And the web detail on the stomach is different too.
    Some elements of this outfit look RAD and other elements speak of bad taste…oh well, to each their own!!

  15. Kris2 says

    I think she looks great. She is simply enjoying this moment in her life. I didn’t hear anyone say anything when Halle Berry was showing off her boobs!!! She may not be doing it in the most tasteful manner…like Halle Berry…but they are both doing the same thing…showing of their new curves!!!

  16. oriana says

    Her boobs look like Dolly Parton!!!!! I have never thought her husband was good looking but looks aren’t everything as the saying goes, I do think he is a good husband and she seems happy. She always dresses kind of trashy to me though.

    Hi DMITZ, hope things weren’t too hectic for you during Halloween!!!!!!! Thanksgiving is coming, get out those pots and pans!!!! Ha!

  17. gweny says

    Christina is a great person in all, but shes almost a mom, i don’t think she should be that slutty, can u imagin your mom dressed like that for halloween. Her husben is…… not so fly, he isn’t as cute u would think. she is to cool, pretty and sucessful for him. does he even have a job? he puts on a clueless looking face and stands next to her. But if he makes her happy, whatever.

  18. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    Haha I don’t think I’d want a spider web design on my pregnant belly, but I guess it’s…..creative. As a side note, I’ve found a lot of trendy, designer maternity clothes at Stella Maternity.

  19. DMITZ says

    This costume is so Christina and I think she looks beautiful for Christina. I think Halloween is the 1 night you should be able to wear what you want without being judged; however I think Kate B’s costume on the other post looks like a costume for one of her upcoming movies. I didn’t like the whole corsette (sp?) thing and think her daughter’s costume was a little too old for her, but I don’t think they looked bad.

  20. Tiffany says

    She looks as though she might just climb right out of her top. She must be proud of those because she sure has been flaunting them. More power to her I say but I dont like to see pregnant women wearing all the tight revealing clothing. Christina dresses more like a stripper than a mom. I know that is her style but she can be stylish and yet look really classy at the same time. Katie Holmes always dressed really cute yet classy when she was pregnant. I just think it looks trashy when she dresses in such revealing clothes. Pregnancy is a beautiful and amazing thing which I dont think one should hide, I just think it is better to show the beauty of your pregnant body with class and not trash.
    Just my opinion and I hope no one takes offense.

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