An Expectant Christina Aguilera Out & About

Christina Aguilera

An expectant Christina Aguilera was snapped out and about the other day. She looks great!

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  1. jane says

    christina my best friend is your biggest fan she love you we think you will be a brillant mum and goodluck and hope everything goes well x x x you are beautiful

  2. Melissa says

    The hair is tooo blonde, which I think makes her look trashy. Bright red lips do not look good during the day. I wish she’d just tone it down and go for a more natural look.

  3. Ellah says

    She looks happy and she obviously loves and is loved by her husband. Who cares how much makeup she wears and whether or not anyone thinks her husband is good looking? As a fan, I’m happy that she is happy.

  4. starstruk says

    She looks great!!! I’ve seen alot of other pictures and it looks like she is really enjoying her pregnancy!!!! Good for her! CONGRATS!!!

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