Prince Louis Of Luxembourg & Wife Celebrate Christening Of Their Second Son

Prince Louis of Luxembourg

Prince Louis of Luxembourg

Eighteen months after baptizing their first son, Gabriel, and just over a year to the day since celebrating their wedding, Prince Louis of Luxembourg, 21, and his wife Tessy, 21, celebrated the christening of Gabriel’s younger brother, five-week-old Noah Guillaume, on Saturday.

Noah is adorable!



  1. samsmom says

    Mashed potato sandwich? That sounds kinda good!
    Seriously JJ, he is just a baby. I think he is simply precious.

    P.S. JJ, I really hope someone thought you were precious at 5 weeks old despite your “blank expression”. Maybe not though, that might be what is wrong with you.

  2. 2teens3beans says

    #22 She obviously still is in high school, sounds just like a child.
    #21 Eminence is a title, eminencegrise does not mean powerful woman. It means an intelligent person, man or woman… for example: a professor.

  3. kbunkmom says

    Nice really…getting personal with another poster and not being able to come up with anything more intelligent than “ignorant cow” – very impressive. Let me guess, you learned what eminencegrise means when you took French in high school and you’ve been waiting all these years to use it. Well done.

    Now, back to the real reason for this website – I think the babies are adorable.

  4. eminencegrise says

    eminencegrise is a FRENCH term for a powerful woman, you ignorant cow.

    it has FA to do with a title.

  5. 2teens3beans says

    ^^^these folk who use titles . . . doesn’t that bother you Yanks, cuz it is such total bollocks, you know

    I find the above statement very amusing coming from someone who has chosen the blog name EMINENCEgrise!
    Seriously, I am a “yank” and we don’t run across many American’s with titles. So, no… usually doesn’t bother us at all to see foreigners with titles.
    However, (if I may speak for us Yanks) we don’t have slang words such as “munter” and “bollocks” in our everyday vocabulary… so most of your post made no sense to us.

  6. cara says

    jj he is just a baby hater of course this newborn have a blank stare he only 5 weeks old do you want him to smile of stick his tounge out what experssion is a 5 weeks old to have jj have issue she h*a*t*e newborns

  7. eminencegrise says

    he looks ‘cute’?

    he looks like a secondary school boy, and a munter one at that.

    these folk who use titles . . . doesn’t that bother you Yanks, seeing as that your forefathers died fighting a revolution to get rid of all that total bollocks?

    cuz it is such total bollocks, you know?

  8. 2teens3beans says

    What a precious new little boy!! He still looks a little bit waterlogged from his prior accomodations- how adorable! I love older brother’s curls too.
    Parents sure look younger than 21 though.

  9. dori says

    The prince looks like he’s maybe 15 years old my goodness!! Kids are gorgeous wife looks like his big sister though!

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